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OLD GLORY is the name the US Flag and the name of an old commercial written and produced by former U.S. Special Agent JCAngelcraft


Government is not about Gay State Presidential Orgies and Covering the Real Presidents, Politicians even secret service agents of their murders or their false masculinity with technology, word of mouth and the medias conspiracy of lies.  The murderous democratic reputation of the White house must be exorcised of its demons and real dignity restored to the Nation.  Government is not about serving the desires of your carnal flesh, but serving the people.  Government is about serving the public trust and protecting the people and their basic right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the right living in a real Divine Theocratic Voting Sovereignty Republic and not a murderous democracy.

Prince Adagio


On behalf of the Governments of the World and the United States of America and as a former special agent of the Department of Defense, Internal Affairs and the Department of Justice and now World Administrator,  I apologize to Israel and Palestine, Africa and Orange Zone Nations and to the Good World Citizens, The American Public and Citizens of New Jerusalem for the crimes committed against the state, U.S. citizens and  the citizenry of Other Nations  and world citizen by your World Alianza of Politicians that include  several U.S. Presidents, Congressmen, House of Representatives, Secret Service Agents, the Department of Defense, and All Domestic and Foreign Intelligence Agencies including the department of Justice.

I thank God for the sovereignty to know how to use the omniscience of the Holy Spirit and at the same time keep free will going in order to able to judge your Alliance and conspiracy of lies and to murder.  May God be glorified for the world ressurection of those chosen to live in the a world Theocracy under a yoke that is light meek and lowly of heart.

Prince Adagio


500 ABN Washington D.C logo

PAX ETERNUS Eternal Peace is the name for the New U.S. Both National Emblems were designed by World Administrator Prince Adagio I for people of the Voting Theocratic Soveriegnty Republic of the United States of America.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013, Mazatlan de Adonai New Jerusalem.  ABN Washington D.C.  is back on-line and has a new simpler and basic look.    Its owner operator  Says,

“We look forward to its development as we do our New Jerusalem Media Network.  I am excited about all our future plans especially jump starting the world economy.”



View Agnvs Dei Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S.- Primogenitvs Filvs Dei- Nome de Plume


 Prince Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I- Agnus Dei | LinkedIn


View Agnvs Dei Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S.- Primogenitvs Filvs Dei- Nome de Plume JCAngelcraft professional profile on LinkedIn.   Linked-In is the world’s largest business network, helping professionals.  Jose Maria is an official member of the White House Group at Linked In.

Bill of Rights Flag One Nation Under God Indivisable with Liberty and Justice for All
LIBERTAS -Old Liberty- is the name of the new Bill of Rights Flag peace flag of United States of America.

August 1st 2017 Having a good grip on many events happening and not happening in the news real and false, I introduced the peace flag of the United States of America to signal a change in policy to all enemies foreign and domestic.   After this and various previous publishings and warnings ABN Angelcraft Broadcast Network 12 International News Agencies in as many languages at Microsft Small Business 2009-2112 and through the JC Angelcraft Network through WordPress and confirmed miraculous survival of various attempts of assassination,  I expected dramatic changes in the news. none came.  Judgment & Justice is like a War against the Berserkers men who have no logic or reason and like drones they are brainwashed into thinking they cannot be defeated and defy even God to try to beat them.   This page was originally Published on: Dec 11, 2013 @ 09:29 A.M.

The Berserkers depicted in the movie Gladiators are part of White Supremacist Past Glory and Inner group educational handbook whose leaders take great pride in .  The Berserkers: Gaul/Germania Norse, Celtic & Pictish Origins  were defeated by Rome on many occasions.  From them we get the definition for belligerence and crazy.  In college I learned of them.  They were deemed crazy because one Berserker would throw himself on the spear of a Roman Soldier or sacrificed himself so another Berserker could move in for the kill.  This strategy cut their numbers quickly and they were easily defeated.  These men also practiced Wizardry supported by old country Druid practices who also committed human sacrifices and refused to be civilized and under the Mastery of Rome.


Rome was a great mixed race civilization and empire. Rome was nor perfect either and had its good times and its bad times and 1000 years in existence.   In Christian commentaries and Josephus write about their crual qualities during times they quelled uprisings through the Killing mostly of Militant Jews and burned militant and peaceful Christians alive at the stake and fed them to the Lions for disturbing the peace of Romans and their various peaceful Gnostic systems of Theology forbidden to militarize.  Romes Powerful former Clergy The Augers of Rome were the peaceful oracles of Rome – deemed as soothsayers by fundamentalists – were introduced into the Roman Catholic Church to Spy on the Inner workings of an off and on peaceful Coptic Roman Church just comming into existence in Rome under the protection of Constantine.

Slowly the Roman System of Saints replaced the God’s that Guarded each part of a Roman House, Military and Government.

The Powerful, peaceful and gifted Augers of Rome kept serving as Augers to warn Rome of Incomming armies.  They studied every aspect of Ornathology and gave birth what is considered the favored science and past time of Royals and many Royal citizens world wide.  Augers studied all aspects and types of birds their habits as well as their patterns of flight.

The roman legacy of the Auger remained in Rome and in honor of the Office of the Auger who helped Rome and the Armies of Rome successfully defend this great Mixed Race empire on many occasions. In the Catholic Church their legacy is seen as the Cardinals and the Robbins who dawn the colors of the birds for the high priests of the church and Bishops wear Black the color of a Crow a Bird of Death.

An Auger-Christian Coat of Arms was made for Monica Bellucci upon her recognition as a Divine Royal.   Who we truly are is a personal matter and our souls are defined by many lifetimes of our actions by The the Holy Spirit our ruler of our innermost parts who knows every part of our souls and every dead in every lifetime we have ever committed.


S.A.R .Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have https://healthcareinsuranceretirementandauditcorporation.wordpress.com/9-needs-therapy/

Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America Under Emergency Powers.

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/S.A.R.Jose.Maria.Chavira.MS.Adagio.1st


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