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World War I  and World War II Information is available at the Library Congress and is critical for todays times.

With its unparalleled World War I collections, the Library of Congress is uniquely prepared to tell the story of the United States’ participation in the first Great War against White Supremacy that involved hundreds of millions of souls around the world.

The Library of Congress is commemorating the 100th anniversary of U.S. entry into the war with exhibitions, lectures, symposia, film programs, recordings, publications, veterans’ stories, educational tools, and research guides to the Library’s remarkable World War I resources.

Echoes of the Great War that Americans experiences in World War I examines the upheaval of world war as Americans confronted it— both at home and abroad.

This exhibition at the Library of Congress considers the debates and struggles that surrounded U.S. engagement; explores U.S. military and home front mobilization and the immensity of industrialized warfare; and touches on the war’s effects, as later an international peace settlement was negotiated, national borders were redrawn, and soldiers returned to reintegrate into American society only so their sons and daughters raised in a depression caused by Factors and risks that come with being an open and free society that were exploited by enemies with no faces and some with.  International Bankers who has access, the money, know how  and the ability to send  the United States into the great depression men such as the legendary Great Gatsby a post war story of a Rich German Businessman living large during the depression of the United States of America.

Before the great crash of the stock market,  After Calvin Coolidge left office in the wake of 250, 000 slaughtered and saved Mexicans trying to win their Independence from White Supremacist controlled elitist men who beat them in the  war that lasted far longer than History notes from 1910  past and through the deaths of Pancho Via and Emiliano Zapata  to the death of even their great enemy and war General president Venustiano Carranza who was assassinated and that still did not solve the problems in Mexico with white supremacy control and Americans helped to save the lives of these peasant soldiers  about half of their 500,000 man army and brough them to the United  States under  Calvin Coolidge .

Franklin Delano Roosevelt stepped in with his new deal to bring America out of the great depression not Knowing a massive well determined White supremacist army in Germany  was regrouping for a second world war starting their first concentration camp as early as 1932 as the NAZI  peoples party was still forming and gaining acceptance and poltical power.

Concentration camps only came to fame in World War II, but they are or were standard protocols even in the first world war  for white supremacists grand master wizards and high priests who need human blood and massive death to exact to spiritual warfare to compliment their physical warfare.

By 1936 Germany’ s army looked Glorious and its people positive many rich Jews and whites comfortable in their positions in society as Members of the White Supremacy NAZI party to which all intentions was for the protection of Germany and not another invasion of Poland or France.   Their position seemed  safe enough to allow the Olympics to be  hosted  there in 1936 .

The Festival  of Nations 1936 The world still not aware of the Intentions of the NAZI white supremacist government in Germany under then Chancellor Hitler and  watching  the Festival of Nations 4 years before the Onset of WWII it is hard to imagine how such great  beauty could result in such great death and destruction of even its own people loyal Germans citizens who too suffered in concentration camps becuase of men who were spiritually educated to worship idols and commit their lives to war for these Idols and the values that have us at war with them for thousands of years and many of those wars fought in the same area some not and many of wars against the worshippers of Moloch their God of War to which their leaders  offerred this last Holocuast sexually abused children to the fires of Moloch and men and women as well .  Our wars against this ancient enemy  are recorded in the Bible  and enemy that today has no face or  no nation  and their reprenetive front pretends today to run the American presidency  men and women brought to  justice 7 years ago.

Visit the World War I Exhibition at Library Congress

Art Exhibition Items at the Library of Congress consider topics such as “Arguing Over War” “Humanitarian Aid”
William Allen Roger’s Invasion of Belgium by the “Uncultured,” 1914. in Pen, ink, graphite, and blue pencil drawing. Published in the New York Herald, November 25, 1914. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (018.00.00).
Herbert Hoover to Mr. E. Francqui, June 15, 1915. Typescript letter. Brand Whitlock Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (014.00.00, 014.00.01)
“The Miller’s Gifts in Belgium” in The Weekly Northwestern Miller, April 21, 1915. Brand Whitlock Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (016.00.00)
Fritz van der Mensbrugghe letter [in English] to our Benefactors in America. Illustrated letter, ca. 1915. Belgian Children’s Letter Collection, Woodrow Wilson Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (015.00.00, 015.00.01)
La Nationale Belge Atelier. To the Pupils of Washington; the Children from Seraing (Liége). Photograph, ca. 1919. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (017.00.00)
Winold Reiss. Charity Bazar [sic] for the Widows and Orphans of German, Austrian, Hungarian and Their Allied Soldiers. New York: Hegeman Print, 1916. Lithograph. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (012.00.00)

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