Americas Diary a Fragment Published on: Feb 13, 2014 @ 23:39 Demagogue

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What is a Demagogue


noun \ˈde-mə-ˌgäg\

Miriam Websters: a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason

e.g. A demagogue is a typical Mason Leader that never does a thing about the National budget for the people and in group “despotism” –where Industrialist’s can lobby Congress and all the executive Branches of a Republic.

e.g. A demagogue is a typical Mason Leader whose budget talk is a cacophony of lies backed by feel good false statistics and false economic apologetics.

e.g. A demagogue was a typical 33 degree Wizard Mason Leader Politician or President or World leader who was part of an all Men’s Idol Worshipping Murderous religious group known as the International Greak Fraternal Religion of Masonry  that used real Human sacrifices to control the world in bad religious way with their sacred rituals and observances no females allowed.  Magic – JC Angelcraft

Continued Miriam Websters:

Full Definition of DEMAGOGUE

:  a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
dem·a·gogu·ery noun
dem·a·gogy noun

Variants of DEMAGOGUE

dem·a·gogue also dem·a·gog

Examples of DEMAGOGUE

  1. His opponent called him a bigoted demagogue.
  2. <that politician is just a demagogue who preys upon people’s fears and prejudices>
  3. Like other good Whigs, they had assumed that the people, once free of English influence, would honor and elevate the country’s true patriots and natural aristocracy in ways that the English Crown had not. But when in the decades following the Revolution the people seemed to succumb to the deceit and flattery of mushroom demagogues, who were the popular counterparts of courtiers, the Federalists became bewildered and bitter. —Gordon S. Wood, Revolutionary Characters, 2006


Greek dēmagōgos, from dēmos people (perhaps akin to Greek daiesthai to divide) + agōgos leading, from agein to lead — more at tide, agent
First Known Use: 1648

Related to DEMAGOGUE

agitator (also demagog), exciter, firebrand, fomenter, incendiary, inciter, instigator, kindler, provocateur, rabble-rouser
 dem·a·gogue also dem·a·gog


First Known Use: 1656



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