Biography Notes – His Royal Highness General George Washington the First Sovereign of the Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America

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His Royal Highness General George Washington the First Sovereign of the Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America
His Royal Highness General George Washington the First Sovereign of the Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America Born: February 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States Died: December 14, 1799, Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States

Journal Reference  this journal spans the ages of  Sir George Washington from the ages 16 through the age of 27 years old.

 His Royal Highness General George Washington the First Sovereign of the Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America  continuance of the renaissance and establishment of the United States of America Born: February 22, 1732

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  2. Please take notice of the different spellings of common everyday words that occur in the original transcriptions of his original writings most likely human error.  They have been corrected here for your edification – the Department of State.
  3. The Personal Writings of His Royal Highness General George Washington the boy who would become the first Sovereign of the Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America.
  4. This is an entry from the journal.  This entry is finds Sir George Washington a British subject at the tender age of 16 years of age when he wrote it.  Considering the still yet salvage conditions of education for its time despite being a British colony.  His writing is exceptional for such a young age of 16 under an educational system in its infancy.  

1748 JOURNAL OF A SURVEY, 1748.1

Friday, March 11th, 1747/8. Began my Journey in company with George Fairfax, Esq.; we travell’d this day 40 miles to Mr. George Neavels in Prince William County.

Saturday, March 12th. This Morning Mr. James Gen, ye surveyor, came to us; we travell’d over ye Blue Ridge to Capt. Ashby’s on Shenandoah River. Nothing remarkable happen’d.

Sunday, March 13. Rode to his Lordship’s Quarter about 4 miles higher up ye river. We went through most beautiful Groves of Sugar Trees, & spent ye last part of ye Day in admiring ye Trees & richness of ye Land.

Monday 14th. We sent our baggage to Capt. Hites (near Frederick Town) went ourselves down ye River about 16 miles to Capt. Isaac Pennington’s (the Land exceeding rich and fertile all ye way—produces abundance of Grain, Hemp, Tobacco, &c.) in order to lay of[f] some Land on Cates Marsh & Long Marsh.

Tuesday 15th. We set out early with intent to run round ye sd. Land, but being taken in a rain, & it increasing very fast obliged us to return. It clearing about one o’clock & our time being too Precious to lose, we a second time ventured out & worked hard till night, then returned to Pennington’s. We got our suppers & was Lighted into a Room & I not being so good a woodsman as ye rest of my company, striped myself very orderly and went into ye Bed, as they called it, when to my surprise, I found it to be nothing but a little straw matted together without sheets or any thing else, but only one thread bear blanket with double its weight of vermin, such as Lice, Fleas, &c. I was glad to get up (as soon as ye Light was carried from us.) I put on my cloths & lay as my companions. Had we not been very tired, I am sure we should not have slep’d much that night. I made a Promise not to sleep so from that time forward, chusing rather to sleep in ye open air before a fire, as will appear hereafter.

Wednesday 16th. We set out early & finish’d about one o’clock & then Travelled up to Frederick Town, where our Baggage came to us. We cleaned ourselves (to get Rid of ye Game we had catched ye night before). I took a Review of ye Town & then return’d to our Lodgings where we had a good Dinner prepared for us. Wine & Rum Punch in plenty, & a good Feather Bed with clean sheets, which was a very agreeable regale.

Thursday 17th. Rain’d till ten o’clock & then clearing we reached as far as Major Campbell’s, one of their Burgesses about 25 miles from Town. Nothing remarkable this day nor night, but that we had a Tolerable good Bed [to] lay on.

Friday 18th. We Travell’d up about 35 miles to Thomas Barnwickes, on Potomac, where we found ye River so excessively high by reason of ye great Rains that had fallen up about ye Allegany Mountains, as they told us, which was then bringing down ye melted snow & that it would not be fordable for several Days. It was then about six-foot higher than usual & was rising. We agreed to stay till Monday. We this day called to see ye Fam’d Warm [3] Springs. We camped out in ye field this night. Nothing remarkable happened till Sunday ye 20th.

Sunday 20th. Finding ye river not much abated we in ye evening swam our horses over and carried them to Charles Polks in Maryland, for pasturage till ye next Morning.

Monday 21st. We went over in a Canoe and Travelled up Maryland side all ye Day in a continued Rain to Col. Cresaps, right against ye mouth of ye South Branch, about 40 miles from Polks, I believe ye worst road than ever was trod by Man or Beast.

Tuesday 22d. Continued Rain and ye Freshes kept us at Cresaps.

Wednesday, 23d. Rained till about two o’clock & cleard, when we were agreeably surprised at ye sight of thirty odd Indians coming from war with only one scalp. We had some Liquor with Us of which we gave them Part, it elevating their spirits, put them in ye humor of dancing, of whom we had a War dance. Their manner of dancing is as follows, viz.:  ( Like a Pow-wow)They clear a Large Circle & make a great Fire in ye middle.

Men seats themselves around it. Ye speaker makes a grand speech, telling them in what manner they are to dance. After he has finished ye best dancer jumps up as one awaked out of a sleep, & Runs & Jumps about ye Ring in a most comical manner. He is followed by ye Rest. Then begins there musicians to Play. Ye musick is a Pot half full of water, with a Deerskin stretched over it as tight as it can, & a gourd with some shot in it to rattle & a Piece of an horse’s tail tied to it to make it look fine. Ye one keeps rattling & ye others drumming all ye while ye others is dancing.

Friday, 25th, 1748. Nothing remarkable on thursday, but only being with ye Indians all day. So shall slip it. This day left Cresaps & went up to ye mouth of Paterson’s Creek, & there swum our horses over, got over ourselves in a canoe & travelled up ye following part of ye Day to Abram Johnstone, 15 miles from ye mouth, where we camped.


Saturday, 26. Travell’d up ye creek to Solomon Hedges, Esq. one of his Majesty’s Justices of ye Peace for ye County of Frederick, where we camped. When we came to supper there was neither a Cloth upon ye Table nor a knife to eat with; but as good luck would have it, we had knives of our [own].

Sunday, 27th. Travell’d over to ye South Branch, attended with ye Esqr. to Henry Van Metriss, in order to go about Intended work of Lots.

Monday, 28th. Travell’d up ye Branch about 30 miles to Mr. James Rutlidges Horse Jockey, & about 70 miles from ye mouth.

Tuesday, 29th. This Morning went out & surveyd. five hundred acres of Land, and went down to one Michael Stumpe on ye So. Fork of ye Branch. On our way shot two wild Turkey.

Wednesday, 30th. This Morning began our Intended business of Laying of[f] Lots. We began at ye Boundary Line of ye Northern 10 miles above Stumps, & run of[f] two Lots, & return’d to Stumps.

Thursday, 31st. Early this Morning one of our men went out with ye gun, & soon returned with two wild Turkey. We then went to our business run of[f] three lots, & returned to our camping place at Stumps.

Friday, April ye 1st, 1748. This Morning shot twice at wild Turkey, but killed none. Run of[f] three Lots & returned to camp.

Saturday, April 2nd. Last night was a blowing rainy night. Our straw catch’d a Fire, yt. we were laying upon. I was luckily preserved by one of our Men’s awaking when it was in a [1]. We run of[f] four lots this day which reached below Stumps.

Sunday, 3rd. Last Night was a much more blustering night than ye former. We had our tent carried quite of[f] with ye wind, and was obliged to Lie ye Latter part of ye night without covering. There came several Persons to see us this day. One of our men shot a wild Turkey.

Monday, 4th. This Morning Mr. Fairfax left us with intent to go down by ye mouth of ye Branch. We did two Lots & was attended by pilgrims a  great Company of People, men Women, & children, that attended us in the woods where they lived as we went, shewing their antics and tricks. I really think they seem to be as ignorant a set of people as the Indians. They would never speak English but when spoken to, they speak all Dutch. This day our tent was blown down by the violences of the wind.

Tuesday, 5th. We went out & did 4 Lots. We were attended by ye same Company of People, yt. we had ye day before.

Wednesday, 6th. Last night was so Intolerably smoky that we were obliged all hands to leave ye Tent to ye Mercy of ye wind & Fire. This day was attended by our adored company, up till about 12 o’clock. When we finished, we traveled down ye Branch to Henry Van Metriss. On our journey was catched in a very heavy rain. We got under a straw House until ye worst of it was over, & then continued our Journey.

Thursday, 7th. It Rained successively all last night. This morning one of our men killed a wild Turkey that weight 20 Pounds. We went & surveyed 15 Hundred acres of Land & returned to Van Metriss about 1 o’clock. About two I heard that Mr. Fairfax was come up & at 1 Peter Cassey’s, about 2 miles of[f] in ye same old field. I then took my horse & went up to see him. We eat our Dinners & walked down to Van Metris’s. We stayed about two hours & walked back again, and slept in Cassey’s House which was ye first night I had slept in a House since I came up to ye Branch.

Friday, 8th. We breakfasted at Cassey’s & rode down to Van Metris’s to get all our Company together, which when we had accomplished, we rode down below ye Trough in order to lay of Lots there. We laid of [f] one this day. [6] The Trough is couple of Ledges of Mountains, impassable, running side & side together for above 7 or 8 miles & ye River down between them. You must ride round ye back of ye Mountain for to get below them. We camped this Night in ye woods near a wild Meadow, where was a large stack of Hay. After we had Pitched our Tent & made a very large Fire, we pulled out our knapsack, in order to Recruit ourselves. Every [one] was his own cook. Our Spits was forked Sticks, our Plates was a large Chip; as for Dishes, we had none.

Saturday, 9th. Set ye Surveyors to work, whilst Mr. Fairfax & myself stayed at ye Tent. Our Provision being all exhausted & ye Person that was to bring us a Recruit disappointing us, we were obliged to go without untill we could get some from ye neighbors, which was not untill 4 or 5 o’clock in ye Evening. We then took leaves of ye Rest of our Company, road down to John Collins in order to set of [f] ye next Day homewards.

Sunday, 10th. We took our farewell of ye Branch & travelld over Hills and Mountains to Cody’s, on Great Cacapehon, about 40 miles.

Monday, 11th. We travelled from Cody’s down to Frederick Town, where we reached about 12 o’clock. We dined in Town and then went to Capt. Hites & lodged.

Tuesday, 12th.—We set of[f] from Capt. Hites in order to go over Wms. Gap, about 20 miles, and after riding about 20 miles we had 20 to go, for we had lost ourselves & got up as high as Ashby’s Bent. We did get over Wms. Gap that night, and as low as Wm. West in Fairfax County, 18 miles from ye Top of ye Ridge. This day I saw a Rattled snake, the first we had seen in all our journey.

Wednesday, ye 13th of April, 1748. Mr. Fairfax got safe home and I myself safe to my Brothers, which concludes my journal.


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