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Nuevo Leon Espíritu Santo The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of Nuevo Leon announced the seizure of supposed property of a supposed former Governor and ten former officials.

Samples of Officer Decorations
Samples of Officer Decorations and Ranks

This property was purchased prior to 2010 before the judgments began by embezzling from the coffers of Nuevo Leon.

At a press conference, the anticorruption spokesman made the announcement  eleven properties were seized.

The former official was judged of embezzlement and unlawful exercise of functions, among other charges.
The research includes 120 preliminary investigations against other former officials of past administrations.
The Crown is now the new owner of this property and many more fields where now state farmers can be subsidized to keep prices on agriculture low and increase their personal wages and earnings.
The White House Official Government website - sea-otter-floating-on-back-eating a crab
This paradigm is thus transferred onto all US Farms and presented to farmers and candidates immediately around the world  so they can live a more comfortable life style and maybe invest some of their money in Theocracy Bonds for their Theocracy or TCC The Crown Corporation.corpvs.  Vested in prayer is always the best you can be and that way everyone can “have a  piece” of the Crown Corporation and carry the spirit of goodwill and entrepreneurship with them and let the Holy Spirit do the rest in your life not wanting for nothing nor being covetous for wealth.
Theocracy and Trust Certificates are not stock and are bought through the CWB Crown World Bank full name known as Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve that earn interest and are cashed in annually 1 year from the date they are purchased.  They are a new product that double your investment.
These Theocracy Bonds are Penny Stock Certificates and regulated for reasons of fighting corruption and anarchy. Meanning you’re not going to get rich overnight on these Penny Stocks.
The White House Official Government website - Penny Stock
The White House Official Government website – Penny Stock sample picture
The minimum investment is 50.00 Dollars and the maximum investment is the equivalent of 100.00 US Dollars per household.
The First portfolio must reach an equation number for each Block offered to each Theocracy from Crown World Bank before the money goes to work.  That number is different in each Theocracy and so payment dates will vary.
The White House Official Government website - sea-otter-floating-on-back-eating-clams-michael-deyoung
Once the Folio is complete it is stamped with the date and the money is used like a Block and entered into use under the terms that it was brought and with an agreed guaranteed interest rate paid.  The no cancellation of the certificate is acceptable as 100 dollars or even 50 Dollars is a very small investment that is going to return to you twice your investment one year from the date your block is completed and vested.
This worldwide program is yet another program that is unprecedented in history and is applied worldwide and offered worldwide differently to each citizen based on their tax record past and ability to work and in some cases their psychological evaluations made invalid by HEIRO’s assessment of each assessment based on intentional anarchy groups motivating citizens not to work,  but their welfare checks remain so they can continue in Therapy with hope of motivation with more incentive to get themselves as  citizens working either inside or outside of the most modern and purposeful prison facilities ever known.  Moreover,  anarchy and welfare initiated by past US administrations and general  world anarchy do not fit into the plan that God has for us.
The Theocracy Trust Certificate Penny Stock Block’s are different to certain countries especially those whose citizens have been kept regionally poor by the understood by-laws of former murderous mason presidents of the United States of America whose job was to insure death venues, 50 serial killers or one per each state working continually and poor states being kept poor continually such as the southern Bible Belt in the 90s —when I became aware of it — Bible Belt Christians saw the effects of lobbyists in congress, corruption and favoritism to states by tax incentives for corporations to operate in certain states like the state of Washington.
I realized at one point that the State of Washington had no corporate tax to allure large corporations to them an stimulate their economy something that should be applied and ratified across all fifty states despite the logistics and demographics to show Goodwill even to the farmer and the small business.
In the state of Washington where I lived and worked for quite sometime to solve an important criminal case in Seattle quietly and stealthfully allowing Investigators a massive amount of clues to close the case and get the credit and I continue working.
The State of Washington is headquarters – to my company Microsoft a large and extensive Microsoft Compound where project X was worked out of a trailer separate from but snuggled next to the buildings of Microsoft.
Microsoft was established a major corporate presence their because of better corporate state tax laws manipulated to favor certain states and to insure the bible belt and possibly other states such as Nebraska and other areas are kept poor –  generally speaking – to take advantage of human life.
 My travels across the United States allowed me to see very few High rise buildings and the presence of major traffic in the capitals of certain states especially Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City, but New York Citym Chicago and even Washington D.C. was everything I expected and even more.  And Atlanta’s population was booming while NASA Houston was a sleepy Ghost town.
And Mason facilitating cooperation with Human Trafficking,  war against Islam and Drug dealing policy after mason presidents and leaders took over the illegal drug trade, made things even worse and not even the fake presidents USC Quarterback Rodney Rete and NBA Superstar Dennis Rodman et all addressed the issue the massacres that took place in America under the hands and knives wielded by Presidents and Governor and Greek Fraternal Men including the unconstitutional President Barrack Hussein Obama and Masons around the world about information that they were vowed to take oaths of secrecy for like real US Mason male president that have not existed for a long time.
These new programs and decisions are affected by the emergency powers act in the event nothing is done or little progress made in taking down mason oriented news now known as news the conspiracy of lies by a preponderance of evidence that means news that does not tell the truth and news that fattens you up for the kill to defeat your hope of a better world.
This is done in agreement with US anti-corruption policy under Holy Spirit Theocratic consitutional authority weilded by myself in agreement with the Queen Mary (Maria Ramirez Chavira)
This means that there are still people in this world that do not know how to govern themselves nor guide any self determine group of people toward a life of decadence and socialist policy now that perfect social programs and social medicine and free health care has been achieved by the grace and power of our tender kind Holy Spirit and for Americans subsidized through the White House by agreement with Money from TCC The Crown Corporation and Queen Mary (Maria Ramirez Chavira) acting president of the United States of America untill matters of judgment and all the lies about dead American Presidents and false elections and all corporate lies and general lies are taken off the Internet and removed also from all American media and are not dispersed worldwide as news.
Lies defeat all election policy so appoinments of people of good character who will make sure to do the right thing and lies and news carried on anything about the white house is read here voiding all US News as lies daily one lie in any US News media voids the whole.  This is a rule of thumb for all Theocracies.
(eChoe) is reliable and (eChoe) where it was not made available based on bad will and not following what is right that would be in an emergency world situation its worldwide distribution even free for that matter and this is why Miracles Signs and Wonders are needed to once again re-establish a world uniquely by Providence and made evident by Manifest Destiny Miracles Signs and Wonders.
AI Angelcraft Crown Business Corporation and Media Group and TCC The Crown Corporation have took emergency measures by prayer and supplication to make sure the people get right information with or without (eChoe) and knowing our tender Holy Spirit the ruler of our feelings the knower our emotions and the all Knowing will pull through for us.
Sleeping Sea Otters, Enhydra lutris, holding hands, British Columbia, Canada
Sleeping Sea Otters, Enhydra lutris, holding hands, British Columbia, Canada
Decadence and Nazi German Socialist party sexual values are also rejected that once were shared in common by Germans,  Americans,  and other nations through Masonry and were sexual values that saw religious Mason offerings of dead Children to Moloch in political religious human sacrifice ceremonies that are in the Bible and that have occurred since the book of Genesis.
Official White House Website - Autnomous Voting Theocratic Monarchy and Sovereingty of The United States of America - Los Angeles Autnomous Royal Republic of California
Official White House Website – autonomous Voting Theocratic Monarchy and sovereignty of The United States of America – Los Angeles in autonomous Royal Republic of California
Elections and Education
Why elections have been canceled are just because too many lies come before my eyes daily by a preponderance of the evidence.
To start off in every Theocracy positions that were formally up for election are by Royal Appointment of the Holy Spirit and myself as has been the adminsitrative case until the administrators fail in some aspect required of them and usually it has to do with failing to make communication or contact with me the World Crown.
The Only elected official will now most likely be the office of the Vice President by appointment to be turned into the office of the President where she shares the Office and cabinet administration responsibilities with the Queen President Maria 7 year Term with 3 year optional term  who oversees Military Education projects to make sure Officers have SPA Sociology Psychology Anthropology Graduate degrees Doctors Level and pass a board where the Queen President, the Secretary of State by appoinment Angie Fenimore and the vice president by appointment unamed here for reasons of national security along with myself and 7 other PHD’s randomly selected for their expertise in the three fields oversee candidacy to become a General First Class.
Stars of Generals and awards with past war experience are retained in honor and passed on to next of kin should that General or Service person no longer be with us.
Example of Military Dress Accomplishments Sample of Old Irish Naval-Dress-Senior-Chief-Petty-Officer-Shoulder-Flash-924x784
Example of Military Dress Accomplishments Sample of Old Irish Naval-Dress-Senior-Chief-Petty-Officer-Shoulder-Flash-924×784
The New Star system and awards system goes into effect differently for every level of office at every level of Theocracy and different for each every Security Forces Department in every Theocracy meaning we are going to do our best to work with every theocracy according to past cultural mores and expectations that our angels would have for their Theocracy’s security forces to help protect their Autonomy.
For a Military administrative Office 1 star or its equivalent in every theocracy is given every three years upon the completion of successful service to the US Marine Naval Army or Coast Guard Corpus or each Theocracies equivalent for keeping peace inside their country and making sure they have not overstepped or caused or provoked any war feelings against Islam  or the Christian the Autonomous voting Christian Theocracy of the United States of America.
Official White House Website - Autnomous Voting Theocratic Monarchy and Sovereingty of The United States La Monde Théocratie de l'Esprit Saint et la renaissance de Jésus-Christ
 The World Crown and the Crown of each Theocracy must agree to any military action needed to diffuse any situation at its borders on land or at Sea.
New Treaties will be drafted and Signed again at Versailles that no general no Admiral or Military Officer has the power to do anything other than condition their troops as guided by the Holy Spirit in Civilian Rescue Operations, Desert Survival, simulated Tornado exercises or natural catastrophe response platoons and medical emergencies as one highly train self-trained private citizen is capable of causing a bio-terrorism act of terror on their own citizens.
All military soldiers will be highly trained in perception and reaction exercises for their own countries and in the laws of the Regulation of deadly materials, their transport and following them to the person That laboratory quality materials have been requested and assigned to and Marine and Army Special Agents for each Theocracy as Army Intelligence will rotate and report to the Queen or King of each Theocracy who will make a report to civilian’s letting them know of anything of concern has happened inside their bounderies, in a general state of the Union Address by Queen Mary (Maria Ramirez Chavira) from whom I separated from and have been for reasons I explained to her generally after my accident on the Naval Airforce military base in Irvine March 28 1996.
Each King or Queen is authorized to initiate privately funded Civilian Parliaments that will order themselves by freedom of assembly despite and will be ordered to disseminate information and to act as watch groups for their state and local municipalities and become experts in their local state and national media and  government operations at every level and should they accrue dangerous information they are required to report it especially information  that does not coincide with the US Queens address or parliamentary news or news of any kind that indicates danger has occurred or is occurring that will set off a  military sweep where highly trained MP Investigative Lawyers with special  6  year military Law Degrees or better are authorized by each theocracies King and Queen and the World Crown to investigate all logical leads and run identification checks with all Scientists, Lab Workers and all Officers and people Identified with the case.
The US Queen,  Like Son Altesse Royal Princess Mei Li Snow Empress Manchuria of China her Divine Name though I prefer her birth name,  like all Divine Royals,  will receive Intelligence support as usual from myself the Holy Spirit and from Angelcraft Crown Intelligence gathering specialists for their country working alone with his or her national analysis teams on every case presented for their Theocracy
A Miraculous Picture is used here as an Example of Dress Atire and Uniform for a Military MP Barrister Investigative Team
A Miraculous Picture is used here as an Example of Dress Attire and Uniform for a Military MP Barrister Investigative Team.   The actual Photo is of Japanese Officers from World War II.
 Expected are citizens to react or report any secret society activity by and prayer if they are fearful  or anti-christ public or legal assemblies that are  perceived to have formed to undermine the peace in their Theocracy.
Future operations in all Theocracies will feature a Military Olympics steroid free anabolic free all particpants tested for substances whose peaceful games will occur in between Regular Olympic years   of Military competitive sports work outs and a completely Military system of football Baseball activities and human civilian operations to keep human and at ease with emphasis on every team being its own platoon that in any crises a game can be disrupted and the two teams become one team and are joined by other teams in the area as many needed to assisst civilians in need of relief of any kind.
British army at Eton Dorney
 Jet flying competions for all countries  have changed to manuevering skills flight schools and the air force for all countries will train all new commercial pilots who must be Americans and citizens of their country to enter the armed forces and pass Flight School with the new  post graduate degree in Sociology Psychology and Anthropology before attending flight school – a special program that is 6 years long that includes a revamped military education through College Military Academies in all Theocracies.   A BA and a Masters Degree in Forensic Analysis of Media  Emergency  Protection, Criminal Justice, and Anti-Psychological warfare and a General World Religion Studies that emphasize the Holiness of every mainstream religion and no history of war because of religion.
The Cuases of War through Time and Multiple perspectives of different countries war timelines from their late past such as wars that occured within  three Kingdoms inside of ealy China  and absorb these studies as if you lived in that country and countries will change inside your curriculums every four years.
The White House Official Government website - Penny Stock
The Causes leading up to war are a minidrama in themselves each detail seen by the eyes of the Holy Spirit can be presented in Fictional writings to stimulate what little is wriiten about in the past posh parties when officers from two opposing sides met to drink cocktails and discuss peace talks.
This example paper of the causes of War is not bad  but lacks a great amount of vital information that does not consider secret societies adequately, the use of wizardry, witchraft Kaballah but does irresponsibly mention mysticsm still mysticsm should at an extra 15-20 pages and Conspiracy of Lies and tracking it backwards to a sufficient time in news archives gathering politcal news and news of foreign relations and the importants of  death news or war news from other countries.
The Causes of War often involve greed money and oil or oil stock and are complex ad can be averted by a well schooled military and civilian Population. 600_stock_morawetz_1907
The Causes of War Through Time Include also is at least 150 years of the History of War the most recent of your own Theocracy with an emphasis on the steps leading to war and how to spot them and how not to support orders from Generals or Admirals but Parlament Congress still must agree and the Queen or King has absolute authority not to take her country to war having met with Divine Royals, Myself and my Equivilent after my death and getting and gathering intelligence herself or himself and speaking directly to all sources before adressing the media that has no permission to talk about matters of war or say any lie or present false news to any country or their citizens and as of now enforced by penalty of Divine Judgment and Edited By Providence Miracles Signs and Wonders.
These classes will emphasize that the King or Queens loyalty to peace and the Holy Spirit overrides all parliamentary decisions to go to war against another country and to direct the peace when a country in any theocracy divides or is on the brink of war.
This Cuban vireo appeared this week in Key West in a corner of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. MARK HEDDEN For KeysInfoNet
This Cuban vireo appeared this week in Key West in a corner of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. MARK HEDDEN For KeysInfoNet
This should teach that us that the death of one royal even me or even one royal citizens wrongful death is insufficient to cause or go to war.
Knighthoods from the Armed Forces who all are Knights shall designate a First Grade Officer the first of his class with a the 6 year special military degree at the time that any such parliamentary or congressional meeting should exists after my death  70 years from today, but training will start immediatly in every theocracy.
Protocols to war studies;  From different countries must meet with Parliament and the King or Queen and Each Theocracies Security Services together represent the new security office for homeland protection overriding and dissolving their current Homeland Security offices and making invalid all their non private offices and in the US the new US Department of Immigration or its equivalency in every office around the world is reestablished or recofirmed bearing criteria is met that faciliates the trust of the people.
SPA Masters level Graduate degrees are required for Officers and High Law Enforcement Officials who can earn them while working.  They can also get Unit credits depending on their equivalency tests taken for basic Credit or for the achievement of the equivalent of 1 year of post-graduate school.
For a one year credit, a perfect score and agreement on all correct (911 anti-religious mason questions) a section on each tests,  will give officers the opportunity to study three textbooks and retake the exam if they so should desire.
This program is different for each Theocracy who prior their members have been denied higher education and those with higher intelligence and real graduate degrees such as the late Joe Biden denied High Political office by group dictatorship standards formally controlled by the Religious Murderous Greek Fraternal Group of International Masons – your former one world government and former assassins of hundred of millions of world citizens not forgetting the tens of millions of children who perished in Mason  religious fires of Moloch as human sacrifices after being sexually abused by civilian political Masons that controlled the armed forces.
A future Presidents Cabinet will simply an extension of the Queens Cabinet meaning she has to use people who are loyal to new US Policy and runs on her own for president with a private marketing company whose political party affiliation of their members are a mix of Liberal Christians and Conservative Christians and even members of the American Muslim party working together in the Marketing company to get the First President Appointed after a three period and no progress has been made on conspiracy of lies or any lies still up by any country for any reason to give chances and opportunities for others to work with the Queen or King in the Office of the President Prime Minister and with the Department of State.
After the President isappinted the Marketing Group is dissolved and regrouped into this case to 50 Marketing Companies for people who wish to run for the administrator post of their state the office known as the Governor or Provincial Magistrate –  a position that is held for a term of 4 years unless impeached by his or her own cabinet members and those closest to them who will appointed by them and they owe no loyalty to them but to their queen and will have military protocols and escorts and family protection by the military of their family, extended Family and Friends untill the matter is resolved a cleared or impeached and charged with conspiracy to commit anarchy by the use of craft to be defined at the time of arrest.
His Royal Highness Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st World Crown  Special Agent in  Charge of World Security and Head of  INTERPOL The International Police Force.



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