The Obama Administration of Conspiracy of Lies led by Secretary Kerry’s Body Double

The Obama Administration of Conspiracy of Lies led by Secretary Kerry’s Body Double.  Secretary Kerry’s whereabout’s unknown.  Family, relatives and friends expected to cooperate with this National Disgrace.

Due to the gradually declining reputation of my favorite news providers such as CNN and all my favorite News providers, the last business I wanted to get into was the News Business.

What CNN and Many American News agencies and news agencies world-wide did was break the moral of the Nation by not honoring their dead presidents and making it look like to the world that Nothing had happened.

Brainiac Left

Wars and rumor’s or of wars instead of building patriotism in the world Alianza created questions about children of the war that never came back from a war they should have never been involved in the first place.

Theocratic management of the world is what fixes a regulatory agencies and keeps in check a centralized government that is also held accountable by the States or provinces they also run.

Recruitment into centralized government is now eclectic and no longer a network of whisky society Greek fraternal males that have no use for women.

The Holy Spirit and Angelcraft Crown Security Division is making sure any short-term appointment for governorships or prime ministers are able to run for office in the ensuing elections in order to keep countries running stable and smoothly and involving Divine Royals in explaining the new voting laws and procedures for each nation, country, province, township and local and rural municipalities.

Counting machines will be used to replacethe the Electoral College that will not have any technology at their disposal nor will be counted on to represent their states vote.

The only reason we are retaining the Reformed electoral college is that it will be a good venue for Government Internships and will provide a small salary to the college kids that work in it.

We apologize for not involving facsimiles of Obama or people who claim to be of the Obama Administration until they give up trying to sneak in presentations in all news media presenting their technology version of Obama, using old footage or trying to pass off some athlete, civilian or actor  with the help of Hollywood special effects that are even better than plastic surgery to make star of some Athlete, civilian or actor to pretend to be Obama and their voice box technology built into their microphones and speakers is state of the art.

Their regional strategy has not fooled Angelcraft Global Security Services that work worldwide to ensure each region that has been isolated to created a propaganda region to inspire upsrising among the people against their fellow nations to fail in their task.

They should know by now who is in charge and the true leader of the Free World and its not the United States but all of us together.

Mass murder and probable cause and efforts to protect murderous presidents admirality and world leaders give us the right to intercept all encrypted letters and arrest unsanctioned old federal agents or law enforcement officers that show their old badges or credentials  to try and commandeer a jurisdiction in order to protect those that promise to pay them through laywers should they perish in the judgment.

We have enough evidence worldwide to commandeer old or renegade news stations and newspapers in order to protect and serve the public trust and override with our Angelcraft Global Security Services Telecommunications satellites any world leader presenting himself to be a Divine Royal or Trustworthy politician.

Masons and Skull and Bones and those associations and Knighthoods that support them have by  our staff of international psychologists determined to be mentall ill, schzophrenic and adanger to themselves and a danger to society.

Prince Adagio the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Cordially – Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT M.S. COB Angelcraft Crown Incorporated

Prince Adagio is Chairman of the Global Society for the Return to Autonomy of Each Country, the Official White House Group, Mejorando Espiritu Santo and many groups working or responding to Holy Spirit manuevers and studying their significance as we near the balancing of a world economy that will insure prosperity for every nation.

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit –

World Unity Security for the Autonmous Defense of Each Nation



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