Published on: Feb 11, 2011 @ 00:52 The crown of transparency is strength and authority to those who embrace truth- JC Angelcraft

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……..The crown of transparency is strength and authority to those who embrace truth- JC Angelcraft

ABN are the intitials of the Angelcraft Broadcast Network.  Managed by Angelcraft Media Division  AMD  ABN is headed by human rights activist  CEO JC Angelcraft.   ABN strives at making sure ethical practices are observed and that our agencies do our best not to favor either Christian or religious parties or secular poorly defined conservative or liberal parties despite having lifelong roots in conservative politics.

Having grown up with autographed pictures of  Republican Presidents in his home, JC Angelcraft feels conservative values are equal to ethical behavior and strives to make sure that all things Angelcraft are a reflection of a balanced perspective.  JC –who holds a Master of Science in Psychology from California Southern University –feels that although conservatives may not always win, one must be concerned with whats good for the nation ahead of their own poltical interests and not strive to smear the integrity of our fellow humans despite being of a different political party.

ABN Mexico strives to keep the Nation of Mexico on an even keel by providing news through ABN Mexico that uses few pictures to sway what has become a very critical Mexican audiance.

Angelcraft Media has several news agency websites that may be referenced at our divisions main site and feels that America is the last stronghold for goodness and democracy, the latter hoping will be abolished by the citizen of the country.

It is a nation that cares for the planet and welcomes the very same people that look to attack it an destroy its institutions, like its own modern day Masons, special agents and even its puppet presidents.

Concerning the tragedies of the state, although himself an American, Timothy McVey –a sharp shooter for the U.S. Army and an explosives expert, Tim0thy was an example that religious fundamentalism problems are not regulated to only one religion and democracy as a political religion has failed.

However, freedom of religion as well as freedom of speech is what makes America great and few nations work at optimum democratic levels as the United States.     Its not easy to run or maintain a free nation and education of the people is paramount to making sure a democracy that is run by people for the people continue in a form that is both secure and free from terror.

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