Profiles In Public Health LCDR Nancy Knight, Physician” transcript excerpts from 2007

Profiles In Public Health LCDR Nancy Knight, Physician” transcript excerpts

2007  My name is Nancy night and I’m a family physician in the US Public Health Service
The United States Public Health Service is administered through the Bureau of Health Professions as part of the National Health Service Corps.
The program is called the Ready responder program and we serve in underserved communities throughout the United States.
In 2007 Dr. Knight was stationed at Millville health center which is one of the clinics that is run by the Cincinnati health department.
Dr. Knight has been a godsend at Millville health center.
If the Millville center were unable staff a physician of her caliber they probably would have closed which would have left a large population unserved and Cincinnati.
Dr Knight has excellent bedside manner with the patients and is an execellent communicater and held in very high regard by the patients in the health center.
“…my greatest satisfaction from different things on a day when I might have a patient that is severely ill and we get them stabilized in the office and I know that what we did in the office save their life that day that gives me a tremendous satisfaction..”
“…dealing with the public health disaster at hand the notion of protecting people in a particular protecting your health is a major element of our mission and protection requires frequently that we move into environments that are challenging”
“…as a doctor in private practice I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to serve the nation during disasters during some of the greatest times of needs for other people throughout the United States…”
“….most people who are in private practice are not going to be deployed to assist during disasters very well having close nvms and you are at yesterday’s meeting so we’ll need to work with our we’re deployed as officers and US Public Health Service can protect promote and advance the health of the nation”
“….we have to have officers that understand that as a core we must act in a coherent and disciplined and organized manner that is built around this notion of team and the bond to each other in the bond to the mission what I know about my wife and many of the people I’ve met in the Public Health Service is that they can be extremely selfless in their service…”
“….what they’re looking to do is create a better world basically through their service with the government there are several bonus page that are available to physicians which really make the total income that you have very comparable to working in private practice…”
“….another benefit of being a commissioned officer are the health care benefits we have excellent health care benefits I’m able to get any type of evaluations done that are needed if I have to have any medications they’re covered through my health insurance.”
“….I enjoy running a lot so we have time spent training for different local races and training for larger races like marathons the commissioned Corps is the front line of the health of the nation even though it’s something that most people don’t know about the commissioned Corps is vital if it were to go away they would recognize the difference as a number of the commissioned Corps I feel that I am a weapon against the inequalities that people may face in their medical care you .”

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