911: Page 2: War against Evil & Crime

911: Page 2:  The war against evil and crime is a war against Good Government waged by White Supremacy, Criminal Anarchists, Criminal Atheists, Criminal prejudice People, Criminal Unbelief in God and Criminal Lying Political Activists.  All these do the will of white supremacists wizards some with knowing and some without knowing Adagio 1st

In any kind of war where soldiers fight  before each other at a front line, every face changes as the war progresses on the front.   The line that demarcates the front also changes as men fall  and die in war.

In the same manner that we war against White supremacy, their faces whom we cannot see change also change because of the processes of justice that work on our behalf against the great evil that is the deception of White Supremacy.

Since World War II White Supremacist   have not had the same popular support that they had in Germany in the 30s and 40s enough to gain the support of the people tp go to War for the NAZI party and many German men, Christian men totally removed from the occult practices  of the   HIMLER and his inner group as dedicated to ending human lives as God-fearing  American Soldiers were as well so imagine how they felt once  knowing the whole truth behind what their Christian lives were fighting for and many of their friends dying along with American Soldiers in fronts and battles to terrible to relate starting on the beaches of Normandy.

What is not told to children and good white people in far off lands who have little education about general history of the failures of the League of Nations and the United Nations  is why these  supposed institutions of peace and unity failed .

What is not taught to white supremacist children are the evils and the atrocities committed in peace  and in war time by White Supremacist on children and on adults.

What is not taught to white supremacist children or anyone who will listen to them is about the steps that white supremacist take in the processes of war or what their true plans are  when given a chance under any party name to govern any country even during peacetime.

Secret Society White supremacist who are allowed to dominate any society of whites or people  by the precepts of White supremacy is always  an immediate danger to the citizens under their control which is why the resolve against in them World War I and World War II and even today  is so strong.

Good Americans died to liberate Europe with the help of the allies who have returned back to being who they are once again along with countries that were not allies back then like Japan and Italy both who are now on our side to name only two countries from World War II Axis group.

Now the war against White Supremacy  has been won, but the digital war continues .   There  is nothing to fear and when they stop uploading videos onto their false white house account then we move toward other videos and accounts they they have to take down as well.

The  face of politics has changed  in America so  keep following the real white house account at YouTube  the one  with the address of the real white house for  information  and for any changes in our war against White Supremacy .

We are at a level 6 State of Emergency. Please refrain from watching, listening, reproducing and or promoting Trump/Obama media or its equivalent.

Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media (news). All nations are advised to maintain a level 6 state of preparedness .

Back to the Libraries – The United States of America’s Libraries are filled with extensive histories and information on famous Americans of all races colors and backgrounds. Please visit the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. or your local School or Public library for more extensive information concerning this great civil war legend.

Happy Month of April from the United States Public Health Service Civilian Corpvs (The Department of Justice, The U.S. Navy, The U.S. Marines, The U.S. Army, The US National Guard, USGS. General Dynamics, The United States Coast Guard, The American Red Cross, the Library of Congress, the Department of the Interior, The Department of Education, The Department of Forestry, The Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Department of State, all Law Enforcement Agencies, Adagio 1st, The EMA Emergency Management Agency et all and Her Royal Highness Mary of Maryland and her staff the citizens of the United States of America =)

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