The International Fraternal Order of Masons and Freemasons has been defeated

The International Fraternal Order of Masons and Freemasons has been defeated.  I thank and praise God for all Instruction correction and reproof and for God’s help.  Read Charges against them and  those that support them at Eternity’s Quill  Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio I – Head of Global Security and protector of freedom by God’s grace.

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Servers or even laptops may still try to pop up duplicates of the old white house website attempting to spread belief in “dead presidents or popular mason or political leaders no longer with us  and the disease of democracy a religious and murderous form of government to theocratic voting citizens and any criminal not yet in jail can try to put up former government videos and blog accounts – a crime in all of today’s autonomous voting theocracies.

Greed, Avarice, Corrupt Hearts, Denial, Racism and religious murderous political ideology often attempts to form militias in their fruitless effort to keep alive murderous old world leadership websites up. If you see them –avoid them and do not look them up — especially if you are not associated or affiliated with ASG Interpol.

If you spend to much time on an Illegal website, illegal television, radio or cable broadcast if there are any illegal cables or illegal TV or AM FM radio transmission towers antenna’s left in your country that aim to spread or promote false media, an ASG Interpol representative has the right to call you or visit your house to interview and even place you under arrest for insurrection against your new voting Theocratic government.

IPS News archives that our world needs to remember and keep in their minds the complexity of the Spiritual and Physical warfare that Mason and Freemason Wizardry and Demonology cloaked as Jewish Mysticism did to our world.

MEXICO – 120,000 Missing Children – Inter Press Service  Jul 27, 2005 is just one of more than 120,000 children who have gone missing in Mexico, a country of 104 million people, since the Attorney General’s … – 15, is just one of more than 120,000 children who have gone missing in Mexico, a country of 104 million people, since the Attorney General’s …

Updated June 01 2015 – In 2010, the The Mexican, the American Presidency and word leaders known as the International Religious Order of Fraternal Masons used the Infamous Zetas to massacre 72 migrants. The bodies were killed in ritual between nations, the Alliance and made to look like a massacre. In 2005, Mexico and the Religious Order of The International Fraternal Ordersof Masons and Free Masons were responsible for the disappearance and killing of approximately 120,000 children within a short period of time including babies.

Say no to body doubles and political homosexuality male or female by any name for Theocracy will not persecute them as regular citizens as Democracy did.   They are human and guaranteed human rights, we desire Globally all men and women declare their sexuality if running for politics.

We thank world families that had Masons or Wizards in their families for their understanding.  We pray you a safe and successful future those women that are free of their Mason husbands and thank for believing God more than men.  I also pray children under former Mason control and for those that had children in Greek Fraternities and in Masonry and Freemasonry and that had to suffer for the crimes.

I pray for of the children you once knew as good children that would never support a Murderous Conspiracy, a Conspiracy of Lies all to preserve the reputation of Mason men and Freemasons who fooled you with their slick talk and lies while murdering your citizenry and sending your children to war of to die while making sure you lived in terror and always serial killers operating in each state.

It is important to remember that the mason Holocaust happened all over the world and  will long be remembered so it never happens again.

Cordially World Crown Prince Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio I Magna Cum Laude  California Southern University Post Graduate School of the Behavioral Sciences.  Former operative and still friend to the DOJ Department of Justice and all its Agencies and and the DOD Department of Defense whose duty it is now NOT to infringe on the sovereignty of other Autonomous Theocracies. Now by God’s Grace the Leader of the autonomous Free world as an oversight World Authority through ASG Angelcraft Crown Global Securty Services the New International La Enforcement and Military authority over all Nations and favoring not one over the other even as the King of the new country of  Espiritu Santo (Mexico) where many of you may reincarnate and be born again to again become Saints except you will be (Los Santos de Espiritu Santo) in new Autonomous Latin voting Theocracy and Monarchy.

Authorized by God’s Holy Spirit and written by Prince Jose Maria Chavira M.S. (Full Divine Name) JV Agnvs Dei  Verbvm Dei Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Aga Khan V  Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Spiritvs  Nome de Plume JCAngelcraft – the reincarnation of Jesus Christ – you must be born again.




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