Updated Saturday (February 18, 2017 @ 16:45:03) Psychological warfare uses media and technology to lie to you and psychologically exhaust you and keep you from contacting any person or organization who can help you learn the truth.

U.S. Department of Education Seal

Updated:  (February 18, 2017 @ 16:45:03)

01. Greetings to all departments, USPHS Military and Law Enforcement. Greetings to Her Royal Highness Queen Mary, the citizens of the United States of America and our Worldwide audience and good evening.

02.  Please be patient a nd look to the new U.S.  News and World Report for  news  about education, the arts music and topics that are safe  to  chronicle during this level 5 media emergency.

The new US News and World Report  http://usnewsandworldreport.wordpress.com/

03.  The reason, I regularly write about very old business is that daily new people are discovering real government here at the new official website representing the United States of America,  a real active and caring voice for Americans and world citizens.   Please to understand that daily  I have to  assume many things such as  everyone is not well informed  about the media crisis and the false election that just occured in the United States of American through media lies and conspiracies of lies.   My assumptions are based on   the collection and gathering  of intelligence that translates to many  citizens around the world are not aware that there country has suffered or is suffering  a severe media crisis . 

04.  Every day I have to assume a new set of readers has come on board and do  my best to get them caught up and get them in touch with real leaders in the white house or in their local government and law enforcement  that are their to help guide them through the process of healing and  reflecting that the past 5 years of their political media lives  has counted for  little, but try not worry as  videos  cannot launch any missles, deport people  or conduct war.

05.  Review:  United States of America Department of Education:


JC Angelcraft  14 days of Valentine

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The Quill at the White House an Official U.S. Government Website  


United States  of America Department of the Interior  Official Government Website of the United States of America 

  1. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com
  2. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/veterans-no-matter-the-public-opinion-about-your-service-and-duty-to-your-country-we-are-there-for-you-the-white-house/
  3. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/mission-a-new-begining/
  4. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/a-brief-history/
  5. http://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/volunteer-with-us/
  6. https://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/administrative-05/
  7. https://unitedstatesofamericadepartmentoftheinterior.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/change-is-made-possible-by-people-who-are-capable-of-resisting-all-temptation/


01. Greetings to the US Marines and  to all departments of USPHS The Real US Collective of  Military Forces including the Navy, the Army and US Coast Guard  USGS, the Justice Department  and Law Enforcement.   Greetings to Her Royal Highness, the citizens of the United States of America, the real Leaders of the World  and our Worldwide audience and good evening once again.


02.  It troubles me to have to educate and warn Americans and the world audience in  the areas of tradecraft spycraft or  statecraft  the old methods masons used  to control  each country through the media.    We should have left using lies and false media at the begining of 2012, when the world  militia governments were placed in checkmate after  all thei big name Mason Political and Industrial leaders all over the world were taken from them.

03.  Citizens are not used to being warned or trained in how to protect themselves from Mason type of false government by lies and conspiracies of lies so you can understand my reluctancy, but the trust of citizens has been severely damaged by this media war against them and I ask the support of  my  militaries and USPHS ‘s  and  their equivilants around the world for their support and to be active in explaining to the public the reality of tradecraft, its role in history and how it has been used against them  to believe  in political events that have not occurred and to believe in mason men who are not alive.  

04.  Thus with great care and  concern I shall repeat what I have taught to some small extent these past 5 years to the public with the help of the Holy Spirit .

05.  Psychological warfare uses media and technology to lie to you, make you feel good,  keep you off guard,   psychologically exhaust you, terrorize you, keep  despondent, stressed, strung along with and without hope  and is used to keep you from contacting any person or organization who can help you learn the truth or used to falsely represent government and law enforcement  and fraudulently to answer your questions and keep up control of your lives pretending to be people and organizations that they are not by directing your phone calls to their answering services.

06.   Psychological warfare can  change strategies at any moment and play the good guys, but in psychological warfare at its worst and in the worse case scenario ,  the enemy  has total control of phones, radio, media and even satellite and your minds through technology and an array of crafts that include but not limited to  witchcraft, demonology, jewish mysticism, wizardry, sorcery, Cabala, Kabbalah Cabal et all.

07.  Psychological warfare is religious in nature and a packaged deal used against the citizenry in an attempt to wrest financial and political control of the world in the absence of its former leaders. 

08.  Psychological warfare   was and is used regularly by the religious political group of men known as the masons or their supporters whose central control is white supremacist oriented.

09-   White supremacist once  controlled the world with religious  illusions and Satanism  and inflicted as much damage as their free will and wizardry could inflict on the earth and minds of humans around the world murdering millions to set off their spells and sorcery dabbling in demon possession and the occult in the same way white supremacists of World War I and World War II did in private and secret settings  together with concentration camps around europe and formal huma sacrfices  in their SS Nazi secret society.

10.  In this third epoch,  the epoch of G20 Economic Summit they managed through United Nations to  get  United Nations mason politicians from first second and  third world countries to agree and to accept selective wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and massive human sacrifices and the religious trafficking of drugs and ceremonial killing of children through the White Supremacist Fraternal  Idol known as Der Moloch in various secret venues and Bohemian Groves set up all over the world just for this very thing.

11.  Nothing new right? so why  does the world still seem upside down to me?   Because  we need to finish this media war and blitzkrieg of lies  being waged against us  and against me personally and  all of my businesses foundations and banks around the world that by the grace of Holy Spirit, we keep the world financially stable and solvent and not so that white supremacists can take the credit for it to keep their media conspiracy of lies alive,

12,  White supremacist  philosophy is subtly related in literature, music and movies such and has progressed in educational circles and secret societies now for quite some time, but their needs to be trainers to expound on the material and if there no trainers or explanations people could watch or listen to the opera Cry of Valkyries and walk away unaffected.   White supremacy is or was  tied to Greek Fraternal life from which they used to recruit students  and used International Loyalty to Greek Fraternal lore and religious idol worshipping beliefs to get people young and old to turn against the basic and finer principles of Holiness and Providence  that initially founded during different times in history the best part  of their countries.  White supremacist are known to deny people around the world many of their constitutional rights.

13.   The slow methodical extermination of  unwanted and ethnic people populations with popular genetic trends is the goal of white supremacists.

14.  The  Ideal white supremacist goal used to be  a white skinned, blonde haired  blue-eyed race.

15.  An estimation using terms and models of  Physical  Anthropology  estimates the white supremacist ideal to say only  25%  of the population.

16.  Naturally by default and by the  majority number of people who do not fit  the White Supremacist  Aryan genetic statistical probability chart,  has forced white supremacists to be more inclusive of other whites and thus they have had  to alter their specifications  of an Ideal Aryan race that they hope to dominate the world  one day, and by no means have they recanted their philosophy of Aryan supremacy and world domination

17.  White supremacists  pretend to care about the colored and beautiful people,  but in the past,  Ebola Virus and all sorts of strategies invented in secret and national Labs created biological warfare so emmense  that is to complicated for me to explain to citizens, but I can assure you now that God has everything under control.

18.  Those of us who have studied Psychical anthropology know brown eyes and dominant characteristic  alleles  and all physical characteristics counter to white supremacist Ideals dominate and form 75 percent of the humans that true white supremacists would consider undesirables. 

19. The Human Genome project at one point in history was an intellectual quest by white supremacists who within the structure of the study had secret discussions about matters other than the origins the human race and had no choice but accept that the conclusions of the study were not going to support their plans for racial supremacy and only long-term slow extermination of unqualified humans through bio-terrorism and gradual invasions of countries using many strategies  became the new strategy of  Mason white supremacists religious idol worshipping politicians.

20.    White supremacists are now using both hard and soft Psychological warfare now to stay alive and continue to gain acceptance  among  the major populations.  Their strategy is to keep white supremacy as a philosophy alive and they have no intentions in backing off.  They are a world militia who daily lose leaders and soldiers to the processes of Justice.

21.  In recent history of a span of time covering 40 years 1979-2010    you see their resolve and their patients and using  only  one example of how methodical, murderous  and vicious they are when allowed to run wild   in a free will world.

22.  Very disciplined and determined White Supremacist  took their busted up 1979 Guatemala genocide operation and moved it up to Chiapas Mexico  just across the border and operated without impunity under the guise of the Zapatista Freedom Fighters who operated using  genocide  without Impunity over 18 years that is 3 six-year Mexican presidential terms that finally ended in 2010, but not in the conspiracy of lies news  where a now dead  Subcomandante Marcos is hailed as the  HERO of Mexico and its future leader.  The formation of the Zapatistas under Marcos was  a subplot and a contingency in the event the people of Mexico overan their presidency a very real possibility predicted by white supremacist generals and mason leaders based on real events in Mexico the thousands of people who protested in Mexico City only to be repressed by militaries of the past loyal to white supremacist countries through their presidencies.

AP Photograph of The violence in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero

23.  Mexican presidents and many in the Mexican Government very aware of the exterminations which were not just limited to Chiapas and children and human sacrifices being committed by Government and even citizens Mexico’s crime families  all over the country of Mexico  in agreement with Mexican Government who together used Mexican Satanism human sacrfices  to protect the illegal drug trade together with government .

24.  They used the war on drugs to take control of illegal drugs and exterminate even more mexicans americans and people around the world pretending to be the masked heroes of the world .

25. But the  Greatest of lies where Mason white supremacists bombing of the World Trade center and  carefully blaming Islam for this act that was  a technically proficient  act  of terrorism  10 years  in Planning and that required security access to the buildings interior support columns to effect a perfect burn and  implosion effect  by  carefully placed explosives  on the support beams of the Interior columns of the buildings bombs that were set off by remote control and the burning of airplanes fuel used to set off paint  designed also to serve as a primer .

26. Now  despite all my past warnings,  I have witnessed a digital presidency pulled off in the United States of a America  by the same types white supremacist people  following in the steps of the those white supremacist men responsible for the trade center bombings.  I have seen    other symptoms  and have much evidence of even a greater  physical and psychological media offensive against the United States of America  that has been in operation and that has  over time  woke me up to and even greater resolve and woke up many people around the world and I pray to my side of this discussion that white supremacy must  be  challenged and defeated.

27.   In Mexico I can understand as white supremacist have been in control of Mexico for a long time,  but who would dare attack the greatest and one of the smartest wartime readiness nations on the planet and think they could get away with it. for long if not now a very lower educated type of white supremacist male using the videos and media of past white supremacist leaders and  intellectuals and adminsitrations long since defeated and brought to justice,   

28.   Also who would dare continue to attack a tight closed knit China  that has very tight national controls, but  a White supremacists a people who truly care nothing for China Korea or Japan  because white supremacist  have  no god, no future or no hope., and only false Christianity and great hypocrisy –

29.  Thou shaltnot lie to the people ( thou shalt not bear false witness), thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not have any other gods before Me and these supposed white supremacists  dare to call themselves Christians,

30. The end goals of white supremacy  are always to horrific to believe or even  understand.

31.  Political survivors are now trying to keep their philosophy alive and get sympathy  for religious white supremacy from people seeing their political and physical demise, but thank heaven that God is  in charge of the processes of justice.

32.  All thanks to God, the day and hour and the minute we started to resist the obama-trump hoax, became the day and hour of the beginning of a great deliverance and the answer to the prayers of the saints who had themselves to get past the heresy of Frances another white supremacist stronghold against the Catholics of the world and yet another thing for me to write about and look like the bad guy.

33.  Now we have moved past the Heresy and the hoax of trump-obama media psychological warfare that since 2011-2012 and earlier has been a very carefully crafted and contrived media effort by White supremacists who managed to convince many people by video and radio  craft that they were still militarily powerful,  me knowing better.

34.  I hoped and prayed  my strength would transcend on to the world sooner than it did and having no contact with anyone of importance in the world back then having  to believe by faith that people where stronger than they were.

35.  Finally and thank God people started  resisting the video lies no matter how much white supremacist  inundated the airwaves and cables and video and internet  sites  of the world.

36.  And finally by the grace of God and miracles signs and wonders things began to change and  we are  now in the end game, but we must not let down our guards.

37.  We still have to control what enters into our eyes and ears and we must be careful of our tongues that we do not perpetuate the conspiracy of lies any longer than we should through absent-mindedness or by accident or by the continuance of mentioning the names of the dead as  if they were still alive, and refrain from conversation from people who tactically want to engage us  in accepting  the  lies of white supremacy.

38.  Raw File: Ohio State to address food security in the U S
Published 14 april 2016 by 0hio State University to address food security in the U.S.

39.  notes about the Ohio State Video.

40.  At the time the Ohio State video was made people worshipped this digital  black man as a president who was not even alive or even a citizen when he lived and many americans were caused to admire a false digital administration that kept changing hands  through groups getting processed through the justice and providence of God.

41.  White supremacy psychological warfare had America digitally and physically poor and feeling impoverished enough for Ohio  State  University to produce this commercial above and white supremacist had  Americans and others  convinced of a global food crises hoping Americans would believe in a despondency that was not as bad as it was in some third world countries of the past  like Guatemala and Cambodia where large groups of people lived in trash dumps which is where they found their food and necessities of life.

42.  In 2016 There was poor communication between states and people trusted to much and believed in the obama-white supremacy video campagne.

43. This time the processes of justice was in effect like today and now USPHS Civilian Corpse (the US Military) is born again as is America.

44. There is no food shortage and if you cannot reach the White House by Phone pray for help in Jesus Name and results you will get,

45.  This Ohio State Video is so very analytically important to the media holocaust that we are still coming out of.

46.  From here,  the white supremacist news agenda according to my intelligence follows a script where digital-nazi-trump provokes a war with Islam, massive deportations start and concentration camps war and famine videos flood media channels under some Nazi leader using digital trump as a way to destroy the hopes of Americans and continue the psychological and terror invasion of the United States of America.

47. This Ohio State video is a reflection of the near total catastrophe Humans almost suffered and a sign of the times and marker of a time period that will stay etched inside the minds of Americans for years to come –

48.  Again my committment to this world is to tell citizens the truth and to facilitate the processes of justice so that the world can move on.   Please do not work against me or your country just for your irregular  racist political beliefs  for like it or not you will in your next life find yourself living and loving life living in a race or a country that today you hate.  Such is  humor of the gods as one might say,

49. God help you and bless you in all things and help you to do the right thing  and make the right decisions always for your lives.


50. JV Agvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Son AltesseRoyale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st M.S. Agnvs Khan V PrimogentivsFilvs dei HominisSpiritvs Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft



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