Published on: Apr 11, 2017 @ 00:22 The Good Sumeritan Policy

The  parable of the good Samaritan is  about us helping each other.  It is a policy built into our natures as humans and is a bill that never have to be resigned.  Adagio 1st

In reviewing the videos at the old white house account, I   kind of find all these white supremacist signings  of bills and making policy videos kind of  funny.

However, I experience their form policy daily when i t comes to  critical moments helping people that they would not approve of.

Today is April 11th 2017 We are at a level 6 State of Emergency.  I have just finished reading over some of New York’s media a great melting pot of the human race. I see headlines like   “White Nationationalism” and journalist addressing and in their own way our problems and  showing americans and world readers another way white supremacist may try to sell white supremacy.

Other terms  have to do with socialism as if white supremacist could really  dispense goods and services  to all the race equally with the  same care and concern that good non-racist government would.

In terms of war, I  have to admire them for they never give up and neither do I or the world who opposes them,

But difference between them and us is that we believe that all humans are created equal and born with inalienable rights.

White supremacist  do not see things that way and in the end  will find ways to run massive incarcerations or deportations to where their genocide prison camps are and try to provoke ethnic cleansing wars at every opportunity.

Now the organism of white supremacy  is of concern not  the men in the  Trump/Obama white supremacy videos.

These are people who work behind the scenes who cannot accept or believe there are whites in the world  not like them and that all whites should be supremacist.

This kind of  thinking was their undoing in all past wars that have been fought when opposite of them in the front lines they saw many white faces of good men determined as they were to fight for what is right not for white supremacy and so I feel comfortable in a world of many good whites who oppose NAZISM however it is cloaked or however nice they make it look using music and women.

Believe it or not white supremacists do not believe a Black man or colored troops should fight in wars against other whites and colored  troops historically have been kept from fighting even after the civil war and in World War II there were problems with colored troops fighting.   But Americans have always found a way to give Blacks their dignity and at times at a great cost to loss of life that comes with war.

These videos of Trump/Obama and these men in suits  and   ties do not worry me because these mind control political videos were made more than 6 years ago and since then the men in them  have been processed through  the Justice of God and Man.

What worries me are the people who continue to upload the  videos having no chance in the world to realize their white supremacists dreams in a world where many whites  and non-whites under God’s protection, live peacefully beautifully and wonderfully working in business government education  and living  life  outside the Ideals and  war plans that come with white supremacy.

Seeing these videos that Mason white supremacist went to alot of trouble to make,  are in themselves harmless, but they could provoke arguments for people who believe these men are really in power.

Considering the state of the Union and the state of world, they only mean something to people who  do not know the truth or those who would prey on these innocent men and women.

I am provoked by providence to look at other aspects of white supremacy in society the white people  targeted for extinction by the same group the y once voted for these seemingly nice men who overnight turn into monsters.

I am provoked to think about the men and women who wear white supremacist tattoos and knowing these men in suits and ties from the Trump/Obama  videos or their predecessors would quickly separate and distance themselves from them unlike good government who would help them with education, jobs, school and even benefits.

Then today, a situation occurred where a Mexican man who white supremacist could care less about — an employee of mine — used white supremacist tactics through mediocre application of store policy  to refuse a Mexican couple their groceries and they had children to feed — over store regulations that meant nothing considering there was solution to the problem and that solution was simply a good Samaritan solution and it took me going over his head and working with the manager a woman who had my best interest at hand, the customers best interest at hand and Sam’s Wal-Mart best interest at hand to solve the problem.

Having given him a perfect solution, this man came close to losing Sams Wal-Mart money, respect and a  customer.     He has personal problems to say the least, but  problems any form of  white supremacist run- government could care less about.    He is like a soldier they would hang after he betrayed his own people and then laugh at him and their race behind their backs as they wallow in their lives of socialist decadence  at  the  expense of the blood of humans,

And after offering this mexican man my employee –  the solution to get him out of problems and a win-win for everyone,  this man still refused the solution and the  people could not buy  food for themselves and their children.

White supremacy works through a forms,  procedures and policy  to make people’s lives miserable and a whim  through conditioned employees who act very much like NAZI’s if they do not like you for whatever their reason is. That is very wrong.

This is why prayer is so very important and telling the truth one to another and forgiving each other daily and working all problems through together in each nation.

NAZI’s like to  deny people access to goods and services and previously trained people in all countries to maintain procedure to remain in control of anything willing to bend to their  forces of darkness,

I am consoled  in the facet my Sam’s Wal-Mart executives use good discernment in their choosing of managers and its takes a wise manager like the woman manager who worked with me today to  get through this most simple and basic problem of buying groceries  for a very nice Mexican couple.

At times people in management have to look past the militant employee, when trying to help people in business or in government and at times we have to look at ambitious supervisors when problems occur as white supremacy is a cut-throat system and a way of life conditioned into the work fork force and into the minds of people who favor white supremacy.

So when you experience conflict in a situation and in any context work through it and if there is nothing you can do make your peace  walk away and trust me God see’s everything

We cannot get provoked to madness in any situation that requires us to fight for others despite the forces of darkness that  works against good common sense.

Working to help people  and  forgo a strictness of policy when people need help is any every day thing. I pray success and peace be up you and on those you confronted with challenging situations

Any kind of Policy is useless without flexibility and wise managers and decision makers who in a critical situations see that good solutions that help people are worth being flexible over  and everyone wins, the customer wins,  the store wins and the manager wins and in the end the forces of darkness are vanquished.

So when the forces of darkness keep you from helping people and policy is used against you, do everything you can peacefully to find solutions for people who need help  during this media war against people who are mostly confused or ignorant but there are others that know what they’re doing who eventually the  processes of justice will catch up to them.

EMA  Emergency Management Agency & PHSCC® The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps  Armed Services  warning .

Refrain from watching, listening, reproducing and or promoting Trump/Obama media or its equivalent.

This is the strategy of white supremacist who from Europe and other locations are seeking to destroy the moral of the world.

Promote the real white house YouTube account and be active in telling the citizens the truth about the change in Government.

Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media (news). All nations are advised to maintain a level 6 state of preparedness .

In order to succeed in life, business, the military & government, we must tell the truth or not speak at all and accept the consequences for our actions and from this we must not waver. Adagio 1st Special Warfare Command by The Emergency Powers Act


In partnership with the Holy Spirit. When things get tough believers and good citizens take priority "Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all." George Washington 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, Every State Matters

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