America’s Diary a Fragment – Published on: Dec 17, 2014 @ 20:37 In memory of Joe Biden May He Rest in Peace and the victims of Masonry

World Unity Security for the Autonmous Defense of Each NationWhen a president or a world leader dies the secret service or their personal guards are supposed to tell the Public about his death even if they killed him and covered it up.  Finality is Finality.  Old world syndicate that killed world mason leaders who they were responsible for Installing at least gave the world a dog and pony show.  But the most important aspect was done respecting the death of a President or Leader is an important matter.

Body double replacement masons had a whole new way of thinking.  This is there judgment and so those that did not go along with the plan to make Intelligence agents and Cabinet members extremely rich by going along with each new candidate that along with military and administrative staff that seemed to disappear over night, after levels and levels of judgments taught me about the resolve of this hierarchy of men that called themselves masters of the universe.

For me the pattern of this judgment is a four year pattern and enough imperical evidence and Gods intervention is sufficient for me to be getting calls, but people forget that they are angels and angels think better when they know they are good angels.

These men and those that support them from wherever they are still resist.  In their conversations and their hearts are communicated everything but the word of God.

I believe some will be saved, mostly the younger Fraternity Greek Guys, but they need Holy Spirit Corrections big time and the system has gone more dynamic to distract them from closing themselves in their private cells.

These men that used technology, media and propaganda Conspiracy of Lies that manipulated national pride in many countries fooled a lot of people all over the world over the last four years except God and Myself.

They have no interest for others exhibit A-social behavior think that the Sinaloa Cartel or the Mexican Government at any moment is going ot take me down so everyone can be rich and drug dealing and human sacrfice and the farcity of their unhealthy dreams continue to plague the world with their Terror and hatred

Translation by Google 2013 – Masons and Greek Fraternal men and those that support them may have changed it. I would expect them to try.

Mr. Joe Biden was murdered, he had many children mostly daughters and beautiful wife  nd murdered by the secret service because she would not go along with the Body Double a program known and prophesy of a ten Headed Beast who rose from the sea.

This metaphor as all the enigmas of  prophecy are concern the beliefs of Darwin that men and women evolved and came from the sea.

With respect to his wife Psychologist Dr Biden. an expert in her field passed away most likely of broken heart knowing well the problems of the United States of America by the legendary long-winded Speeches made by late Joe Biden the House Speaker about how democracy is not a republic nor is it federalism.

His statements about How the US has lost its sovereignty having a long ago compromised their courts by violating the sacredness of the system of creating Bills and passing them into Laws through Congress by bribery allowing lobbyist to continue in their businesses and criminal industries by the ratification laws that create loopholes that help wealthy and political figures escape justice to major crimes including but not limited to Murder in the first degree and still wanting their corporate taxes lowered not caring about any other legislation other than that which controlled their business interests.

This Body Double, triple, quadruple et al is Revelation of The Ten Headed Beast of the Book Revelations – a series of revelations – and a journey through time and space that has many apocryphal revaluations that are meant to take place during a course of history and not the way explained in most pulpits.

Most pulpits did their best to interpret revelations, but many assumed it would be a series of events that took places in a period of 7 and half years, but their is some truth to the time frame in approximation of how to create new leaders one after the other until we set off a major war and those that have prepared themselves the best suffer the least of damage and more trusting nations get obliterated.

Hollywood makeup artist working with new technology and limited presidential appearance can be very fooling even after knowing the presidents and world leaders being limited were execute by law, but Masons thought only Texans were their enemy and their spells and wizardry and technology media and television could convince the rest of the United States that Obama was never executed or George Bush Jr.

This same pattern was worked by Intelligence teams worldwide and information was for time shared between nations who were not in tune with prophecy or read bible and made me out to be antichrist that must be stopped.

Though lying conspiracies are as Old as Sumeria, Ancient Egypt, Rome, and the latest being the World G2o Economic cover for conspiracy of lies to continue International Mason Despotism and their One World Government, only recently have we become experts in technology masking and plastic surgical procedures that for a time worked with molds to perfect cheek bones and foreheads the details that convinced even experts after alot bad body doubles were made.

After judgements and orders of execution by Guillatine were approved Internationally — as a way to change the lives of future Greek Fraternity Boy and Girls — that if not done would enter the world leadership grid of the International Organized Crime known as the International Religious order of Masonry or some female association that would end up getting judged in their young age judged by my hand and authority for the Father judges no one and all judgement is given to the son to rectify matters of world Catastrophic nature.

The execution of the judgment –as eclectic as it was–is about the saving college kids and future leaders from entering into the one world government to become like their former leaders these very respectable looking movers and shakers of society that many young people looked up to like their parents or guardians.

Worst yet the media the people respected the most, supported their images and their political midsets, goals and ambitions without knowing the true intents of how their countries leaders — what they loved most — would end betraying the nations they once supported such as Africa and Other Venues around world with Bio-terrorism and always putting blame on Palestinians or some Arabic country whom they had ties with.

It is no wonder Muslims Bombed Mosques where Royals attended.  It is no wonder why righteous Muslims might massacre and entire Muslim royal family mostly young people in orgy unknowing of their penetration by Islamic Democracy agents intended to turn Egypt into Democracy by massacring one royal Family and the keeping alive a False Aga Khan and maybe some sell outs to support a false Shiite Muslim Leadership grid.

This Judgment in space in time was Gods Glory in all its goodness and my Responsibility for executing your word G20 idols who judging many Masons and those that supported them were accused of mass murder, murder in the first, second and third degree and many confessed to participating in Ritual Murder also a crime also known as Human Sacrifices, but conspiracy to cover the crimes they discovered to be true and still refused to cooperate, added was the charge of conspiracy to mass murder and conspiracy to cover up a crime.  And there were many who were charged of Killing a Police officer or a Federal agent in the line of duty.

Without telling Kids the full truth of Mason Mafia that their heroes and Idols belong to would only worsen the state of the world instead of heal it.

I their Judge was also at one time innocent of their crimes and God withheld information from me, so alls I had was CIA war on Terror Info that I appropriately worked to protect the United States, before dumping the assignment to follow my own Intuitions and make important Missing Children that the FBI had made unimportant when they stopped working the FBI Top ten Most wanted List and stopped the innocent images a program started in concert with Interpol by Boy and Girl scout special agents to police world human and child sex trafficking and only to be stopped by Masonry at the highest levels.

Masons started a Cover operation to make it looked like they cared.  The International children and adult sex ring was  was run by Mason organized crime members on websites worldwide.

Some of it such as the Transparent pedophile Sex Tours adult sex tours of the 90s that world Politicians loved so much because of laws to protect their pedophilia in other countries with bribes to keep- secrecy was an Internal disgrace and national police agencies many circumnavigated Interpol where Interpol could not be penetrated or bribed.

s Indonesia and the Middle East to and turned a major crime over in to a civilian operation that hired and fired caring people as their squeaky clean spokes men and women and fed them false success stories on missing children even making false news stories and documentaries so the public would continue to support this supposed civilian controlled policing of world wide web of missing childrens networks that trafficked children and adults around to world to leaders of our One world Government for their pedophile state orgies dedicated to their Greek fraternal idols of Moloch and Baal.

  1. Project Child Save –‎

    Prevention & Recovery of Missing Children. Help Needed – Donate Now!
    Rescued Over 500 Children · Child Safety Tips & More

Please see Hard Truths on Human Rights and before Reading I pray on your behalf to save you for all vexations of death lust associated with the book “The Sacred Fire.”  A death lust enchantment requires the lives of children and humans in massive amounts.

If sending your Kids off to college read about this Greek Fraternal Structure available even in lower division four years Universities for what your children dedicate themselves to when joining a Greek Fraternity type group or even “the Sacred Fire Coalition”

The sacred fire is one One of many Religious Books of The religion of Democracy even practiced in Monarchies and republics and by self proclaimed conservatives.

their association with the Mafia and the Worldwide Syndicate that we know today as the religion of Masonry a one world Government whose head Grandmaster is referred to as 666 and their Beast is a Strategic War computer that was in its heyday programmed to be cold racist killer of digital patterns that it did not interpret as human lives but humans were programed metaphorically as organic viruses and game of the computer was to how best to exterminate these viruses quickly and efficiently wherever they were programed to occur and to use every know weapon in including biological warfare that took more time but was more sane than a nuclear bomb.

Black people in the democratic republic of the Congo were programmed into Cerns Beast as a matrix of diseased ridden organisms with no association to race or color, but if not exterminated completely and quickly could kill the greater part of the African population and even extend into Europe and the Middle East.

The pattern of future recruits into this same system could come to halt and when ready Gods Holy Spirit my King and the King of the Resurrection as only our Non gender God is decides who is resurrected that were victimized by this International Mason group that formed after the execution of  Jacques De Molay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar by King Luis made Fearful of by Vatican that the French Templars and the survivors most likely became suspicious Blue White Cross Musketeers who vowed themselves to protected the King — but had secret vows to keep in tact the Theocratic Monarchy of France intact and that Gods Government and French Monarchy was greater than a King.

This vow helped them to replace Bad Kings with Good Kings and for many years they held their Theocracy and French Monarchy, but without Turmoil.

News and media and the their Beat of replacing each of their heads according to legend one head is chopped off and another takes it place.  This does not happen easily.  This requires of a team of body double planners whose aim to find solutions to keep the image of a leader alive in the minds of world citizens, by media, radio and television and Demonology and Satanism and Homosexual Mason Kabbalah

me as ridiculous and after a while I turn off my Television and listened to no radio news.    in the Bible to make rich elitist Ivey League and European

Concerning the Old Executive Branch, The legislative branch, Congress, the House of Representatives

Daemos-demon-from the Greek and Latin – demo – a prefix for Demonstration.  A verification for Greek Fraternal Skull and bones Men (Demonologists Wizard Masons with 33 degrees of separation from God)  that a Women is the Devil and used the word in their Magical sideshows,  In their cigar sucking and their drunken rituals to the greatest Drunk and murderer that ever lived their “Alexander the Great” –their conquered hero and a metaphor that along with Suits and Ties  Socrates sayings while wearing federal badges from the secret service, department of Defense and even the Justice Department —they use to convince and entrap young boys into egange in homsexual sex  or even abduct them    that ever   (Demon)  (Monsttration) is the monstration of  a womens menstration.  A simple vowel exchanged by wizard scholars and internation organized crime group – the masons-  among theor


Athena the Goddess of Wisdom lived and then died a secretly her remains were never found that means she ascended to Heaven in the company of legends.  It was International Greek fraternal Men and their predecessors who said she approved human sacrifices to the devil or to to god.  Woman believe their female or sacrifice are to her Kali or the devil.

Today I have told you and repeated once more,  there is no Lucifer Iblis or their no Satan or the Devil et al.  The worlds are associated only with bad luck and the evil.

You who believe in Democracy that today by definition has become even clearer than ever before as a government of demons that need lots of death and human sacrifices and fity serial killers in the case of the United States to survive.

Democracy is run by Demonology, Wizardry, Mens Kabala through Government and Industrial Covens (Male Satanism in groups of five with Baphomet ( a satanic goat) at the center of their Pentagram).

Today they call themselves the best and most good and godly men with their turtle necks and their suits and ties and boyscout good looks and prefer white homosexual men in power.  It is interesting in FBI profiling of serial Killers they are all white males Jeffery Dalhmer  and Ted Bundy types  who without knowing their mod us operendi anyone could envision them in Mason circles of good lookling men with superstar good looks as the Masters of the Universe having no respect for Allah(God) and provoking wars, enacting Bio-terrorism in all parts of the world and murdering the citizenry of each Nation as well as their own.

Many of them in the inner group of old Masonry- being Jews they hating Jews by hating Jews they are hating the whites and Aryans of color.

They say all they do is practice Jewish Mysticism and hide under that cloak and then they say that Jewish Mysticsm is Zohar and when every knows Zohar text and manual comes from Persia (IRAN) and is supposedly attributed to Zoroaster after it was revised in a satanic blasphemous effort of the worst kind to try and define God for reasons of curing God to their own self destruction.


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