Notes on the Mason Holocaust and Biography Notes of the Son of God


Wriiten for September 9/11 to reveal to the world the lie that is the (9/11) World Trade Center Bombings committed by what was the worlds greatest terrorist and criminal organization the world the International Mason Syndicate the greatest arms delears, drug dealers, and destroyers of lives of poor people who lived in marginalized countries and even their own making sure gettos got drugs and schools in them got drugs and even their own Ivey league children who belonged to fraternities got sold drugs.

Investigators and the General Public Document 12A Classified: Civilian Access: Authorized Recently released writings of Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – Additional Notes for new world leaders people that pretend to be leaders and citizen awarness.

“When the world needs protection, and you are responsible for it, pray to the Holy Spirit for without God we would destroy oursevelves.  –  Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT”

Classified: Civilian Authorized Biography – Additional Notes for World Authorities and citizens.

Topic the World Mason Holocaust.

I thank the Holy Spirit that I am a citizen today of every nation and partnering with the Holy Spirit we control and own all companies that you like —and even some that you don’t— in order to protect the worlds financial market, the good people of the earth,  threatened by Masonry who either abducted or coerced poor people to SELL their children to Mason operatives or sometimes Masons under wrong pretensions for their politicians and world male royals sexual needs and many who were murdered afterwards. THESE ARE NOT DIVINE ROYALS or good angels.

If not sold or given to Mason Operatives by poor Muslims, Indians, Chinese, South Americans Indonians and people of impoverished countries they used and sacrficed their own children and replaced them with look alikes.  But Masons loved to sacrfice muslim children and children of every good religion, especially poor children after sexually abusing them.

In their human trafficking and their child trafficking sex rings, children were stolen worldwide for states orgies even for the prince of Monco who loved boys and humiliated his wife that I hope and pray God restores her dignity the dignity of her children and of Charlotte and all royal children and women who were not killed or victimized by the Mason syndicate.

These Mason rites ended in rituals I care not to mention, but rituals where children and even people suffered in fires and torn limb from limb to preserve mostly an International Greek Fraternal and an East Coast American Way of life for Homosexual Elitists secret society men and all to protect their “Beloved Sacred Fire” their unholy book for their Religion of Democracy of the United States of America.

They belived in one nation under the Under an (Idol)  –in no uncertain terms– and the Real God our Precious Holy Spirit –Our God of No name– meant nothing to them.

Yet, In the United States the Treasury department continued to print symbols of God on the dollar bill and their coinage for a divided Nation and using the insignia, In God we trust and Masons telling their east cost Greek Fraternal culture mostly that the Idol Satan or Lucifer was a god and to interpret it as such to think of the word Satan as the God of this World in which we trust.  That was a grave error and mistake.

It is understood that the decision to choose right from wrong stilll exists and that human’s choose evil for self gain, greed and personal interest.

It is understood now that you know Lucifer was destroyed by Michael even before the foundations of the Earth and recorded in revelations and was a war we continued in our earth our haven or little peace of heaven until we had our first of many armageddons each one recorded in the History of War.

Thus the “Devil” “Satan” “Lucifer” or anything evil is understood to be ficticious for testing and reproof of fallen angels trying to win back their wings.

Think of your  Devil as a “DBA” “Doing Business As” a fictious devil controlled by good for the betterment of this world used to test people in their faith and their heresy, but betrayal is a quality of evil so you get in line with evil and you are subject to betrayel and Many masons sent other Masons to their death.

In Mexico alone under the Mason Felipe Calderon (The Cauldron)’s Presidency ” 160 Masons were assassinated and many human rights lawyers and avtivist not to mention the world citizens and children who died in Mexico’s Death Venues at the Hands of several stations of human sacrfice. .

I the son of God am in partnership with the Holy Spirit under glorius and heavenly fictious DBA’s  and in neither of them do I claim to be God and the second problem to the Mason Argument that the “Devil is the God of this world” Is that this “devil” by any name is simply and Idol because there is only One God our Holy Spirit who has no name but is worthy of any name that so pleases our Majesty.  God our Holy Spirit –is who we truly love– our God of No name is “the God” in whom we put our trust, the God of the Universes the Galaxies and all the worlds known to contain life, but concentrate on your own world the planet earth.             

Authorized by the Holy Spirit and written by the Holy Spirit and JVAGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT


Biography Notes for Lawyers, Judges  Reporters 

At age 17 I mastering speed reading through a proctor machine and microfilm while costarring in the schoolplay Guys and Dolls as Nathen Detroit– a wise guy– and mastering the mechanics of modern dance while getting in F in spanish and yet speaking it better than most the students in the class.

In my Speed Reading Lab at Saddleback,  I worked my way up to 2500 words per minute with excellent retention at Saddleback High School.  The summer of my Junior year, I was trained in high speed driving by Baron Von Decosta Owner and COB Metal Etchings from England based in 151 Turk Street in San Francisco worked South Coast Plaza before becoming sales manager at age 17 while living in La Jolla with the President of the Company his wife and dog. From then to 1996  I learned degrees, diplomas and many business sales awards and won most friendly salesmen in Laguna Hills Mall.

Biography Notes of Prince Adagio with commentaries: 1976-1979

I transferred there from Santiago in Garden Grove disappointed for the lack of acknowledgment after being an outstanding athlete of my school and winning back to back trophies in Athletics in the 7th and 8th grade for every sport that as a letter-man I played at Dr. Leroy Doig Jr. High and selected by the Teachers and the Students in both awards and also a Physical Fitness award by President Jimmy Carter something my family Mexico thought more important than my trophies and being captain and leaders of many of my teams my teamates and most of my coaches let me down and I was not going to go down a loser.  I was used to winning championships and being a winner and I was not able to play with Saddleback becuase bonding has alot to do with playing footbal as a young man growing up.

The best part of Santiago and Doig Jr. High was in my freshman year was when I was asked to the Jr. Senior prom by Kathey Syler a very popular Junior 11th grade.  And Like Doig’s Kerry Morris and Erica Recore the two most popular girls in the school, the older girls always appreciated me more than some of the popular girls of my class and wrote some of most beautiful words in my year books some even giving me their phone numbers and some even in the 7th grade.

These tender loving words I know now comming from the deepest part of their tender hearts, are words that I read to make myself feel better from all the Homosexual Mason Magic that says the most ungodly things to me to try to make me loose hope in the salvation of this world and the survival of the fittest law that mankind shall not lay with mankind or support democracy a religion riddled with homosexual vexations allowed to work because the religion Democracy is what it means  a Government of Demons mostly male fallen angels and the word is related to the “Magical” word that in syllables is divided Dem/on/stra/tion. Demonstration is a word that some people vex to sell ordinary products when there are many more words that are far more appropriate to use when seliing merchandise.          

Biography Notes Prince Adagio with commentaries: 1979-1981

After outstanding accomplishments my Freshman year in high school and the highest vertical leap on my freshman basketball team and captain of my football team after a summer baskball camp at Pepperdine University in Malibu being coached by Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball summer camp who did an incredible display shooting free throws blindfolded and freethrows in basketball are by the far the most important part of scoring, because they are free attempts to scores points.

Holy Spirit Notes Prince Adagio: On Sports

Practicing free throws should be a mantra (a repeticious practices of prayer, or even sport) for every player.  Basketball players of age should have at least an 80% free throw average — if you mantra it — like Larry Bird who had an excellent free throw average.  Much of it is controlling your nerves because emotions nervouseness unbelief in your prayers and even unbelief in yourself will affect you— for lack of self-esteem also has alot to do with your free throws. Make them zen to your sport and scripture to your heart and practice makes perfect especially if you conquer your psychological and spiritual shortcommings with poise.

I attended Jerry West Basketball Camp at a Malibu University called Pepperdine with my friend Greg Pretty who kept me up most the night with his snoring after long hard arduous basketball matches and practices whereafter the day was over —our legs tired to the bone—and  to finish the day we had to climb hundreds of steep steps just to get our dorm.

Greg and I played with the some of the the best players in the state who were quick as lighting and some could dunk and many at least 6 foot if not taller and each matchup we played was like a California highschool allstar game because there were very few weak players there if any.

Both Greg and I  became a better players by going to camp and today he is — I believe — a Pastor at a Vinyard church or on his way to feeding sheep because as he said to me once to me, “all I know Joe is truth and grace” and a man who can say such words, who cares if he can play any sports, as long as he knows how feed his flock and take care of his wife a detail –that in light of the Mason Holocaust and Conspiracy— makes me glad to know that he did not go the Mason way and married a women instead of having a false marriage and male lover or marrying a man outright to be a transparent mason.

Tenth Grade 1980-1981 Santiago High School Cavaliers 

After Jerry West Basketball Camp, In my sophomore year, comming down from the Varsity after spring training, I captained the Junior Varsity to undefeated Season with Michael Accordino as one of our more stable players like my friend Mark also back up quarterback to George Reza  –a road scholar material untill he broke his arm — when we played Varsity then Mark took over and the value of any quarterback is based on the excellence of the wide receiver or resceptor who without making incredible catches and touchdown runs the quarterback would be a failure and would have to run for the touchdowns himself.

In defense the value a Cornerback, saftey or any defensive member is priceless for the Chicago Bears proved this by winning a Superbowl by pure defense and an low scoring offense.

What is Quaterback without a wide reciever who slam dunks often hard to catch throws opposed by defenders and what is a defense that cannot make tackles against our hated archrivals Pacifica a 4A school who our varsity year and most of my teamates perpared for them by partying;  I experimented with them as our sophmore year, but did not party or attend the many parties our teams had and cocain problems that even then affected our team strangth as a varsity club.

Michael Accordino — a good friend of mine– was a tackle who protected me as the reserve quarterback and protected my quarterback as I played almost every down on both offense and defense and helped to lead my team to an undefeated season my Jr Varsity Year and led the team in tackles and handled the ball for kick returns and punt returns —as well.

As freshman coach Cutshaw witnessed and confirmed my squat record of 220 kilos about 440 pounds as a freshman weighing 160 pounds. I was the fasted player on the team in the 100 dash and when it counted ran down track stars from other schools having to cover my team mates playing the opposite corner poorly selected by my coach when better players and more experienced players – Like Brad Mcgarrh — that I grew up with playing tackle football were on the sideline then gave them an award for most improved player that made no sense to me when other players were much more deserving.

I wish to forget my sophomore year in Basketball not to embarrass my new coach the brother of a friend of mine who made junior varsity a coach who benched me after an outstanding season as a freshman setting records in both football and basketball and weightlifting while winning  a baseball championship with my friend and Pony Team leader the World series champion Lenny Dykstra of the Philidelphia Phillies in the Pony Leagues.

Psychological Warfare for Biographers and Government Reformers based on a Mason controlled US Government 1972-1980

Even before age 15, the US Government gave us specific instructions for our passport pictures until we gave up.  But my mother kept trying and age 15 with my real Mexican Birth Certficate secured a real social security number for me 547-53-2576.

At age 15,  my mother and father received their citizenship and the Mason controlled department of immigration having all records of our submissions and rejections the Mason’s having an extensive record of my existence— did not enforce the Department of Immigration to bring me in when they approved  her and my stepfather’s passport and citizenship but should have refused both my parents their passports for negligence of their child until they could get me to Los Angeles becuase I was under 18 and then I would have have accepted my new official name  Jose Maria Chavira Sarabia.

But now without all that,  I am an Official Citizen of the United States, Espiritu Santo Mexico and Every Country on this planet under my divine name for reasons of national security for every nation somthing they never had under the Masons who controlled all poor nations through world bank and military might.

Because I belong to the world, the world must accept in this reincarnation of mine even though I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco in the country of Espirtu Santo Mexico, however, I was raised as an American and not like a Mason and the world admired the United States “the Land of Opportunity” where anyone could change their start and my Father Pablo Sarabia an immigrant did just that becomming a millionaire in real estates reading books like “Buy Real Estate with no money down” “How to Bail people from losing their credit by taking over theri mortage and paying their backpayments on their mortgage before the Bank forclosed on them.”  This was once known as the “American Dream” that begining in the 70’s when Skull and Bones and Greek fraternity members from around the world even US presidents had no choice but to support their International Fraternal of Masons whose internal magical all mens coven (the inner leadership group)  began to turn more Nazi Tuetonic and despot using demonology and all sorts of witchery and human sacrfice wanting you to believe it was Jewish Mysticsm to gain your favor and support.

Mason covens then sprouted up all over the world. Industrialist Mason Covens as well as Political Male Covens and younger Greek Fraternal Male Covens to fend off what was goin on the creation of a demon a false spirit and magic to control the lessor magic of Mason covens all over the world, but in this case there was no hobbit to rescue the world.

And everyone was doing human sacrfices and women sacrficed their babies through abortion if masons or black bishop masons did not do them through black sabiticals in rituals all over the world, but none surpassed the number done in the country where I was born.

Immigratation to any country during the 60s and the 70s were miracles of the Holy Spirit where marginalized, oppressed, and genocided populations  came to the United States because of persecution by their own countries for despite all the men were also useful for war, very much like a civil war scenario.

Though in New York many immigrents drove cabs they made more money than in their home countries      

From ages 15-18 This three-year window of unconstitutionally and illegally keeping my citizenship was wrong.   My mother and step-Father their only child should have been compelled to be brought in by US officials.

My step brothers came from my Father’s former marriage a delightful women from Mazatlan who along with her children my Father Pablo still took care of business and took the time to make sure they were always financially solvent and eventually we all received our inheritance on his former wife a house worth 560,000 dollars had she liquidated in the 90’s like my Republican Conservative parents who gave donations to the Republican party in the thousands in returned to us were autographed pictures of republican presidents.  They like myself were dedicated to law enforcement and the military as well as my uncle Airforce Intelligence Vietnam and his son who joined the Airforce. .

But it was not easy for my parents to become self-made millions in real estate having to make our own repairs on our properties and even sometimes living in them.  An expert handyman and licensed electrician a second degree Black Belt in Korean system Tai Kwan Do, my father became a Licensed contractor a California C-40 and a C-36 an expert in all facets of contracting and an expert in dry wall repair since the 70’s always concerned about his investments and even the invest that we had together where I taught him how the important of putting password on your mortgage information having worked at a mortgage company where I protected a house that was in my name and financed by the renter who paid the mortgage and later added it our family holding.         

In the 80’s and 90’s under a direct democracy controlled government an assault on our Real Estate Holdings began under way.  If not for my credit and my mother’s check we could not continue buying houses and paying as many mortgages as we could while going to court against legal aid.

My activism against Hermandad Mexican Nacional and its Leader Nativo Lopez was in response to for cooersion and threatening of our Tenents to destroy their drywall and plumbing and lying on their reports to the city that their reparations have gone without repair for 90 days, the time limit the city gives to all landlords to repair their property.   

My deposition under cross-examination during our litigation kept us from total ruin while going to court under the accusation of being slumlords accused by also Mexican Mafia Leader Nativo Lopez whose partnership with Drug Dealing Jessie Araujo of Araujo Demarco and Later Montevideo worked a racketeering effort that affect 99 landlords all at the same time.  I knew we were not slumlords and the set of apartments where the accusations first came out we lived in and being able to live in Mission Viejo, we never liquidated and purchased rental properties into the 1996 and still have properties in Espiritu Santo Mexico in the lovely beach town of Mazatlan Santa Maria   

When my mother and Father married my Father purchased in an 80 thousand dollar house with a lime tree and a avocado tree — a wedding present to my Mother– a nice 3 bedroom house for 80,000 in middle-class Santa Ana Neighborhood where no gangs exist and a twenty-five minute drive to Lido Isle in Newport Beach where we frequently at Delaney’s Restaurant where I learned to love Oysters then Oysters Rockefeller and even Calamari not being accustomed like my Father to eating seafood.

An interesting note was that In the 70s, while government was harassing us with passport pictures telling us everything is in order just your passport pictures are not the right size and they always made up excuses to deny us gratification, we were attending Opera Season at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion going to Greek Theater and more movies, playhouses and restaurants than you can imagine while many men tried to court my mother.       

In our fight to save our Real Investment Company we did our best to pay the Mortgages to houses and properties in Century City, Orange County, San Bernardino et all and those apartment complexes still not yet in play while still having to pay attorney’s to fight our case if any repairs of destruction created intentionally by the tenents under the orders of Mafia Kingpins Jess Araujo —-of the Law Firm Araujo Demarco and Monetvideo and—and Drug Lord Nativo Lopez were allowed to be made within a three month period they were most likely destroyed shortly after so that a court order could be issued so Pablo my Father (Johny on the Spot) could enter his own property and make the repairs again.   

However, we knew we were good people and we continued buying rental property —using my credit– but ended up losing a good chunk of our real estate to Drugs Dealers Jessie Araujo and Nativo Lopez of  (Hermendad Mexicana Nacional) and to top things off before he went to a psychiatric prison so his testimony would be declared invalid, Drug King and formia Mafia Lord was placed on the board of education, while Jessie Araujo Walked.

So in our battle with legal aid, we and 99 other American landlords simulatneously kept losing property to these drug dealers, racketeers and extortionist until I stepped into ligations with Legal Aid and along with my Attorney John Huston.

After saving my parents from Financial Ruin and a Racketeering effort in concert with Masons who supported Legal Aid, drug dealers and now a felon Nativo Lopez and Marine Mason Lawyer drug Jessie Araujo, I thought it was over.

Nativo lopez took the Fall and ended up in a Prison Psychiatric ward where his testimony could not be taken as evidence due to mental state and this verified by a Los Angels County District Attorney after she responded in an e-mail pretending to be Nativo’s wife who I e-mailed trying verify an intelligence to help me connect Jessie Araujo and Nativo with the murder of Marisa Bobbio my ex girlfrind  after or before a recorded conversation taped by NSA and the Justice Department between Jessie Araujo.

Now as I was carying a child trafficking investigation after reaching my beach condo, I wondered why I was having so many problems in my foundation which led me to Tres Islas Foundation.  I got back in touch in our Attorney General Eric E Holder who got me into the official white house group of the original administration of Barrack Obama that was very difficult group to penetrate and the only top-level american operative confirmed by the DOD allowed in the group.

I also Reported to Mexican Attorney General Chavez and the Mexican Presidency God reminded e of my reading and told me that Mexican Presidency still does Satanic Black Sabitcals and in hindsight were more paranoid of you than the US presidency who does human sacrifices.

and so did the United States and the World Syndicate of Organized crime known as Masons.

In a taped conversation by the NSA and the Justice Department Jessie Araujo of the Law Office of Demarco Araujo and Montevideo claimed never to Know Marisa Bobbio or Palm Harbor Medical Group in garden Grove the Palm Harber Hospital,  when I myself worked at Palm Harbor Medical Group as a consultant during the Phen-Fen crises of the 90’s knowing Pal, Harbor Medical Group  processed Jessie Araujo’s workers compensation cases.

But Jessie having a working and personal relationship with Marisa Bobbio for 13 years under my cross-examination proved to Eric E Holder and the NSA that Perjury – that means lying – in taped conversation where murder and massive conspiracies has occurred – that I was right.

Jessie Araujo met Marisa Bobbio while working as a secretary to Dr. Rose Medical Group on Broadway Street in Santa Ana just a few address away from the Law Offices of Andy Demarco and Jess Araujo when we were boyfriend and girlfriend as teenagers before I met Jessie Araujo’s Daughter under the pseudonym of Joseph Sean Chavira – she called me Sean and now I had access to his home and gained knowledge of him using his son to sell drugs.           

Araujo and Demarco processed claims for workers composition for Palm Harbor Medical Group for at least 16 years until Marisa Died in the prime of her life most like murdered by her exposure to radiation without her knowing.

Thanks to Marrissa Bobbio who lost her life for getting me into Palm Harber’s Office for 3 days and then warming my life was in danger because Araujo’s ten years me after his wife and I stopped seeing each other – still had intentions to kill me and that  told me my case-work was a bit more complicated than it was, but it made sense.  I was the last witness to his Mason Syndicate Activities that sold drugs to children, stole property from not only my family but from good  American people through common methods such as blackmail, thuggery, coercion, racketeering used Mexican Mafia and Nativo Lopez (Hermandad Mexicana Nacional)  and Legal Aid helping them and many of our tenents who were affected were Mexican, others Black and those of the 99 other landlords affected at exactly the same time is a pattern of racketeering that if Legal Aid was astute they should have caught on to the racketeering and reported their suspicians to the FBI.

JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN V Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT World Activist .

- the Completeness of God -