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Trips down memory lane – The United States Senate .

In this edited session for length senators John McCain and Dick Durbin duel it out old school on the Senate floor regarding the debt ceiling.

Video Published on Jul 31, 2011 by CNN Money

Longtime senators John McCain and Dick Durbin duel it out old school on the Senate floor regarding the debt ceiling.  CNN Money does not recognize Donald Trump as a consitutionalpresident whether or not videos appear on their Youtube account.

The national debt of United States is a great historical topic for student educational papers and sticking to dates before George Bush Jr. and leaving out references to unconstitutional parties mixed up in the History of the United States give your paper a more american and constitutional feel.

The National debt through the years has been one of the key issues besides civil rights to be debated on the floor of the senate.

The cost of the United States Weapons of mass destruction program since World War II and upgrades through all the presidencies to the most recent technology has been secretive at certain times more than others.

The cost of maintaining the weapons for the Department of Defense in the defense of the nation was one of America’s greatest puzzles and problems.

Adding to this wars since World War II and steady increases in spending and having to hide the real ledgers from the American people caused to vote on facsimiles of solutions to the national debt by proposals from both parties — but as long as Masons were in charge — the national debt was a problem that was never going to be solved not even by Masons lying about it.

Look for your own Trips Down Memory lane in your school or local public library for your political science paper and try not to be controversial using anything Trump/Obama two figures being used against the American people by White supremacists.

Any White supremacist controlled data about the budget these last 7 years is especially not recommended to use as they have had no control of the World Bank or the National Budget during their psychological warfare of a false Obama presidency on the America people then trying to replace it with Trump.

For National Debt and Budget information Political science papers George Bush Jr and presidential administrations before him using your local or public library are good choice considering what the United States has been through because of Non American White Supremacist control these last 7 years through the media.

We hope you enjoy specially selected  footage in our new Trips Down Memory lane of Americas past something we have already initiated but are more incline now in our efforts to helps students across America adapt their writing appropriately and become better prepared for their futures inside the United States of America.

We are at a level 6 State of Emergency. Please refrain from watching, listening, reproducing and or promoting Trump/Obama media or its equivalent.

Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media (news). All nations are advised to maintain a level 6 state of preparedness .

Back to the Libraries – The United States of America’s Libraries are filled with extensive histories and information on famous Americans of all races colors and backgrounds. Please visit the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. or your local School or Public library for more extensive information concerning this great civil war legend.

Happy Month of April from the United States Public Health Service Civilian Corpvs (The Department of Justice, The U.S. Navy, The U.S. Marines, The U.S. Army, The US National Guard, USGS. General Dynamics, The United States Coast Guard, The American Red Cross, the Library of Congress, the Department of the Interior, The Department of Education, The Department of Forestry, The Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Department of State, all Law Enforcement Agencies, Adagio 1st, The EMA Emergency Management Agency et all and Her Royal Highness Mary of Maryland and her staff the citizens of the United States of America =)

The Theocracy of the United States of America – fighting to preserve your freedoms, rights, and liberties –

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