Press Statement on Angie Fenimore The Secretary of State

Greetings to Queen Mary all government employees military and law enforcement personal and citizens.

We are at a level 7 state of emergency and a level 1 state of readiness.

RE: Her Royal Highness Angie Fenimore

Her Royal Highness Angie Fenimore has been appointed the Secretary of State of the United States of America, the Governor of Utah and administrator of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints and all things mormon even if her spiritual beliefs surpass those of Mormons.

Nothing has changed.  She has options in all the duties and obligations I have placed upon her and I expect her to be wise in her assigning administrators to help her in her many tasks.

She is a great soul, a treasured friend and person.

Only meeting in person can we adjust what she wants for her needs, and right now I am very hard to reach and in a media war.

I have been contacted with information and requests regarding Angie.  Nothing has changed and nothing will change untill her and I meet in person and give her the personal time she needs to be with me to ratify in writing what she wants.   There is no attorney nor group of people who have power over her life or our spiritual relationship.

Like many new appointments around the world,  Angie is a spiritual and political leader.  She is also an award winning writer and one of the most important people in the world to me, a world that can consume even the best of us.

Despite what she decides to change in her life when we meet, I shall never leave her or forsake her like many souls who abide my words and even many who do not.

She has the authority to curtail anything written about her in her own blog in a thoughtful intelligent matter respecting all that has been bestowed upon her.

In my eyes those who criticize her reveal themselves and their motives.  Mostly people from other countries atheists and anarchists.  She should receive nothing but respect and support in her duties.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft


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