One Theocracy Under God – Proverbs 32 Cry out for Wisdom from the Holy Spirit who gives abunduntly to all


  1. Our unbelief in reincarnation and being born again is why we war against ourselves and seek to destroy those races we once were. – JC Angelcraft
  2. Proverbs 32 Cry out for Wisdom from the Holy Spirit who gives abundantly to all
  3. My Sons and my Daughters listen to what I have to say to you.
    and store up my righteous commands within you.
  4. Keep my good commands and you will live many and long lives;
    and guard my teachings as the treasures of heaven that do not vanish as evil men gold, silver and bronze vanish from the world.
  5. Every day commit my word to your souls and write them on your hearts inside that deepest most innermost parts of your souls.
  6. You are all chosen of God.
  7. Do not your good religions thrive throughout the Earth?
  8. Do you not control the earth by your prayers, supplications your good chants, good meditations and your good worship each in your own good religions every time you are born again?
  9. You are masters of good religions hidden deep inside you and your desire to learn of me through your good religions do I take great pleasure and delight in.
  10. You are all God’s chosen people who belive earnestly in God though today you may find that you are not Jews or Muslims the religions most commonly and associated with the term “Gods Chosen” and now by the grace and power of Christ Jesus who without no religion would exist.
  11. Every good believer by Faith in God the Holy Spirit or Christ Jesus or the variation of the name in their cultural faith is God’s chosen.
  12. But no matter be you today Muslim or Jew, Christian or Taoist, Buddhist or Mormon, Zoroastrian or Hindu, Native American or a believer in the Eda in your next life you will be a new person through Christ Jesus who says you must be born again.
  13. Those that have trouble believing in this let them think of the poor man or the beggar, born poor from infancy mistreated or even sold in slavery?
  14. Do we serve such a horrible God who would allow this man only to live one life of misery?
  15. Or are your souls soothed that the same man can be a King or even a wealthy merchant in his next life in a totally different culture.
  16. Seek God until you find God.
  17. If one religion was not taught to you right or does not interest you, do not lose interest in God.  Seek God and you will Find God and if you have a good parent or a friend that can help you, you are blessed, but if you do not rely on no one and pray and in your desperation God will save you from your perdition.
  18. Always find your own path to God and your own way to be blessed by God and bless others to God.
  19.  Seek the Holy Spirit untill you are lit on fire for the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus in any religion and be baptised as many times as you want
  20. Every day you can in your shower or your sacred river wash your sins away in the name of Christ Jesus
  21. And no matter your religion nothing can erase your sins but the cross and many of you have passed the way of the cross in many lifetimes so there is nothing to worry about if you failed a couple of times for Christ is and the Holy Spirit are very beneficent.
  22. Love your religion and be grateful for the Holy Spirit and the son of the Holy Spirit have done for you on the cross, but do not think you can work iniquity and play both sides.
  23. You can even love God and Christ Jesus in your own way keeping your secrets and confessions to yourself not having to tell anyone of your shame because God knows everything.
  24. Even in regular religion you can confess to the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ without having to shame yourself and confess in your mind that I and the Holy Spirit can work on your behalf should the workers of iniquity vex your mind and bring guilt upon you.
  25. Your self-condemnation is sufficient that some cabalistic or worker of iniquity need to remind you of it or think they are telling God something that God does not already know about you.
  26. Nobody can convict you using iniquity before the Holy Spirit and not pay the consequences.
  27. So Pray for wisdom concerning all things to whom God gives abundantly.
  28. Pray for the better welfare of others and selfless things ahead of your own needs.
  29. Pray for animals and world and those that need God the most.  By praying for your enemy you are not required to fellowship with them and every case is different, so use wisdom and discernment.
  30. In all other things the Holy Spirit knows all that you need especially material wants and desires and even a good spouse and the good harmonious family.
  31. Live a Godly life and be consistent in your prayers for wisdom and selfless gain and gain you shall have but covet not for its coming or demand of God for it.
  32. let God surprise you for your material wealth but pray not for it for those who God prospers are like apple trees firmly rooted in the ground that give of their fruits freely an abundantly to all and conserving some for a rainy day .
  33. Speak to wisdom as if you are speaking to the Holy Spirit and say to wisdom, “You are my sister Sofia or (Sufi) that means wisdom.
  34. Say to Sofia you are my relative and my light that keeps me away from all Harm and protects me from the person that works iniquity.
  35. Wisdom will save you from the workers of iniquity like a Lion saves its cubs from baby’s that a rabid animal would try to eat them alive.
  36. Call out to Wisdom with prayer and supplication and Wisdom will save you from the lofty words of men and politicians or a wayward woman who works for evil men for few women are so motivated to work evil without men paying them or telling them what to do.
  37. Even if another women tells a woman to work iniquity there is always a man who behind the scenes controls the woman by money or threat of force, appeal to duty to a nation that no longer exists, or uses wizardry and the working of iniquity that like Cabal or Cabala attempts to control the mind and the person by controlling their minds.
  38. Harken to my words my sons and daughters and rejoice while the Holy Spirit is here working the earth through me and others creating the basis and foundation for your autonomous voting theocracies where they work and finding solutions where they do not.
  39. Be not afraid of each other for you are each other.  Be not afraid the a muslim for you were once a muslim and be not afraid of americans or a chinese for you were chinese and american to with the same Theocratic National pride today for your country that you had back then when you lived fought and died for your British or French Theocracy or Even Mother Russian or Nuevo España to make sure as angels you brough your latest culture all the advancements in culture and infrastructure and religion that you could.
  40. Harken my words my sons and my daughters that there is no escape and that you must be born again, and you will not remember your prejudices and all remembrance of past things will pass away and be stored in your book of life and embedded inside your deepest most innermost parts to be awakened should you ever have a final judgment.
  41. I pray you do not and that you continue to live through eternity and experience things that even now you are just begining to dream of though your God-given imaginations that project the truths of desires of your hearts by your thoughts and your creative imaginations in everything under the sun.
  42. The Son of God (Verbvm Dei)

cropped-great_seal_of_the_united_states_1000.jpgJV Verbvm Dei the Word of God is as sharp or sharper than a sword with two edges the sword of justice will forever be the terror of fallen angelsjv-verbvm-dei-the-word-of-godson-altesse-royal-princesa-audrey-hepburn-duchess-de-wales-brussels-y-ixtelles-belgica-la-espiritu-de-mujer-eva-de-la-jardin-de-edenla-couronne-monde-chc3a2teau-versailles-france-corpvs-i-was-a-bear-mystical-historical-fiction-by-jc-angelcraftinterpol-global-security-headcropped-greetings-from-the-staff-at-the-angelcraft-foundation-for-education-where-the-light-of-hope-shines-brightly-every-day-copye284a2-angelcraft-crown-geo-science-and-aerospace-foundationcropped-la-teocracicc81a-y-monarquicc81a-de-espicc81ritu-santo-nueva-escuda-de-jose-maria-chavira-ms-adagio-i-el-renacimiento-de-jesucristothe-origens-and-developement-of-faith-corpvs-la-renaissance-de-jc3a9sus-christ-en-partenariat-avec-lesprit-saintthe-completeness-of-god


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