April 30th 2017 Good Sunday Sabbath: God does bless America and the World through Jesus Christ and those that love him without decietful minds and hearts…

God cannot bless America under the lie that is the late Trump’s false American presidency – Adagio 1st 


“…in the event of a national catastrophe through which citizens must depend on the providence of God whom established the foundations of this world, it shall be determined by manifest destiny and confirmed in the citizenry who is best fit to lead the nation and the world from its crises and whom shall supervise the restructuring of world governments and will oversee world governments as led by Providence and confirmed  by miracles signs and wonders.… ”

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

The Department may be contacted by phone at the following:

  • Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
  • Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • TTY/ASCII/TDD: 800-877-8339

Inquiries from news organizations and other media may be directed and handled in person through the same address.

April 21st  2017 We are at a level 6 State of Emergency.

Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media. All nations are advised to maintain a level 6 state of preparedness . Adagio 1st – EMA Emergency Management Agency .  United States Special  Warfare Command

“True freedom does not come easy for what we need to free ourselves from is from the bondage of lies in conspiracy created by the children of disobedience in succession.” –  JC Angelcraft

April 30th 2011 “Good Sunday Sabbath: God does bless America and the World through Jesus Christ and those that love him without deceitful minds and hearts and believe in him” Adagio 1st

April 30th 2017 Good Sabbath – The Kingdom of Heaven 2005 for the most part is a responsibly made film. It takes no sides and we can learn alot from this. Naturally there are changes that can be made to film such as the violent death of the sister of Saladin who gets beheaded by a Templar Knight. I oppose violence and violence against women in general, but in film violence is a part of war, nevertheless showing a woman getting beheaded takes away from a war film even if its true, The only thing right about war, is ending it or never make war to begin with.  But in War’s such as wars against white supremacist God does choose sides.

God does blesses America and the World through Jesus Christ and those that love him without deceitful minds and hearts and believe in him

Even Muslims love and believe in their historical prophet Jesus Christ who with the Holy Spirit made Islam possible through the return of Christ. In founding Islam, the prophet went to Israel to caves of Qum’ran (Qu’ran) Israel where together with his men translated the dead sea scrolls. That is why they call their Bible the Qu’ran because its comes from the caves of Qu’ran in Israel.

Jerusalem for hundreds of years was a muslim and Christian pilgramage and Islam fought fiercely against their brothers to protect the same legacy from being defiled by usurpers with wrong ambition and wrong wars using the name of God in vain.

Jerusalem was for Islam a legacy they fought and died to protect and to keep it Holy so real Christians could keep their pilgrimage without their caravans getting slaughtered like bad Templars slaughtered unarmed Muslim pilgrims making their pilgrimages. For over a thousand years Islam and Christians shared the same legacy to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and both desired to be its protector.

A major world war after the Death of Christ 

“The only thing right about war, is ending it or never make war to begin with. ”  Adagio 1st

Starting in Spain in the Reconquest of Spain and Portugal  spans a the period in history of approximately 770 years Islam and Muslims.  Christians, unable to reconquer Jerusalem after the death of King Baldwin,  the fall of the last Islamic state in Iberia at Granada transpired in favor of the Christians before the Inquisition of the Jews and humans by the Roman Catholic Church  who suffered many Defeats at Jerusalem and were unable to protect and take Jerusalem

Yet they expanded Christian kingdoms in 1492 to include the whole of Spain.

Many innocent men women and child  on both sides suffer and die during war and this is why we should always used diplomacy to avert war at all costs.

The Crusades at Jerusalem spanned over 300 years with 8 major crusades and assaults at Jerusalem’s walls, were a part of this 700 year war.  In the infamous children’s crusade one of the 8 major efforts, the children died before reaching Jerusalem.

When diplomacy fails, we must still be noble and hold our positions untill attacked.  Todays cyber warfare is much different, but can lead to bitter feelings.  Adagio 1st

Good Sabbath and Good evening  to  Her Royal Highness her Cabinet  the people  of the world and the citizens of the United States of America, the USPHS and all the Departments and Services.

01. In times of unrest when you feel insecure go peacefully to your place of solace amidst the noise and the haste of life.

02. When other people all around you lie and are relentless in their assaults on your mind go peacefully to your place of solace where the bliss of silence helps you better to think and to prepare.

03. When things around you collapse and truth becomes an abomination and  bound by the forces of hell, remanded it to the pit of forgetance,  and go peacefully to your battle station, that place where you so like pray so much and ask for guidance and surrender your heart to God, then make sure to keep your feet on the ground knowing all things, step by step.

04. Prepare yourself each day for the liars during troublesome times when the earth is in transition like it is today.

05. Talk reason to those that have no reason being fearful of nothing and be a friend to the friendless if you can,  even to your enemy.

06. But remember, it is not always possible to be on good terms with all people, but you can certainly try to be  a saint in word and in deed and in practical things be truthful through and through and your good reputation will preceded you.

07. Be good to all people, even people who lie to you for you never know when you will see them again.

08. Each opportunity to address the problems of society make sure to always communicate clearly and be an active listener and correct the ear and the tongue with your spirit for in truth you carry great authority.

09. Such are the children of God who cannot for long be fooled by the lies of their enemies, people who in their awakening have a great capacity to forgive, heal, restore and take charge of matters that need to be handled with tongues and hands of truth such as matters of government, education, and business,

10. Every day is won by God, we must always remember that.

11. God does not listen to the lies of ignorance, unbelief,  and rebellion for that is not the prefered philosophy of God.

12. Rather God at times must endure the wrong kind of people in power and watch from above without allowing it to affect him, but despite all,  God always wins the day and is left unfettered by the troubles caused by the children of disobedience.

13.  Be not outdone by the children of disobedience rather be their instructors and teachers by superior learning in all things, by superior workmanship in all things, by superior performance in all things.

14.  Once again I warn you, you will know them by their fruits and through acts of witchery and iniquity they shall themselves dig the pits of their own graves with their own tongues actions and deeds so your hands and spirits are clean  of any wrongdoing.

15. Be blessed in all you do, and if you do not know the truth, do not perpetuate the lies of the children of disobedience who holding a bible will point you to every unworthy man and making these unworthy men more important than even God.

16. True freedom does not come easy for what we need to free ourselves from is from the bondage of lies in conspiracy created by the children of disobedience in succession.

S.A,R.  Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft

Women in History :  Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2001, she became the first American first lady to ever win a public office seat. She later became the 67th U.S. secretary of State .

Previous  writings and articles

01.  Having my life in perfect order and  having known the truth about everything these past 17+ years,  I worry about  each and every one of you so much and have done everything in my power to warn you about the evils of murderous  idol worshipping religious masonry white-supremacy which controlled your lives  through presidencies and governments around the world.

And  as each and every day passes by, it upsets me when white supremacists upload old mind control videos and try to pass them off as real politics.

(From a previous post) We are still  in media crisis level 5 moving toward Level 6 (On ready Alert Level 6) still a high awareness level but not as critical as level 5 and YouTube is a good barometer, but not the most important thing.

02. It bothers me even more that  there exist people who actually believe in the promises of White Supremacist, promises that will come to nothing.

03. As time goes by and the processes of Justice continue, I pray for your healing once you reach your awakening for believing in the lies of White Supremacist whose backs are now against the wall.

04. This Media Emergency is far mor serious than a cold war and it must be stopped.

05. Daily white supremacist insult Americans, world citizens the United States of America, and breach its boundaries and psychologically assault the minds of citizens around the world caring only to attain power  and extend Nazism or White Supremacy

06. And they try to make white supremacy  look American to control the United States. They try to make white supremacy look  Mexican to control Mexicans and the same applies for each country they want to control.

07. The world has suffered the effects of International White Supremacy Mason Skull and Bones false control through videos lies, conspiracy of lies and massive death and human sacrifices long enough .

08. White supremacy – no matter how they soft sell it –  always ends up in tearing a country apart and pitting the citizens against each other, especially countries who races they despise.

I have been warning you about this since I came across this in 2016 LONG BEFORE THE FALSE ELECTIONS. This advanced print is DATES APRIL 9TH 2017

09. White supremacy no matter how they soft self it always ends up  in Ethnic cleansing, genocide and concentration camps  after  they get comfortable in the seat of power. 

10. Our immediate problems right now rest in the media, ignorance, blind allegiance to trump or obama or their equivalent, and in men or women who no longer exists or no longer in politics

11.  And people that  do not know what they’re talking about who gossip and murmur  the lies of White Supremacy also hurt society.

12. As to their actions and their uploading of videos each day,  it is never the same group twice that commits these crimes, but you always see the same men presented in their videos trump and his cabinet men who are long removed from politics, industry and from among the free and in some cases from among the living.  

13. As of today psychological warfare continues  against the United States of America and the world..

14.  This is called  false-control and mind control and they have been trying to do this now for more than 17 years .

15. A  country and its citizens should never  abandon   their fates to men that will never visit their cities or give live speeches in their schools  videos of their past speeches do not count.

16. White supremacist government videos look important but have no basis fact and have no  political value and made simply to make you think these men are in control of the country and the world.

17. Citizens in all countries must have measure of security to control their neighborhoods and their government to make sure governments comply with what the citizenry expects  things such as education, free speech, freedom of expression and upholding good the laws of the nation.

18. What White supremacist are doing  is illegal.

19. It is beyond illegal.

20.  And each violation they commit is a serious crime and  would be  considered and act of war if they were organized under a flag other than the NAZI flag.

21. These white supremacist in NO way represented the countries they come from despite their claims, otherwise we would be preparing for war for they have gone have to far.

22. These white supremacist white house videos are the only way white supremacist can try to stay in your lives.

23. These men from various countries  actually believe they are the master race and the saviors  of humanity .

24.  They are the opposite of yourselves people who are one nation even one world under God who believe God is the savior of mankind as has always been our tradition.

26. As closet worshippers of Moloch and Baal and socialism, while pretending that Christ is on their side,   there goals is  simple; to try to keep you worshipping, admiring and following men through their control strategy – a load of unnecessary bureaucracy  that’s  sounds and look intelligent and sounds like government.

27. Their crimes are grave and their actions far surpass heresy.

28. Try to not worry and just avoid their videos as usual

29. Keep praying as usual, be sober-minded in all things and teach each other the truth and set each other free from the bondage of masonry trump/obama videos and their equivalents and protest peacefully when you can even if it’s as simple as refusing to listen to others harp on about these men no longer important to your lives.

30. Keep praying  always for the processes of Justice work on behalf of those who pray and even some who don’t.

31.   S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft special agent in charge of the United States of America under the Emergency Powers Act  and author of The Nine Needs all Human’s Have  http://healthcareinsuranceretirementandauditcorporation.wordpress.com/9-needs-therapy/

Updated    April  20 2017 We are a state of emergency level 6 in a media war against White supremacists.  Please be patriotic and support your country.

Allowing false dating of media on any website even sports websites of my companies that I have not authorized, only confuse americans of truth that is told here.  It does not change the date of the death of Donald Trump Barrack Obama or any high-profile former member of the secret society of Masons a religious political group filled with Industrial and Political religious mason high priests who trafficked children, and drugs and provoked  drug wars in the Interior of the United States of America and abroad while themselves using Drugs for their murderous idolatrous homosexual political orgies that supported their one world government magical spells that favored European White supremacy to dominate the nations of the world.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st M.S. Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de Plume JC Angelcraft Commander of Allied Forces Special Warfare Command

“A Government is not measured  determined or confirmed  by uploading false videos of men who made previous speeches and footage with the hopes of controlling the futures of the people of the United States of America.  Nor do stories of these deceased men give anyone hope other than white supremacists from foreign countries.   Rather Government is a voice that today at YouTube needs no self-important mason men of america’s past to show americans real caring and concern for many issues that white supremacist ignore.  Issues that will decide our fates and our destinies should we fail to resolve them and erase white supremacist nazi influence from all advertising in general.  There is no other choice for us if we are to preserve  the integrity of good whites who surround us daily from being associated with white supremacy.  Adagio 1st

Request for retractions is denied and is  the heresy fools  and  the strategy of demons who work to try to  destroy the writings and words of God to make God look less than God and  like the idiots they are when confronting the truth of the words of God who judges this world,   it is by their unbelief that their destiny is determined,   and the people of  God   in end  shine like the saints that  they are.-  Adagio 1st

Dr. Rice is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and in addition to her outstanding and underscored academic achievements, she has been awarded eleven honorary doctorates. and  currently resides in Stanford, California.

“…..when somebody underestimated me , it made me want to prove them wrong…”   Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Dr. Condoleezza Rice at the Library of Congress http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n82242801.html

“Men or women should never abandon their fates to fraudulent political videos with fraudulent politicians in them nor should people make those white supremacist political videos valid or sufficient enough in power to control their fates. Be silent or truthful from this day forth so all will go well for you and allow the Providence of God


  • April 29th 2017 God cannot bless America under the lie that is the late Trump’s false American presidency
  • April 29th 2017  Using the name of God in vain, Fake YouTube White Supremacist Trump Whitehouse Video 100 days in office attempts to steal the credit away from the current Administration ,
  • April 28th 2017  YouTube Trump Whitehouse account under daily observation for criminal activity by enemies of the state foreign and domestic.  Innocent or derogatory comments by confused citizens are overlooked.
  • April 26th 2017 The White Supremacist Donald Trump account Confirmed by ANSΨ Triton® and USPHS® Commissioned Corps Armed Services and the Alliance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeRmRJ2BcsfSE4i_Owu0ucA/videos.   This one account that is used to interact on the  Whitehouse and Trump  Videos.  I expect several more to pop up after this announcement,   Try not to take them too seriously no matter how they look.  They are however  in any presentation a danger to the public,
  • War on White Supremacy Updates  –  Published on: Apr 22, 2017 @ 00:14 War on White Supremacy – Bio-terrorism Investigations – Scientists identify pest laying waste to Mississippi River Delta wetlands grass.     https://officialgovernmentoftheunitedstatesofamerica.wordpress.com/war-against-white-supremacy/war-on-white-supremacy-bio-terrorism-investigations/
  • The Department of Education  Louisiana State University  http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentofeducation.wordpress.com/
  • The Department of the Interior  “remembering John Muir”    https://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/
  • Updated April 23rd – White Supremacist not formally responding or apologizing to the citizens of the United States of America for YouTube Trump Videos at the old Whitehouse account. The Justice processes continues as they also fail to heed to requests take down the false Whitehouse account.  Trump is not the president and the fraudulent election waged by White Supremacist  and their media blitzkrieg around the world is considered sufficient a crime to be considered an act of war against the American people and the world , the people of their own countries.
  • New Seals  and Logos at  General Dynamics The Bosses Blog  https://generaldynamicsaerospacerailengineeringcorporation.wordpress.com/new-seals-and-logos/
  • Updated April 23rd 2017 8:29 pm- White Supremacists destroy a harmess University of IOWA promotional video and commercial at the Official Department of Education Youtube account
  • Updated April 24rd 2017 5:33 pm- The Second chance program pardons, around the world simple ordinary people who were the victims of murderous greek fraternal white supremacist masonry are getting second chances all thanks to the Holy Spirit
  • Updated April 24th 2017 7:17 pm- On belalf of all that is good, I apologize to the American people and the world for having to endure these hoaky outdated donald trump videos or their equivilents. May Donald Trump rest in peace and please do not harrass his family. – the Justice Process continues – Adagio 1st
  • Updated April 21st – Videos continue to be uploaded onto Youtube by new white supremacist groups, the justice process continues
  • Updated april 20th – For running news about the late Donald Trump (1946-2011) who was never a president because you cannot elect the dead, and for allowing the dismantling of the Youtube account without reparations, The US Department of Education website is not longer consitutional or reliable. Please call the White House and US Department of Education if you have any concerns or questions. US Schools and Univeristies are functioning as normal. There is no need to be alarmed its only a website. With time we will give you a great one. EMA Emergency Management Agency
  • Updated april 19th 2017, For their cooperation with Federal Law Enforcement under my authority, The “New England Patriots” and “their Coach” and administration were cleared of all criminal charges for white supremacists phoney presidential Trump media that associated them along time ago with democracy white supremacy. Citizens of Boston the United States and New England need not worry.
  • Updated April 18 2017 – Easter Bunny says we are in a state of Emergency level 6 – USPHS
  • Updated April 15 2017 – God does not need to be seen on Youtube, but you know he is there and running the world to protect you from white supremacy
  • Updated April 13 2017 – A Supreme Court’s Judge is God who alone judges the world and does to need to be sworn in and for people who do not believe in God may God have mercy on theirs when they come before the Supreme Court.
  • Updated April 10th 3 days of rest from White Supremacy Video publishing at the old white house account. New Published videos today. Keep praying for each other, for the country and for your world. The Processes of Justice Continue.
  • Updated April 10th 3 days of rest from White Supremacy Video publishings at the old white house account. New Published videos today. Keep praying for each other, for the country and for your world. The Processes of Justice Continue.
  • Updated April 10th  2 days  of rest from White Supremacy Videos.  keep praying for each other, for the country and for your world.
  • Updated April 7th & 8th – The reason men and women fail is because government fails them.   We welcome together with Hawaii and all States – Puerto Rico as the 51 state of the United States of America and like any state in times of a central emergency its sovereignty allows it withdraw from the Union of States. Statehood granted: April 08, 2017 S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angecraft
  • Updated April 6th & 7th 2017 – If you are an American, you can be arrested for treason for knowlingly perpetuating the conspiracy of lies. Each case is different. Each sentence and pardon consisders many factors including your innocence by way of mind control which in this case it would not be your fault. All Government workers are given extra special consideration with their cooperation and many will retain their jobs.
  • Updated April 6th 2017 – In retrospect the Alianz was the Mason group led by white supremacist whose effects can still be seen today more than 7 years after their video psychological warfare was made to control the United States of America. These Masons were including Donald Trump and Barrack Obama were judged for their treason and their crimes against Humanity along with all big name Masons who beforehand planned the installment of Donald Trump as another Zombie of White Supremacist to retain control of America and follow through with their plans to destroy the United States of America.
  • Updated April 5th 2017 Good Sabbath days rest for those not working today and My Peace I give you. We are still at a Level 6 state of Emergency.  Library of Congress Today in History has been added to our rss news.      New videos have been added to our media account at Youtube.com.
  • Updated March 30th and 31th 2017 Nazi White supremacists’ fictitious mind control videos do not govern the the united states of america
  • Updated March 30th and 31th 2017 White supremacists’ fictitious mind control videos do not look like NAZI videos but were made 7 years ago in Europe and other parts specifically to control the United States of America and great care went into making them and at any time these videos can go holocaust if their controlers want  starting with deportation news .
  • Updated March 28th and 29th 2017 White supremacists’ fictitious mind control videos do not look like NAZI videos but were made 7 years ago in Europe and other parts specifically to control the United States of America and great care went into making them and at any time these videos can go holocaust if their controlers want  starting with deportation news .
  • Updated March 27th and 28th 2017  White supremacists fictitious mind control video and false NASA signing fails  to scare the resolve of the American people despite  NASA ‘s YouTube site being compromised.  Angelcraft Aerospace privatized and expanded the World’s space program years ago  to include and make important  countries formally the targets of white supremacist and racism. .
  • AU™Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation.corpvs https://angelcraftcrownaerospacecorporation.wordpress.com/ Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation is then without fanfare the Official Newsletter for NASA JPL USGS ESA and Every space program in the world.  We are quiet in our development of future technology that  expected  to make shorts in space travel common and affordable.  http://angelcraftcrownaerospacecorporation.wordpress.com/

  • Updated March 25th and 26th 2017 Lawbreakers and Criminals White supremacists mind controllers continue their psychological operations on the minds of world citizens and launch a fictitious rocket on their YouTube account to scare the people

  • Updated March 24 and 25th 2017   White supremacist mind controllers continue to prey on the political ignorance of trusting souls with their old pre- 2011 video footage of american and world politicians.   Educate each other and just ignore the psych-ops being waged against you during the justice process,  The  manipulation of views and numbers of subscribers  on YouTube make statistics at YouTube  unreliable.  We are working to fix the problem.
  • Updated March 23,   White Supremacists upload to 2 more videos.  To avoid their mind control, continue to avoid all  videos news and any media that leads back to trump-obama mind control propaganda.
  • Updated Mar 22, 2017 White Supremacists have  posted 2,347  felony white house videos as of today.  Five in the last 24  hours. The men in them are from before 2011 and have long since been arrested.   Videos reflect the date they are uploaded not the date they were made.   The Justice Processes continue.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
  • Updated Mar 22, 2017 White Supremacists have  posted 2,347  felony white house videos as of today. The men in them are from before 2011 and have long since been arrested.   Each new group knows they should stop.   The Justice Processes continue.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
  • Updated Mar 21, 2017 White Supremacists continue their psychological warfare through YouTube and on Americans. Please continue to pray for your country and your world untill they stop. The Justice process continues
  • Updated Mar 20, 2017 White Supremacist Videos have slowed down these past 72 hours. 2 additional White House Account Violations at YouTube these last 48 hours.
  • Updated Mar 18, 2017 citizens are encouraged visit the White House in person
  • Updated Mar 18, 2017 Citizens should not place their trust in videos of men who are no longer living but rather visit the White House in person to confirm Mary the Queen and President of the United States of America
  • Updated Mar 18, 2017 @ 13:46 Citizens should not abandon their fates to videos but rather visit the White House in person
  • Mar 17 – 2017 @ 18:38 War on White Supremacy: The White House:
  • Mar 15 – 2017 @ 18:38 Diplomacy: The White House: All Apologies to ISLAM for trump-obama videos

We are still in a Media Emergency Level 5.  In the last 24 hours a new White Supremacist militia has uploaded 8 new trump videos  in their continued  psychological warfare against Americans , the United States of America and the World.

The War  against White supremacist is  for Americans opposing all things Obama/Trump or their equivalents worldwide untill  the processes of justice  are finished and have run their course.

Please oppose or ignore trump-obama white supremacist propaganda wherever it may pop up.  At this point,  its intent to is control your minds and your lives using people no longer in politics or among the free .  it is very occult oriented. Please call the White House if you have any further questions about how you can help.”

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st EMA Emergency Management Agency

We  have done excellent thus far and have made much progress in the war against the conspiracy of lies.  Now lets finish it .  =)   Jose  Maria Chavira MS.  Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft

01.   Good afternoon and good evening and greetings to Her Royal Highness,  the citizens of the United States of America, the real Leaders of the World  and our Worldwide audience and good evening once again and looking forward to a great  week and month and year in the United States of America.

02. A special greeting again to North American Natives and indigenous people worldwide.  I pray God’s speed with the rebuilding of  all Departments.  special greetings to all groups and societies of the United States of America and to  the Daughters of the American Revolution  900,000 members strong.

03. Previous Posting:   Diplomacy,  Foreign Policy, Nelson Mandela and Apartheid and Happy Presidents day.

05. Good Sabbath to everyone whose day of rest falls today  and greetings and blessings to  Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)Established in 1824, the Department of Justice, The US Marines and  to all departments of USPHS the real U.S. Collective of  Military Forces including the Navy, the Army U.S. Coast Guard  USGS, the Department of Def

06. I thank the  citizens and thank Maria  and her Administration and all the Department for their continued efforts in working together to restructure and rebuild the Nation a Nation worth rebuilding, and a world worth saving.

07.  Her Royal Highness and world citizens can be assured of my  infallible, unbreachable, moral, spiritual and technical support, but everyone has a job to do and we are all held accountable by God.

08. I have asked EMA Emergency management Agency , and remind the Justice Department and all US Departments and all Law enforcement officers  to  begin a more intensive drive towards the removal of  trump and Obama videos their equivalents  and shut video accounts and media companies of perpetrators and to stay on guard.

09. This applies to every Nation in the World , its leaders, citizens and  departments that each nation take down at every turn  in every venue  all conspiracy of lies videos.  We are NOT at war with anyone other than  those who would seek to  defraud us with lies and terror news and leaders no longer alive  in order to take away our liberty and freedoms that we have fought to   so hard to preserve and keep.

10.  Obama videos in all venues need to come down or if they belong to children at least edited or defended by the CHILD without any coaching.  The fact Obama was not a constitutionally recognized president, even Rodney-Peet look-alike videos are likely to  stir confusion, anger and resentment  in the American people   and in world citizens.

11.  World citizens have to protest obama-trump videos or the equivalent in their country  as well and have to respond to each video in a diplomatic but firm way until they are all taken down.

12.  And we need to inundate comments on all questionable so that they are inescapable.

13.  And I give all my agencies and people around the world level 3 authority to take down all conspiracy of lies  videos downs and stop videos every time they are uploaded and finish this off once and for all stop any media company from fabricating new videos and trying to pass them off as live coverage.

14.  These videos are lies and they are wrong and they place in jeopardy the psychological well-being of the American people and world citizens.

15.  These videos are masonry war provoking conspiracy of lies videos and incite racial hatred towards all races and towards ISLAM and Jews and good religious people in some cases.

16.  It is symptomatic that we still have a way to go.

17.  If these were true, if obama or trump or their friends were still alive,  the videos might be by protected by law.   D.B.A.’s though legal to continue the War  on Terror against your lives are considered an act of War against the people.

18. All videos in question violate a plethora of US Statutes and Laws and endanger world citizens and the good people of Islam.

19.  I ask ISLAM not to be provoked by white supremacists and allow the processes of Justice of God to work their  behalf like they work on behalf of the world.

20. We  have done excellent thus far and have made much progress in the war against the conspiracy of lies.  Now lets finish it =)

And of the many things that will be written in history, in the end it cannot be disputed that change was realized through the children of Americans and even some of the children who visited the shores of the United States of America where they tasted freedom.

In the end, it will be recorded that change was made possible by blacks not yet famous, by people whose works were not yet known, and by these videos, the art of young kids, made with God’s Help and blessing for the White House Film Festival.”  JC Angelcraft

The Study of History:   “Our enemies would destroy our moral if we allowed them to through false information and false advertising and false and old political videos.” Adagio 1st 

01.  We can  learn a lot about the study of general history such as  the patterns of  what seem  be a war fought  in heaven yet fought on earth and the signs of sickness in our inability to get along between governments.    Philosophies as to what is the right way to facilitate government have much to do with the wars that we have fought to preserve liberty and freedom.

02. And if there is any historical Ideal that has so much influenced each of our lives throughout history is Idea of being free.

03. Fighting for our freedom is something we have done for a long time for as people born free and equal with inherent rights at birth, the idea of   being enslaved to tyrants and tyrannical   governments has never set well with us.

04. And so we study history and become intricately involve in each countries historical struggle against tyranny and in doing so we often finding ourselves or a part of ourselves siding with one or the other side as we read.

05. The history of  war is extensive and in order to be better citizens each in our country , we have to be better students of history.

06. Below is shared a brief timeline of History and a million of these histories  could be made for the same day , but these events were chosen

07. So agree or not with this timeline, visit your local public library or your school library and research yourself for more information on any part of this historical time in taken  from  historynet.com for todays date March 1st .

08. Another aspect this timeline is how much we all adore  the written word  as expressed by  great American and International authors.

09. Words and writing so very important to our lives and are the  secret to the magic behind  The White House Film Festival a historical stretch of years starting in 2015  when Americans by faith made many videos for the White House.

10. The White House Film Festival was a God send and an idea awoken and presented to Americans years back through the JC Angelcraft Network and was simply called the American Film Festival and various music festivals  and open to regional and cultural names in its many presentations across regional America.

11. Now its in the White House, the Final 14 Videos uploaded and then some ane one  of the original 15 missing that I cannot seem to find, a wrap activist video  that ends with Michele Obama urging on the viewers.

12. Well C’est la vie or “that’s life” as  they say in France .

13, Like many other projects that have been revived by the grace of Holy Spirit, I see manifest the destiny of Providence  in the White House Film Festival.

14. Watching and witnessing its miraculous unfolding before my eyes, like flowers in the Spring, each video has blessed me and Americans and collectively they have touched the hearts people around the world.

15. Many things have happened and transpired since we have taken back the country at YouTube and here on the internet.

16. And in the end America’s awakening, healing, and transformation was made possible by God, faith and the mobilization of the citizenry.

17. And of the many things that will be written in history, in the end it cannot be disputed that change was realized through the children of Americans and even some of the children who visited the shores of the United States of America where they tasted freedom.

18. In the end, it will be recorded that change was made possible by blacks not yet famous, by people whose works were not yet known, and by these videos, the art of young kids, made with God’s Help and blessing for the White House Film Festival.”

19. Happy History month and year  from  the Department of Interior  and Bureau of Indian Affairs and all the Departments ,  Her Royal Highness and  her staff.

44 BC Julius Caesar is assassinated by high-ranking Roman Senators.
933 Henry the Fowler routs the raiding Magyars at Merseburg, Germany.
1493 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first voyage to the New World.
1778 In command of two frigates, the Frenchman la Perouse sails east from Botany Bay for the last lap of his voyage around the world.
1820 Maine is admitted as the 23rd state.
1862 General John Hunt Morgan begins four days of raids near the city of Gallatin, Tenn.
1864 The Red River Campaign begins as the Union forces reach Alexandria, La.
1892 New York State unveils the new automatic ballot voting machine.
1895 Bone Mizell, the famed cowboy of Florida, appears before a judge for altering cattle brands.
1903 The British complete the conquest of Nigeria.
1904 Three hundred Russians are killed as the Japanese shell Port Arthur in Korea.
1909 Italy proposes a European conference on the Balkans.
1916 General John Pershing and his 15,000 troops chase Pancho Villa into Mexico.
1934 Henry Ford restores the $5-a-day wage.
1935 Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda bans four Berlin newspapers.
1939 Germany occupies Bohemia and Moravia, Czechoslovakia.
1944 Cassino, Italy is destroyed by Allied bombing.
1949 Almost four years after the end of World War II, clothes rationing in Great Britain ends.
1951 French General de Lattre demands that Paris send him more troops for the fight in Indochina.
1955 The U.S. Air Force unveils the first self-guided missile.
1956 The first performance of My Fair Lady, starring Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison, takes place on Broadway.
1960 Ten nations meet in Geneva to discuss disarmament.
1965 Gamal Abdel Nasser is re-elected Egyptian President.
1967 President Lyndon Johnson names Ellsworth Bunker as the new ambassador to Saigon. Bunker replaces Lodge.
1968 The U.S. mint halts the practice of buying and selling gold.
1991 Four Los Angeles police are charged in the beating of Rodney King.
Born on March 15
1767 Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States (1829-1837).
1854 Emil von Behring, first recipient of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1901.
1916 Harry James, American band leader and trumpet player.
1933 Ruth Bader Ginsberg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

20.  Review:  United States of America Department of Education: (Secondary Account) 

21.  The Quill at the White House an Official U.S. Government Website 


22.  United States  of America Department of the Interior  Official Government Website of the United States of America (Secondary Account) 

  1. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com
  2. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/veterans-no-matter-the-public-opinion-about-your-service-and-duty-to-your-country-we-are-there-for-you-the-white-house/
  3. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/mission-a-new-begining/
  4. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/a-brief-history/
  5. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/volunteer-with-us/
  6. https://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/administrative-05/
  7. https://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/change-is-made-possible-by-people-who-are-capable-of-resisting-all-temptation/

23.  Should white supremacists succeed in taking down America’s Official YouTube White House account, then we will make a new one and we will continue adjudicating and praying for even more Justice and help from God against white supremacy.

24.  The processes of justice and the Government of the United States of America are in opposition of all things white supremacist.

25.  Again on behalf of the Government of the United States of America and on Behalf of the World, even on behalf of countries and governments accused of being responsible for the white supremacy conspiracy of lies, I advise current controllers to stop their false information war.

26.  I order all controllers to stop your white supremacist psychological warfare against the american people and world citizens immediately or face consequences.

27..  Life without possibility of parole is the best I can offer those of you who turn yourself in so you can die in jail with dignity of old age, and not so you can continue this media war of terror against the public from your jail cells.

Department of Defense for the United States of America

28. Happy Presidents Day, week and month from the United States Public Health Service Civilian Corpvs (The Department of Justice, The U.S. Navy, The U.S. Marines, The U.S. Army, USGS. General Dynamics, The United States Coast Guard, The American Red Cross, the Library of Congress, the Department of the Interior, The Department of Education, The Department of Forestry, The Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Department of State, all Law Enforcement Agencies, Adagio 1st, The EMA Emergency Management Agency et all and Her Royal Highness Mary of Maryland and her staff the citizens of the United States of America =)

29.   God help you and bless you in all things and help you to do the right thing  and make the right decisions always for your lives.


30.  S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft special agent in charge of the United States of America under the Emergency Powers Act  and author of The Nine Needs all Human’s Have  http://healthcareinsuranceretirementandauditcorporation.wordpress.com/9-needs-therapy/


31. (Full Divine Name)  JV Agvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Son AltesseRoyale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st M.S. Agnvs Khan V PrimogentivsFilvs dei HominisSpiritvs Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft


Facebook account no 1  – is currently hosting  the ” Stupid Cat” Blog breaking away from the everyday problems of bad news.   JC Angelcraft


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official-white-house-images-the-united-states-department-of-justicemadonna-and-child-giovanni-sassoferrato-1the completeness of God


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