Updated Website http://www.whitehouse.gov/ is a Danger to the American People and to the World


Website http://www.whitehouse.gov/ is a Danger to the American People and to the World.


Obama was executed for killing Children Women and Adults.

People who cannot travel or those who can, do not trust any telephone calls that come to your door, or your phone that carry false information or people who tell you false information.

Try not to navigate to Old US Websites.gov    Be reassured no one is going to attack the United States of America because of websites that are very provoking and offensive especially to Christians and Muslims and religious people worldwide.

Barrack Hussein Obama like all masons was tried before a real Human Rights Tribunal.  See INTERPOL’s Bosses Blog  http://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/

Make sure the address matches before you start navigating.  If it does not give you information about trials and executions of Male Masons then you know your not at right website.  Just pray in Jesus Name before going INTERPOL’s Bosses Blog so you can verify the execution of Barrack Hussein Obama

Trust our free INTERPOL’s free wordpress website it costs TAXPAYERS no money.

INTERPOL’s  regular website we pray you keep away from it.   It is for law enforcement purposes and reasons and not to confirm any information. – The California Golden Bear a Special Coorspondent.


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