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Published: May 06, 2016

Author: Shelly Goethals

Each year the Department of Physics recognizes outstanding undergraduate students with a variety of awards.

Here are the 2016 recipients:

Patrick James Fasano has been selected to receive the Outstanding Physics Major Award. This award is given to a physics graduate selected by a number of criteria including academic performance, contributions to the major, and potential for future success. It is the highest honor the Department of Physics can award to one of its graduates.

Fasano will be attending the University Notre Dame to pursue a graduate degree in nuclear physics.

Emily Sue Kunce will receive the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award. This award is based on a student’s contributions to the research within the department, and their potential for future success. It is the highest research honor the Department of Physics can award to one of its graduates.

Kunce plans to take a year off before applying to medical school.

Timothy Khouw will be recognized with the Paul Chagnon Award for Service. This award is given for demonstrated character and leadership, and for service to the University, the Department of Physics, and to his or her fellow physics majors.

Khouw will attend Boston University, and plans to study either condensed matter theory or complex systems/statistical physics theory.

The awards will be presented to the graduating seniors at the Dean’s Luncheon on Friday, May 13.

Originally published by Shelly Goethals at on May 06, 2016.


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