Joe Biden died in 2010: Library of Congress website has been added to the concerned citizens watchlist.

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01. Ave Verum Corpus a body of evidence and a body of justice

02. The following websites contain matter that can be harmful to American voters.  Please do not visit them even if they look harmless.

The Autonomous Voting Theocracy and Monarchy of Utah - Brigham Young BYU University Cheerleaders
The Autonomous Voting Theocracy and Monarchy of Utah – Brigham Young BYU University Cheerleaders

Updated July 29th 2016

These websites below are not in the best interests of Americans. Avoid these websites and any website on the regular web that shows old world news at all costs.

As of July 24th 2016

  1. .us crimes against the state 1407 felony counts
  2. 407 felony counts and counting
  3. 1407 felony counts and counting
  4.  1407 felony accounts and counting
  5. 1407 felony accounts and counting
  6. 1407 felony counts and counting
  7. 1407 felony counts and counting
  8.  1407 felony counts and counting
  9.  1407 felony counts and counting
  12.  several thousands of Felony Counts. Data pick and choose information.  Presidential data and war crimes can be discerned on this website and this website contains false presidential data.   “Some” good statistics may be garnered in the CIA factbook country by country.  News about Obama even pre 2011  is not credible.
  13.   not worth looking at.  This what is now just a website was the World Allianz George Bush’s change to wrest control from the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services.  Many cases associated with with deportation still stand.  Some do need judicial review.
  14.  hundreds of felony counts and counting.  Solicites money
  15. Knights of the Order of Justice is a white supremacist website.  This Knights Order has no spiritual royal authority and has committed major crimes.
  16. 1024px-Department_of_state

The Autonomous Voting Theocracy and Monarchy of Utah - Her Royal Highness and Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Queen of Utah

Secretary of State Her Royal Highness Angie Fenimore  

Library of Congress News

Concerning the .Library of Congress:  There are 50 references referring to the late Baruch Hussein ( Heralding him as a great american hero and a key player ).

Baruch Hussein was an undocumented worker with false immigration papers that got him to Hawaii as a kid about the age of 6 as a trafficked child. The crime child traifficking by adoption  committed by his adoptive parents nullify all forged immigration documents and passports that got him to Hawaii.

However Baruch Hussein is a certifiable Mason as no US citizenship required to be a Mason and he was appointed to win the presidency because he lost the Nomination to run for the Presidency to the late Hillary Clinton – may she rest in peace.

Hillary Clinton who won the nomination was forced to take the office of Secretary of State as a consolation and to keep her mouth shut.

Joe Biden was not permitted to be president by the Masons.  He was too smart and hard to control and the former House Speaker Senator and two time presidential candidate had to be consoled with a vice presidency with no real power to affect the changes necessary to keep American Masonry in power.   

Joe Biden was United States Senator from Delaware 1973–2009 and his Campaigns for the Presidency 1988-2008 unfortunately fell against old George Bush Senior and Old CIA money.

Joe Biden. (AP) 2007 -

On September 9, 2007  two days before the Iraq commanding General David Petraeus addressed the Senate, Biden stated that, “I really respect him, and I think he’s dead flat wrong about the War in Iraq”.

He criticized the president, arguing, “This president has no plan – how to win and/or how to leave”.  This was secret critical statement made against George Bush.  The Department of defense and the CIA,

During the September 11 testimony by the General David Praeteus, Joe Biden stated that the question to be asked to determine progress was

“Are we any closer to a lasting political settlement in Iraq at the national level today than we were when the surge began eight months ago?”

The Joe Biden in his usual fashion answered his own question by stating “In my judgment, I must tell you, based on my experience and my observation here, as well as in country, the answer to. [the] questions is no.”

After the testimony concluded,  Biden and other Liberal Christians from the Democratic Party were criticized by Christian Conservatives by from a compromised Republican Party for their conduct during the deliberations.

In the following weeks Biden would continue with these arguments while campaigning without much success until his death in 2010 after going straight to the D.O.D. at the Pentagon and pleading to the Admiralty now under European Bush control to stop making the Army gay and not to allow gay men in the military because it was bad for the morale of the men.

Around that time the US Army was between 60-70% white allowing for nazi british infiltration through MI6 Language school.

After Ronald  Reagan got elected the country was under control of CIA who keep pressure on Palestine by supporting Israel and return to total Islam in Iran knowing it was comprised under the Ayatoli Komani then later Iran’s Democracy Nuclear War Mason President Abinodab.

After and even befoe the Ayatola Komani women and men of other religions suffered.  But evidence from 1983 shows an even more horrid picture of muslim Democracy.

For centuries the city of Shiraz, in southwestern Iran, has been a center of Persian poetry and intellectual life.

The very word ”Persian” comes from Parsi, the name of the region centering on Shiraz.

Human Scarfices in Islam Democracy hidden as Honor Killings and Capital Punishment

The Baha’is have been the scapegoats of Persian and then Iranian society for generations.

Donald M. Barrett, the secretary-general of the Baha’i World Center in Haifa, Israel, says 20,000 Baha’is have been killed in Iran during the last 100 years.

Since the advent of the Khomeini regime in 1979 at least 135 Baha’is, many of them spiritual leaders, have been executed.

The adherents of this relatively little-known religion seem unlikely villains.

They uphold the divine origin of all major religions, including Islam. They shun violence, abstain from partisan politics and advocate unexceptionable principles such as the ”development of good character” and the ”eradication of prejudices of race, creed, class, nationality and sex,” to quote from a recent pamphlet. Claiming adherents in 173 countries, the Baha’i faith published literature in some 600 languages and dialects.

It maintains vast domed houses of worship in Wilmette, Ill.; Frankfurt-am-Main, West Germany; Kampala, Uganda; Sydney, Australia and Panama City, Panama. Others are being built in India and Samoa.

In Iran, however, members of the mainstream faith have always been considered heretics by the factions and demoniations of Shi’ite Muslims and not by Ishamaili Muslims the voice the reason until the assination of Aga Khan V inn 1974 His Royal Highness Kareem Al-Hussayni – who Maons replaced with a genetic relative and look alike who was much taller.

There are between 300,000 and 400,000 Baha’is in Iran, according to officials of the faith.

Durring their time of persecution it was estimated that 10,000 tried to  leave the country since the revolution. For the last six months in 1983 none have been able to leave and applications for exit visas had to specify the applicant’s religion, and Baha’is are being turned down.

For this story about Bahaism’s Perecution the New York Times refrence is credible

The Seat of Universal Justice at Hafai represents today more than just Bahaism but whose archecture was established by Providence to Judge the World
The Seat of Universal Justice at Hafai represents today more than just Bahaism but whose archecture was established by Providence to Judge the World

During the Reagan years after the International Mason control group got more secretly Nazi and un-American by the day the had many other Mason Items on their Global  agenda.

In the 90’s the Euro Blasted to the top of World Currencies and Mason Tuetonic Nazis showed the world who was in control of the World’s reserve and Money.

The Year 2001 Saw the Nazi Department of Homeland Security replace the deparment of Immigration and Naturalization

The Library of Congress

The website of the Library of Congress contains news and information that conflicts with solid information of the true nature and Integrity of the Nation and has to be added regretfully as a dangerous website to Americans and International Visitors.

The website of the Library of Congress though it looks tasty, is still a concern.

Jose Maria Chavira (Joe Chavira)  Social Security Numer 547-53-2576 California I.D. C0424787 Born May 13 1964 – Special Agent in Charge by Emergency Powers  and Head of Department of Defense Department of Justice Owner of General Dynamics and all former Weapons Makers and Contractors and Contracatees of the United States of America.Jose Maria Chavira

had to added the Library of Congress Website to the list of dangerous websites, though it does contain some good information up to 1979.


All police departments and law enforcement agents beware of accreditation agencies that seek to confirm your status,  You are confirmed by God as Law Enforcement Officers and need no accreditation to be recognized. “JC Angelcraft


03. Please ask (eChoe) for information concerning politics at your local municipal, state, and national level.

04- Authorized by Providence and made manifest by miracles signs and wonders.   His Royal Highness Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Special Agent in Charge of Security, all National laboratories and Human management systems by the Emergency Powers Act for the people of the United States of America and her Royal Majesty Queen Mary and Acting President Prime Minsiter for sovereignty of the United States of America

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  15. ™Crown Aquisitiations Holdings Partners and Subsidiaries,
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  7. ™ANSΨ Angelcraft Crown Intelligence (ACIA),
  8. ™INTERPOL International Police (for recruitment only not an approved news provider see INTERPOL Boss Blog for Official News),
  9. ™INTERPOL International Police and Intelligence force Bosses Blog,
  10. ™General Dynamics Corporation ™(GD),corpvs,
  11.   AU™Angelcraft Agencia Aeronáutica, Aeroespacial y Industria General de la Corona.corpvs juntos con Dios Nuestro Espíritu Santo Nada es impossible,
  12. (ACCERN)™AngelKraft Crown Center for Energy Research  –  Building 867  –   01280 Prévessin-Moëns -France (ACCERN)™AngelKraft Crown Center for Energy Research  -Building  602 – Address: 602- Route de Meyrin 385- 1211 Meyrin, Switzerland Phone:+41 22 767 61 11
  13.  ™Angelcraft Crown Architectural Corporation ™(ArCh).corpvs is such an important mega-congolmerate and regulatory agency


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