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Chiapas Genocide went undetected through 3 Mexican Presidencies (18) Years before it expanded to other states in Mexico starting at the time of Felipe Calderon’s presidency.
Published on: May 8, 2017 @ 15:11
White Supremacy is a spiritually and psychologically abnormal way of thinking”  Adagio 1st
Four hundreds if not thousands of years white supremacy by different names and religious terms has been in existence.  It has always been a heresy to lead people to rebellion to resist progress and a true civilized way of living without no human or animal sacrifices to Moloch the national military god of the Philistines & the Amalekites  and thousands of years later military religious Germans from secret societies still worship Moloch.
Thule Religious Secret Society 1919 a White Supremacy Secret Society
 Moloch is useless idol as are men and their supporters who want to make Trump your Idol .  You know them best from World War I & World II as the NAZI party whose White Supremacists values were rejected as a form of government and we went to two fight great wars against them twice these last hundred years and they wanted a Third another submarine war.    
When they are being defeated, white supremacists always retreat and become  the enemy of with no face.  In any country they can, they will form an anarchist group or support the strongest anarchist group in the country with money arms men and magic human sacrifices.  “The Black Hand”  from world war I is one such example .
Today they talk through old Trump videos and say God is not their on side and God not on their side knowing the secret plans that lurk in their heart to achieve world supremacy and world domination controlling every nation through corrupt men ambitious for power
White Supremacy is a spiritually and psychologically abnormal way of thinking”  Adagio 1st
01. There are many examples of White Supremacy a military special operations task force whose numbers where much higher than they are today and spread across many nations including the the United States of America.
02.They are the enemy with no face made up mostly of men and historically  wore masks to escape detection and in countries where they had great control such as Mexico and made special police wear masks allowing them to hide among Mexican Police.
03. White Supremacy is not a true form of government, but a way to control mass numbers of people through any form of government it can get its hands on.
04. White Supremacy often finds ways to use citizens of a nation to do the bidding of White Supremacy  against a citizen’s own country so it can wash its hands clean from the destruction of a countries legal constitutional infrastructure and the massive death it inflicts on the citizens of the nations they control.
05. It uses every form of weapon and magic it can to wrest control of people’s minds and wills.
06. Invasive and Illegal use of mass media is a favorite tool of theirs as well control of census and statistical institutions to cover-up the actual numbers of people killed.
07. Massive death inflicted through wrong wars, genocide,  human sacrifices, ethnic cleansing and infanticide are their preferred methods of warfare to set off their mind control wizardry.
08. These last 72 years White Supremacy Masonry and Greek Fraternities became a religious/political International Coalition dedicated to world supremacy and world domination.  White Supremacy is a spiritually and psychologically abnormal way of thinking.
09. Hard Truths on Human Rights
10. A brief history of White Supremacist Genocide
11. These Categories are associated with White Supremacy

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S.A.R Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st M.S. Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de Plume JC Angelcraft Commander of Allied Forces Special Warfare Command
Retreived May 14th 2017  Thule Religious Secret Society 1919 a White Supremacy Secret Society
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