Press release 4/28/2016 Hillary Clinton is not running against Donald trump and Obama is Dead since 2011


Press release 4/28/2016 Hillary Clinton is not running against Donald trump and Obama is Dead since 2011

The White House – ABN Special correspondent JC Angelcraft – Hillary Clinton is not running against Donald Trump and the Original Obama and Donald Trump were judged in 2011 in Mason Greek  Fraternal Mafia organized Crime Human Rights Trials.  They have been  Dead since 2011.

Other News.

Press release 4/28/2016 There is No War on Terror or against Islam or al-Qaeda,

There is no war on illegal Drugs in Mexico or any third world country or any country.  God has stopped all human and child trafficking.

All Mason Skull and Bones and Greek Fraternal men were judged and are either dead or in prison for life without the possibility of parole. Women that supported them are also in prison.

There is no reason to fear Islam inside the US Soil. Islam is a religion of peace that keeps to themselves unless when they are attacked inside their own nation.

They are forbidden to be militant inside the United States against the United States  as they are allowed by the Freedom of religion Act to worship peacefully and all men over 18 must take up arms for the United States if the United States is attacked or invaded by foreigners on US Soil.

If Muslims wish to remain peaceful they can immigrate to an Islamic Nation and their too they will be compelled to protect their women and children from any foreign invaders if Allah does not come to their rescue. because of provocations using wizardry and even Cabal among  Muslims is forbidden,

Cabal and Karbala Divination or Wizardry are strictly forbidden in Islam.  Still Masons and George Bush Jr, Obama, and all Skull and Bones and Greek Fraternal masons knew about the American Alianz human sacrifice Trade center bombings intended  to provoke and wage all out war against Islam.

It was a Mason effort and very anti-Americans who for the most part are honest people who like their freedom of religion

Americans are honest people unless they are involved in protecting Masons or a non-American agenda to save the country.   They try to believe the best in most people.  This is a good quality and the Masons and workers of iniquity saw them as suckers,

Never stop believing the best in people and be more discerning and God will never let you be deceived for long or forsake you for long.

Enjoy free will and the more responsible you are in free will the longer the peace you will enjoy and the greater prosperity you will have according to the measure God wishes to give you,

Being content with an average middle-income or middle high income salary pleases God and especially if you do good works and attend church and fellowship with others in your community,

Royal Edict.

No countries are permitted to invade or cross Boarders for the purposes of war.  This is a Royal edict,

Muslims – like American Christians – would protect their nation that allows them to worship in peace alongside other religions of many denominations and non-denominations and live in a modern nation known as the autonomous Voting Theocracy of the United States of America – a nation theocracy that leads the world in the category of freedom of Religion Hosting  countless of good peaceful God-loving religions of many denominations and non-denominations.

All immigrant and citizen heterosexual males between the ages of 18 and 65 living inside the United states are compelled to bear arms or serve in the US military if US  soil is attacked or invaded by foreigners.  This is a standard for every Theocracy.

Be a prayerful and peaceful nation and God will protect you.  Allow no workers of iniquity to enter Government.  Masonry and Freemasonry are not peaceful religions and any militant or murderous religion does not qualify under the right to practice their religion on US soil.

If in God you trust be at peace with Africa and the middle east they are God’s People too.

JC Angelcraft owner of The Angelcraft Broadcast Network and Owner of TCC The Crown Corporation and special correspondent and journalist for the White House and  Member pf the Official White House Group at Linked in down now from 100,000 members to 1000 members who seem confused by the issues or completely unaware of the politics inside their country.

Angelcraft Media A,M….with you always.

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