Updated for June 30, 2017 Closing out the month.

  • Updated June 30 2017 Around the country and in every state we are closing out the month of June and preparing for the 4th of July.  Please do not drink and drive and be safe and follow the laws of your state.  Do not play with fire on the fourth of July or any day of the year and dial 911 Emergency if you have an emergency – The White House.
  • Updated June 28 2017 White House Updates and Postings. There is justice in this world
  • Updated June 28 2017 White House Updates and Postings. White Supremacy suppression of freedom of speech fails despite their judgmental destruction of private property. The justice process continues. Adagio 1st
  • White supremacy destroying other people’s websites except their own.  https://ancientcivilizationsandtheocracies.wordpress.com is no longer a voice for this planet untill it gets restored.  A provider of hard to find information, I expect the website to be restored soon if not then after this war against White Supremacy is over.  I thank you for your patience.  Adagio 1st.

June 28, 2017 As of this time and day less than 24 hours after its take down Ancient Theocracies and Civilizations has been restored, Thanks to all people involved in bringing us some relief and most important thanks be to our Holy Spirit.

Propaganda:  A craft slowly fading to the History Books

June 25, 2017 Washington D.C. White House (  We apologize to readers and citizens for this very important missing page and warning given April 28th 2016 of Last Year.    http://thewhitehousegov.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/press-release-hillary-clinton-is-not-running-against-donald-trump/

(Background Information) CIA Operations:  In March and April of 2016 The United States was in a Haze believing Barrack Obama was the President.

White Supremacists with support from Enemies of the State –  contemplated having him elected again in a FALSE election by reworking old media to create new election coverage complete with all the bells and whistles.

Many warnings were issued by many people including myself at the White House Quill among many other places.

We at the White House Quill. Thank you for your support and advise you to protect your eyes and ears and your children from Obama/Trump videos and media.

The average person spends between less 5 – 15 minutes a day at YouTube so when you are at YouTube or a Free-Media video service provider control  your viewing.  Movie clips and Free movies are a fun way to pass the time staying away from “propaganda warfare” waged on you through news services you and I hope to find trust in again in the future.

Right now the world is still cluttered with propaganda and we are doing our best to bring you and world citizens relief.


Mass Media Propaganda is the favored tool used by White Supremacy and their supporters to confuse and demoralize citizens of the United States of America and in countries around the world.

Recently this last year,  it has been used successfully to influence public opinions in the United States and countries and even conduct false elections.    Often, a nation at war, its intelligence agencies and its enemies use propaganda to influence the citizenry.

Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in deceiving ones nation without quite deceiving one’s enemies and between militias who care nothing about human life and look to profit off an Information Holocaust by making it even worse.

In the old days especially in Russia in the 60s propaganda involved lying about the potential for new weapons, which can either impress opponents into dealing, or convince them that something which is feasible is in fact not, to give the disinforming party a head start in researching the weapon or technology. (e.g. Propoganda played a big part in the Cuban missile Crises and the Space missile program and arms race against Russia)

Propaganda versus democracy is a subject frequently debated in political science circles in the Eastern Hemisphere among citizens and military agents.  In the past there existed a natural tension between government, which had to keep many secrets from the public about their Mason leaders of which you now know the truth about because the natural rights of the governed, state that the people of a right to know what is going on.  This is why we have in the past lobbied as citizens for things like the Freedom of Information Act which should be inclusive the works and acts of religious politicians known as Masons.

Propaganda is always used to obtain consent to war with another country.

To obtain consent for war with minimal effort, many standard techniques have been employed:

  • Terrorism as propaganda to excuse invasive and confiscatory measures due to the “constant threat” – which may in fact be manufactured or funded by one’s own government but serve as an excuse for foreign wars or to conduct domestic terror operations.
  • “Cooked intelligence” is selectively chosen Information shared to increase public fear and paranoia.


Reasons Propaganda was used by Masons and later their militias  was to keep the public scared and paranoid through news about refugee death camps and death venues around the world.  before 2011 Refugee camps littered the Eastern hemisphere and white supremacist genocide and ethnic cleansing occurred around the world

During a war real or false or in peacetime, almost any unusual event can be exploited for positive publicity in an attempt to “convince” how “bad” and enemy or people are, or how “uncertain” the situation was or is in the country (should one’s own troops do something wrong) – thus the troops are brave and good and the enemy is always bad.

In the old days, after a war, “feel good” stories are employed to convince voters that they did the right thing, so voters would support future wars, and the leaders that lead them.  This was White Supremacy Masonry a religious/political group more loyal to their all Mens religious Idol worshipping political fraternity than even their own countries or citizens.

Today we look to change mass media to reflect our real world news and events and are in process of giving citizens around the world justice.

We thank you for your patience.  Adagio 1st The White House Quill


A Look Back … Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis: This is a history lesson: There are no hidden messages and no immediate threats to the Sovereignty to the United States of America.

Washington June 25 2017  (CIA)- The Cuban Missile Crisis began on Oct. 16, 1962 — the first of the “Thirteen Days of October.” On that day, President John F. Kennedy was informed that a U-2 mission flown over western Cuba two days before had taken photographs of Soviet nuclear missile sites. The event was a watershed for the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in particular. It demonstrated that the technological collection capabilities so painstakingly constructed to monitor the Soviet Union had matured to give the IC an unmatched ability to provide policymakers with sophisticated warning and situational awareness.

Rumors of Nuclear Missile Deployment in Cuba

After the Soviet Union began supplying Cuba with conventional arms during the summer of 1960, rumors about a nuclear missile deployment on the island began emanating from Miami’s Cuban émigré community. Despite an extensive array of assets targeted at Fidel Castro’s regime, the IC could not substantiate the expatriates’ reports. And not for a lack of trying: the CIA deployed collection teams and conducted technical operations; the US military’s intelligence services and the FBI reached out to sources; the government had twice-a-month U-2 flights; the IC monitored official and nonofficial third country sources, travelers, and media reports. The IC concluded that the expatriates were trying to provoke the United States into taking military action against Castro.


Sometime around April 1962, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev decided to develop Cuba into a nuclear base, and in mid-July Soviet shipments of conventional weapons and military equipment intensified. Throughout the summer, American policymakers and intelligence officials speculated about what the buildup meant. The IC concluded that Moscow’s actions in Cuba were defensive, designed mainly to shore up a revolutionary ally while marginally improving its own political position in the region.

Director of Central Intelligence John McCone was virtually alone in assessing that the Kremlin had more malevolent intentions: the buildup was a prelude to the deployment of nuclear missiles. McCone believed that Khrushchev was trying to overcome US strategic superiority and extort diplomatic concessions by establishing a nuclear outpost near the United States.

Even after Soviet surface-to-air missile sites were detected in late August — the first time such weapons had been seen outside Soviet-controlled territory — McCone’s judgment sounded like a worst-case scenario at best, an unfounded hunch at worst, and might have been discounted somewhat because of his widely known, visceral distrust of the Soviet Union.

The DCI found his case even harder to make because of headline-grabbing allegations by Kenneth Keating, a Republican Senator from New York, an ardent critic of the Administration’s policy toward Castro, and a friend of McCone’s. Keating’s alarmist assertions provided fodder for GOP candidates in the Congressional campaigns then getting underway and inclined Administration officials to discount intelligence that tended to corroborate them. Some officials even suspected that McCone was secretly collaborating in the Senator’s disclosures to force the White House to take strong action against Cuba.

The U-2: High-level Aerial Reconnaissance

The intelligence picture was complicated further when the best source of information on Soviet military activity in Cuba — high-level aerial reconnaissance — was curtailed at a crucial time for diplomatic reasons. In mid-September the Kennedy Administration placed restrictions on US Air Force U-2 flights over Cuba after the Communist Chinese shot down a U-2 over the mainland and the Soviets protested an accidental U-2 overflight of Sakhalin Island.

The restrictions limited aerial reconnaissance over Cuba to a few peripheral and in-and-out flights by CIA-piloted U-2s. Other intelligence — such as refugee and agent reports, intercepted communications, and shipping information — could not fill the gap. Unbeknownst to anyone in Washington, the first Soviet Medium Range Ballistic Missiles (MRBMs) arrived at the port of Mariel on Sept. 15, 1962.

In early October, the National Security Council’s Special Group relaxed the restrictions on U-2 flights after receiving more reliable HUMINT reports about suspicious Soviet activities in western Cuba. Bad weather and bureaucratic delay kept the first Air Force-piloted U-2 mission under the new reconnaissance schedule from being flown until Oct. 14. The flight crossed the island and brought back photographs of what analysts at the National Photographic Interpretation Center determined were three MRBM launch sites near San Cristobal.

The Deputy Director for Intelligence at CIA, Ray Cline, passed the momentous news to the President’s National Security Adviser, McGeorge Bundy, on the evening of Oct. 15. Bundy told President Kennedy the following morning. Speaking over an open line early on the 16th, the DCI’s executive assistant, Walter Elder, told McCone, “That which you and you alone said would happen, has happened.”

Managing the Crisis

To help him manage the crisis, President Kennedy set up a working group within the National Security Council called the Executive Committee, better known as the ExComm. McCone was the only member from an intelligence agency. During the “Thirteen Days,” he attended more than two dozen meetings to deal with specific issues. For him and his colleagues, this episode probably was the most grueling of their careers — a frantic marathon of 16-hour-plus workdays filled with urgent discussions and telephone calls; hurried limousine trips, briefings and corridor conferences; catnaps in the office and meals on the run; political frustrations and bureaucratic wrangles; and social commitments that had to be kept to avoid arousing suspicion that something dire was afoot.

The DCI and several assistants — DDI Cline, NPIC director Arthur Lundahl, and chief science analyst Sidney Graybeal — translated the arcana of strategic weapons intelligence and U-2 photography at regular briefings to the President and the ExComm. A vital part of the information they considered came from a Soviet military intelligence officer, Oleg Penkovsky. During the previous two years, Penkovsky had provided to the United States and Great Britain technical specifications about Soviet nuclear missiles–their range and destructive power, and how long they took to become operational after they were shipped to a given location. That last bit of intelligence persuaded Kennedy that he did not need to order air strikes to take out the missile sites immediately and instead had a brief time to pursue a diplomatic settlement.

By Oct. 20, the ExComm had reached a consensus in favor of a naval “quarantine” on Soviet military shipments to Cuba as a tactic to force Khrushchev’s hand. McCone at first favored immediate air strikes but soon agreed that a quarantine — combined with a deadline for withdrawing the missiles — was the best option. The president announced the presence of the missiles and the imposition of the quarantine to the world in a television address on the evening of Oct. 22.

After six more nerve-wracking days, Khrushchev backed down and agreed to withdraw all the missiles and launch equipment. During those six days, all 24 MRBM launchers became operational, construction on several intermediate range missile sites proceeded rapidly, and sensitive back-channel talks took place between the Soviet ambassador and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

In exchange for the withdrawal, Washington agreed not to invade Cuba and, several months later, to withdraw obsolete nuclear-tipped missiles from Turkey. Because Castro ultimately refused to allow the agreed-upon on-site inspections, Kennedy later revoked his non-invasion pledge.

For the next several months, the IC monitored Moscow’s compliance through all-source collection against a wide range of Soviet and Cuban targets. By early February 1963, IC agencies concluded that the Soviets had withdrawn all strategic weapons and support personnel from Cuba and dismantled the missile sites.

Historical Document Posted: Oct 12, 2007 06:37 AM Last Updated: Jun 20, 2008 08:58 AM – https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/2007-featured-story-archive/a-look-back-remembering-the-cuban-missile-crisis.html

“…in the event of a national catastrophe through which citizens must depend on the providence of God whom established the foundations of this world, it shall be determined by manifest destiny and confirmed in the citizenry who is best fit to lead the nation and the world from its crises and whom shall supervise the restructuring of world governments and will oversee world governments as led by Providence and confirmed  by miracles signs and wonders.… ”

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

The Department may be contacted by phone at the following:

  • Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
  • Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • TTY/ASCII/TDD: 800-877-8339

Inquiries from news organizations and other media may be directed and handled in person through the same address.

Semper Fi – A United States Marine Corps Tribute


Washington D.C.  The White House – JC Angelcraft  The High School Football National Championship is a national championship honor awarded to the best high school football team(s) in the United States of America based on rankings from USA Todayand the National Prep Poll.

However the United States of America has too many great high school football teams to organizing any sort of playoff for the national championship and as such these matters are theoretical.

Growing up Moeller High School of Cincinnati was always a ranked National power along with schools across the United States of American but non more than Moeller high school so it seemed who traveled cross-country to prove their domination.

This matter is somewhat a delicate issue for many powerhouse teams across the United States.

However since 1910, the Prep High School National Champion has been and may always continue to be a National Tradition with complete with all its politics.

In 1936 after Washington High School of Massillon, Ohio refused to withhold its black players in a proposed game with segregated Central High School of Knoxville, Tennessee. Central High subsequently proclaimed itself national champion that year.

On December 31, 1938, duPont Manual of Louisville, Kentucky and New Britain of Connecticut played in an actual national championship game in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Manual won, 28–20.

The following year, on December 30, the game featured Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which defeated Baton Rouge High School by a score of 26–0.   This series of games proved difficult to organize, due to some states’ prohibition of postseason play. Pine Bluff, for example, had to receive a special waiver from its state to participate in the game.

In 1962, Florida state champion Miami Senior High beat Baltimore Polytechnic in the Orange Bowl and was recognized by Imperial Sports Syndicate of California as a national champion.

High Schools.com will give you our readers an Idea of the numbers of souls involved in matters of high school annually.


Many teachers & boosters have their hearts minds and their hopes vested in their local schools sports success much like the student athlete or a student scholar and observer of sports whose opinions are as important as anyone elses in what is to Americans one outstanding national tradition worthy of keeping alive.

The High School Spirit in the United States of America is something unique in its presentation, its vastness, its passion and organization towards sports and higher learning.

General Dynamics Tribute Videos to the Armed Forces are Available at General Dynamics Mission Systems YouTube account.

August 1979 – Garden Grove California – it was the first game of the year for the new Incoming freshman team of Santiago a mix of kids from seperate Jr Highs who worked and prepared that hot summer for the very first tackle football game of their lives and for some it seemed like the last.

The core of the team had played football before but Santiago had members who had never before that summer participated in a tackle football game.

These brave young men were the concentration of both coaches and players to toughen them up and get them ready for the first day of their lives.

Up to that point in the lives of the young CAVS everything had been chivalrous except when pads came on.

When pads came on the key members of the team would see to it, that going to easy on the new players  would hurt them, but among us, despite the clashing of young cavaliers there was respect between the stronger and the weaker team members  who their earned the respect of everybody surviving a very tough prep summer high school football training camp that would get them ready for this game the very first game of their long lives.

The opposing team walked off the bus catching Santiago off guard and still in their calisthenic lines.

The incoming team was an imposing sight from Nogales in East Los Angeles with all the bells and whistles and future track stars and champions and it felt like death had arrived at Santiago.

The Cavaliers remained discipline in their columns on this hot summer day in a very uncelebrated game without fans in the bleachers and nothing but hot summer sun and turf to test the resolve of  Santiago’s incoming freshmen football team.

Then what seemed like a nightmare occurred as Nogales walked right through the columns where the CAVS were exercising.

This was something that had not ever happened to me one of the teams captains or even the most seasoned of Cavaliers who grew up playing tackle football through POP Warner and Jr.  all-American football whose experiences did not prepare for them for this act of intimidation.

Most of the Cavaliers if not from Western Junior High, were Spartans from Dr. Leroy Doig Middle school.

And as former Spartans – which several of us  were – this was not acceptable,  but thankfully no fights broke out except till end of the game but it was stopped before it got worse.

That stunt pulled by Nogales to Intimidate the Cavaliers on their own turf, ended up in a 50 point rout in favor of the Santiago Cavaliers before a disgruntled member of the Nogales squad tried to start of fight which got broken up.  The Following year’s most valuable player Mike Kapawai led the running attack and linebackers John Dubois and David Gutierrez led the defense.  Mark McGarrh threw for 6 touchdown passes and over 200 yards.

(Photograph) United States-Department of Education Images high School Santiago-Cavaliers. The Undefeated Garden Grove League  Jr Varsity Champions 1980 almost the same team who played together as Freshman.

The following year when the 1980 Santiago Cavalier Jr varsity  visited Nogales in East L.A. they remained quiet taking care of business and routing the team once again Mark McGarrh throwing another 4 Touchdown Passes that closed the books on two seasons against Nogales with total of 10 Touchdown passes in those two games only.

Despite another thrashing by Cavaliers own their own turf,  Nogales Kept their composure and won the respect of many players on the Cavaliers and my own expecting a close, hard-hitting  street-like  lighting-fast football game against a very formidable opponent the second time around.

Respect is important in all Sports and even in life, but when men conditioned differently by society and raised in less than Ideal circumstances – LIE and use political propaganda warfare to Intimidate the United States of America and then expect respect, it feels like death and that the end of the world has come much like the beginning of the most serious football game of my life.

Which brings us to a new arena and this game a game that has raised tensions in the United States of America and I hate that.

The only thing left to do in the situation we are left with today as Americans and servicemen and workers in the department of Justice in all branches, is to put aside any differences and rout our enemy with the truth and our pens and quills. 

We have to inundate society with truth and stop making TRUMP a false president.

Trump is not the president.

We (MUST) stop doing the will of our enemies, these people from oversees and enemies foreign and domestic – who must hate America and Americans for what they are doing.

My fellow Americans, you have the full support of the White House administration, Law  Enforcement,  The Armed Forces and the american people to be heroes and take back your own country or face shame and humiliation for falling to Trump-Obama Propaganda mind control-warfare waged on your minds by elements less than American.

Remember to control your media and stay away from ignorant people, stay away from Trump gatherings and political things and enemies foreign and domestic who care nothing for truth or the American way who daily try to arrange stumbling blocks in favor of central control by the newest and latest leaders of their criminal International organzation and fraternity.

It is time to finish what we have started and to take back the United States of America in Cyberspace and in all spaces and nothing less than first place is acceptable,

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum  nom de Plume JC Angelcraft author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have



EMA Emergency Management Agency & USPHS Commisioned Corps – 

Published June 8 2017,  TUSCALOOSA, Ala.          A drop in blood glucose levels in the middle of the night can increase the risk of hypoglycemia, which can cause a range of symptoms that can linger throughout an entire morning.

It can also cause a medical emergency if blood glucose levels aren’t regulated immediately.

When University of Alabama alumna and Huntsville native Dana Lewis was an undergraduate student living in Riverside Hall, she used a blood glucose monitor and an insulin pump to control her Type 1 diabetes throughout the day and night. Diagnosed at 14, she  was used to monitoring her levels and adjusting her daily and nightly routines to stay in optimal range.

That process also includes the continuous glucose monitor’s alarm system that notifies the patient when ranges are too low or too high. However, the alarm wasn’t loud enough for Lewis, who would routinely sleep through it.

Continued at.  The University of Alabama


June 18 2017 We are at a level 7 State of Emergency.  Make sure to inform yourselves by calling your local law enforcement office or the White House at their Usual Numbers.


Meet Michael Joo, is a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow and creator of “Collective,”

Inspired by the migration patterns of Korean red-crowned cranes, Brooklyn-based artist Michael Joo (b. 1966, Ithaca, NY) has created a monumental installation specifically for the Freer|Sackler.

The birds’ movements are visualized as lines in space in this combination of painting, sculpture, photography, digital scanning, and printmaking, as Joo continues to blur boundaries between techniques and concepts.

On view for a year in the natural light-flooded Sackler pavilion, the installation will seem to shift with the seasons, complementing Joo’s interest in materials, perception, and the nature of change. This work is part of our ongoing Perspectives series of contemporary installations.

Michael Joo is a Korean American artist with a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from Yale.

He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad. Joo represented South Korea at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001 and was awarded the grand prize at the 6th Gwangju Biennale in 2006.

In 2012, Joo was a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow, studying 3D scanning and the relationship between art and technology.    The Smithsonian Institute.

Please do your best not to let anyone or anything engage your mind in any debate to protect Trump White Supremacy false control of the United States of America through Trump  videos.

Plan a trip to the White House if you wish to have some peace of mind about your real government.

It is as important to keep watch and be as religious in our own ways to keep this world free from murderous religious white supremacist men who pretend to be our masters through TRUMP OBAMA videos and many who are trying to continue in the traditions of their predecessors.      

Be vigilant and prayerful  and in all things think before speaking being reliable and responsible in your duties to home,  employer and each other and not perpetuating false information from Trump Obama Videos or their equivalency in any part of the world

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum  nom de Plume JC Angelcraft author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have



Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/
Library of Congress https://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html
Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/collections/
Library of Congress https://www.archives.gov/research/alic/reference/black-history.html

We are at a level 7 State of Emergency – Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media.

The mission of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of our Nation. A top notch uniformed armed service of the United States of America, the Commissioned Corps has much to offer. https://www.usphs.gov/





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