Great Seal Films, Music & Videos

July 28 2017 Great Seal Films, Music & Videos  are selections edited by the ministry film Department of Arts and Sciences that began January 14 2017 through newly formed EMA Emergency Management Agency which went into action long before 2017 when it was conceived to help prevent Americans from falling for the false election and false Obama /Trump Media.

This product and all Media Services are provided free of charge to United States and are intended to fill the void of  real presidential media during our media emergency at YouTube.

These films and music are hand selected by the Jose Maria Chavira MS Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America during its transition and while still in a media military state of conflict against enemies of the state Foreign and Domestic,

This Official Government website switched over from ABN Washington D.C. in August 2015 in anticipation of a media crisis meaning a continuation of false media at the White House despite the absence of former leaders.

In August of 2015 This website officially and responsibly announced Mary of Maryland (Maria Ramirez) as the Queen and acting head of state and chosen by the hand of providence.

As 2017 However do to poor media support and now a media crisis and media war, Special Agent Jose Maria Chavira MS remains acting head of state in all matters of vital Importance for the United States of America by an act of God and through the authority invested in him made evident by miracles signs and wonders,

Mr Chavira is looking forward to turning over the United States of America when the time is at hand but will continue to look and care over its citizens and people around the world as the World Crown.



In partnership with the Holy Spirit. When things get tough believers and good citizens take priority "Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all." George Washington 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, Every State Matters

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