United State Public Health Service Commissioned Corps USPHS® CC

United State Public Health Service Commissioned Corps USPHS® CC is one of the eight uniformed armed services and currently oversees peacetime operations.

USPHS® CC is filled with highly educated and well-trained medical military personnel who will receive even more military training.

This branch of the services is best fit and prepared to further train and mobilize troops to care and to protect the citizens of the United States of America a free and open society open to attacks by the enemies with no faces,  white supremacists terrorist.

In every nation, biological warfare and bio-terrorism are two main concerns for attacks on the populations by radical white supremacist  terrorist  groups under various names operating in different countries.

Being proactive in defense and in their prosecution and being always on ready alert will with time diffuse their will and their drive as it  has already.

America and many countries have these last 17 years felt their terror grip, seen their masks and now at the old white house YouTube website, you see a glimpse of their old Skull & Bones leadership the front men, men who have been adjudicated  by processes of Justice during the 2011-2012 Trials.

In their absence,  many of their supporters in sequential manner while  in control of the media attempted to make you think they were alive and in the United States even got you to vote for them.

Without talking about the treason committed by many US Masons, it is time to move on and leave old world news and old world thinking  behind because non of it is true,

There is no war for drugs, no war on drugs,  no war on terror,  no wars against Islam or Syria  and this I have been telling you for a long time and white supremacist terror news will not bring it back or make false news come to life just because you belive in it or make others believe in it.

There is however plenty to be concerned about and sufficient reason and cause to be always ready  and return under right leadership to be the military free nation dedicated to higher education that we have always dreamed ourselves to be  and  a friend to the friendless and no longer a terror to countries in Islam because of some mason agenda.

United State Public Health Service Commissioned Corps PACE AC BELLO MERITA  service in peace and in war  has been chosen to oversee all armed services because of their superior intelligence and their dedication to healing and having true care and concern for the Interior of the United States and its outlying  states and territories.

United State Public Health Service Commissioned Corps a peacetime war commission can mobilize troops inside or the United States to protect americans who cannot protect themselves or nations who ask for protection from white supremacists the enemy without a country or without a face,

No troops however will be committed to war or fighting without the my approval, the approval of Queen Mary, Admiral Knight and by agreement of the heads of the Armed Forces in the absence of congress at this time.

Adagio 1st Special Warfare Command Allied Forces

Triton – Special Warfare Command Deus nobis non deficient


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