Government and Commercial websites at Culpeper, Virginia and NOAA National Marine Websites score 100%

Washington D.C. The Interior August 8 2017  from the Interior

A pleasant surprise awaited me late in the evening as I searched an official government and commercial website of Culpeper, Virginia taking screenshots of the event as usual looking for Equestrian Information. But before I searched that I had to check the websites integrity which matters more to me and is more important.

After various efforts as an ordinary Internet surfer,  I checked the news and registered at the website.  In today’s grading of the Internet Culpeper, Virginia scored a 100%.  Zero Donald Trump news was found using the Culpeper, Virginia search engine on its government website and also a commercial website promoting tourism.

In today’s grading of the Internet Culpeper, Virginia scored a 100% on these two very important websites.

These things make me very happy.

The citizens of this small town should be very happy and proud of their accomplishment. These commercial and government websites are controlled by responsible citizens and administrators working for the Government of the United States of America.

It may be hard to believe but this is a trend happening across the United States of America and the World.
Todays Screenshots

Culpeper, Virginia is known as the small charming town and short drive from the Nations Capital and a nice getaway with plenty to see and do.

Feel free to inspect the websites and enjoy surfing these Internet sites two of many available on today’s Internet whose search engines check out. Should a change status occur and bad news enters the search engine make sure to file a complaint directly with them and allow them to correct the intrusion or mistake.

Also Check out NOAA National Marine Sancturaies Blue Earth they scored 100% as well.  GO NOAA.


We still have a ways to go so if you still doubt in your new government, just make the trip to Washington D.C. and make an official appointment if your work in government or in the media and always make sure to pray before making any investigations.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America at the Interior

Washington D.C. July 28 2017   I wonder sometimes if we as humans have not faltered in our esteeming of men, especially these last years falling to traps and false news and profiles of the media over men such as Trump or Obama not ever seeing any breadth of true work deserving of a monument such as the likes of Thomas Jefferson.

The men that we do really esteem, the men whom we call our Founding Fathers is because their unswerving character in the founding of the nation that shines forth like a light bright light.

The meticulous preservation of their writings justify all the accolades and deserving of the title Mr. President,

This is one of the reasons we are going through the notes and writings of our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and getting into the minds of the men who once led this country during its greatest crisis, a war for its independence like no other,

Our revolutionary war and our civil war are by the far the most important wars our nation has suffered becuase they were faught on our own soil for the reasons that would unite a great nation that would in the future help to free our world in wars vital to human history, wars faught against the monsters of white supremacy.

As I review the letters and writings of Thomas Jefferson the man I cannot help at this point but to dig further into any reference of any importance that helps to better define the man other than Ossian’s poems of which I am now in academic pursuit of more elucidation as the current literature does little to satisfy my need for the character of Ossian apart from the writer and Irish poet who re-interpreted the writings during Jefferson’s life time.

These things are of importance for if a man is esteemed it is because of his character and the character of man or even a women is often defined by their writings, their works, their piety or devotion  and their love for literature.

So when reading the works of Thomas Jefferson how can one not allude to the speculation and investigation of Ossian’s poems, literature that Thomas Jefferson – one of our founding fathers – had a deep affection for.

On Ossian’s Poems, In Day 4 of our Journey through the life and times of Thomas Jefferson he writes:

Thomas Jefferson Feb. 25, 1773 Virga Mcpherson

To Chas. McPherson, Albemarle, in Virga Feb. 25, 1773 Dear Sir,

—Encouraged by the small acquaintance which I had the pleasure of having contracted with you during your residence in this country, I take the liberty of making the present application to you. I understood you were related to the gentleman of your name (Mr. James McPherson), to whom the world is so much indebted for the elegant collection, arrangement, and translation of Ossian’s poems.

These pieces have been and will, I think, during my life, continue to be to me the sources of daily pleasures.

The tender and the sublime emotions of the mind were never before so wrought up by the human hand.

I am not ashamed to own that I think this rude bard of the north (Ossian)  the greatest poet that has ever existed.

Merely for the pleasure of reading his works I am become desirous of learning the language in which he sung, and of possessing his songs in their original form.

Mr. McPherson, I think, informs us he is possessed of the originals. Indeed, a gentleman has lately told me he had seen them in print; but I am afraid he has mistaken a specimen from Temora, annexed to some of the editions of the translation, for the whole works. If they are printed, it will abridge my request and your trouble, to the sending me a printed copy; but if there be more such my petition is, that you would be so good as to use your interest with Mr. McPherson to obtain leave to take a manuscript copy of them, and procure it to be done.

I would choose it in a fair, round hand, on fine paper, with a good margin, bound in parchments as elegantly as possible, lettered on the back, and marbled or gilt on the edges of the leaves. I would not regard expense in doing this. I would further beg the favor of you to give me a catalogue of the books written in that language, and to send me such of them as may be necessary for learning it.

These will, of course, include a grammar and dictionary. The cost of these, as well as the copy of Ossian, will be (for me), on demand, answered by Mr. Alexander McCaul, sometime of Virginia, merchant, but now of Glasgow, or by your friend Mr. Ninian Minzees, of Richmond, in Virginia, to whose care the books may be sent.

You can, perhaps, tell me whether we may ever hope to see any more of those Celtic (language) pieces published. Manuscript copies of any which are in print, it would at any time give me the greatest happiness to receive.

The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.

I hear with pleasure from your friend that your path through life is likely to be smoothed by success.

I wish the business and the pleasures of your situation would admit leisure now and then to scribble a line to one who wishes you every felicity, and would willingly merit the appellation of, dear sir, Your friend and humble servant.



If not for the Piety of Thomas Jefferson and his reverence for God one might conclude him to be a pagan based on his love of Celtic and Gaelic myths and legends. But he was quite much more a man than his love for Ossian might define him.

Jefferson was a man who with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the Other signers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution stood head and shoulders over other men that citizens would call a president and try to put in the same category or class  as our Founding Fathers.

And some of these presidents or just plain men, even killers – like some from these past 17 years –  were simple men that belonged to secret societies. These men, some of which even I esteemed, were order takers as opposed to being the leaders of a nation and one of them having drafted but a few memoirs and signing or framing nothing of legislative significance themselves or done anything significant in their lives to earn the title of president; while being in the greater company of men and women some of whom were resigned to work in the background others run completely out of government.

So as you read the history of your real founding Fathers consider what kind of men it took to do the impossible and help a nation still forming to break away from the worlds greatest military power of its day.

To do this it took real men of God and real men of faith who believed that men ought not to leave their fates in the hands of men they cannot see; or put their lives in the hands of a government government or legislative body and taxation they can no longer control.

With this I leave you to the reading of Ossian’s Poems.  I thought you might be curious.

Ossians Poems Translated from the ancient Gaelic by James Macphereson FREE PDF LITERACY Official Government of the United States of America

 Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum  nom de Plume JC Angelcraft author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have & Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America under Emergency Powers.
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July 24 2017 Washington D.C.   The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

The Library is the main research arm of the U.S. Congress and the home of the U.S. Copyright Office.

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Whether you are new to the Library of Congress or an experienced researcher, we have a world-class staff ready to assist you online and in person.

I encourage you to visit the Library of Congress in person in Washington, D.C., explore the Library online from wherever you are and connect with us on social media.

Sincerely, Carla Hayden Librarian of Congress

“…in the event of a national catastrophe through which citizens must depend on the providence of God whom established the foundations of this world, it shall be determined by manifest destiny and confirmed in the citizenry who is best fit to lead the nation and the world from its crises and whom shall supervise the restructuring of world governments and will oversee world governments as led by Providence and confirmed  by miracles signs and wonders.… ”

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American Choral Music

The seventy-six works presented here are limited to a period beginning shortly after the Civil War and ending at 1922. The music selected reflects the diversity of choral music in the collections written during the later nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries and includes accompanied music, a cappella, sacred and secular music, and works for mixed choirs, for women’s and men’s ensembles, and for children’s choruses.

American Choral Music is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and the Choral Directors Association (ACDA). In 2007, the ACDA and the Library of Congress began a collaborative effort to create this Web site devoted to choral music that would present music in the public domain, available for users to download. The site serves to highlight the collections of sheet music in the Library of Congress and to advance and promote the performance of choral music.

Twenty-three composers’ works are represented, five of whom are women. Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (Mrs. H. H. A. Beach) was the first American woman to achieve widespread recognition as a composer. Mabel Wheeler Daniels composed The Desolate City, op. 21, among other significant works during her many stays as a Fellow at the MacDowell Colony. Margaret Ruthven Lang composed the song Ojalá,which brought her international attention at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. Gena Branscombe was a conductor and composer whose hymn Arms that have Sheltered Us was adopted by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1960. Patty Stair was a composer, organist and conductor.

Many of the composers represented here were from the Second New England School and were influential in music education as well as composition. George Whitefield Chadwick, often credited as the “dean of American Music,” reorganized the New England Conservatory.

Chadwick influenced Daniel Gregory Mason, a composer known for both orchestral works and song cycles is represented, as is Horatio William Parker.

Parker became dean of the School of Music at Yale; many of his manuscripts reside in the Music Division. Another member of the New England School was John Knowles Paine, the first professor of music at Harvard, and a composer who established the first music department at an American university. Amy Beach, Arthur Foote, and Edward MacDowell were also members of the Second New England School.

Also represented is Dudley Buck, an organist, conductor, and founding director of the Brooklyn Apollo Club’s male chorus, and Harvey Bartlett Gaul, a student of Dudley Buck. William W. Gilchrist founded the Mendelssohn Club. Peter C. Lutkin was a composer instrumental in support of a cappella singing, and a founder of the American Guild of Organists.

African-American music is represented with the compositions of R. Nathaniel DettWill Marion Cook, and Harry Burleigh. Other notable composers are Henry F. GilbertArthur B. Whiting and Septimus Winner.

About Choral Music at the Library of Congress

The works in this presentation were selected from a variety of sheet music collections and publishers in the Music Division of the Library of Congress. The majority of the compositions chosen by the American Choral Directors Association are from the A. P. Schmidt Company Archives, one of the most valuable resources for the study of American choral music.

This archive of music occupies a special place in the history of American music publishing. In 1958, the publisher Summy-Birchard bought out the Arthur P. Schmidt Company, and both principals agreed to donate the Schmidt papers to the Library of Congress. Included in the large deposit of business papers and financial records were numerous containers of music manuscripts, including many holographs, and printed sheet music.

The A. P. Schmidt Company Archives contains over 300 boxes of manuscripts and published choral music, including the music of Arthur Foote, George Whitefield Chadwick, Horatio Parker, and John Knowles Paine.

Because Schmidt championed the music of women, the collection is also rich in the holdings of holographs and sheet music of Amy Beach, Mabel Wheeler Daniels, Margaret Ruthven Lang, Florence Newell Barbour, Marion Bauer, Helen Hopekirk, Gena Branscomb, and Anna Pricella Rischer.

View a finding aid for the A. P. Schmidt collection

If you have specific questions, please Ask a Librarian

Dear citizens greetings and salutations on behalf of Mary of Maryland the White House Administration and all US Law Enforcement the Department of Justice and service branches of the new  USPHS the United States Public Health Service Department of Defense

Be ready and prepared at all times for people who would use the conspiracy of lies to brainwash you. Keep sober-minded.   Please do not drink and drive or play with fire or start mayhem for any reason.

Try to enjoy yourself every day at work at school or in your summer vacation and create something new every day working your mind and developing your talents and skills.

Remember to control your media and stay away from Trump/Obama gatherings and political things that pretend these men are in power.  Trump & Obama are not in power and are stumbling blocks and so is all their media, news and all political initiatives and legislative writings associated with them.

The men who control conspiracy of lies media daily change and are subject to the processes of justice.

Both Trump & Obama and other old names in US Politics are control points for enemies of the state foreign and domestic to get into your minds, hearts and pocket books so be careful and aware of all media and be assured that the justice processes are working on your behalf.

Call the White House if you have any questions.

Be blessed sober minded and honest every day.  Bless each other and and pray for your own peace of mind and ask for God’s blessing. This world is changing.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum  nom de Plume JC Angelcraft author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have