Vindication of the Dead – the victims of the religion of Democracy and the Mason Scottish Rite

The Old Scottish Rite Building Washington D.C.
Scottish Rite Building – was created by the Holy Spirit. Its blueprints made or given taken credit for by fallen angels as usual. This beautiful Temple of Solomon as Mason’s call it is an old Metaphorical Bahai temple that was taken over by Mason prejudice and the Scottish rite of Human Sacrifice after coming to terms with the British Rite of Human Sacrifice in the Civil War.

The Religion of Democracy – By JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Jose Maria Chavira Adagio al Hussayni M.S. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI nome de plume JCANGELCRAFT

Mazatlan YHVH Jerusalem May 12 2014, Offices to the Angelcraft Media’s Angelcraft Broadcast Network . In todays terms this fight scene in STAR WARS featured in the You Tube video at Angelcraft Media  reminds me of two Master mason hit men going after one of their high priests played here by DARTH MAUL, who as well represents a Master Mason and Regional Crime Boss and stereotypical Drug Lord Devil and Bad guy that used to supply their state orgies with Drugs and who protests them maybe tired of losing adult and child prostitutes — more than their quota and human sacrifice exchange agreement stated – all for their their state orgies and their Bohemian Grove Venues.

I believe that if the stars were more astute spiritually they would oppose or try to get the last four STAR WARS in the series blocked from being produced. – Prince Adagio

In the ever popular series we know as “STAR WARS” that started production in 1974 saw the series open in 1976 to a Theocracy paradigm winning out that were in actually the first two episodes that were actually the end of the entire collectors series.

Later on in the 90’s Democracy “STAR WARS” the story before the first two STAR WARS, the good guys fought an evil senator for the control of the republic and the preservation of “Democratic Values.”

Stressed in the four new STAR WARS was the preservation of Democracy and forgotten was the dream of the final Theocratic victory unless you bought the Box set like I did watched them in sequence.

Though science fiction, these dramatic and expensively made movies –especially =Democracy STAR WARS– are designed influence subtly to believe in two kinds of evils and Kabbalah is understood to be a false goodness and false evil as well.

The Force in movie “STAR WARS” was is not the power or “THE FORCE” of the Holy Spirit, rather the balancing of the lessor power of Magic that all Wizard Kabbalists know has gone retarded,  gotten out of hand the evidence being a pro Gay Fraternal Order of Mason Organized Crime agreeing secretly to mass murder, terror, genocide and ethnic cleansing on one side while opposing it in their media.

In the religion of Democracy –be it practiced by a Republic, a Monarchy, a Muslim Theocracy or any kind of Dictatorship and whose leaders are bound through a central hierarchy known as the Organized Crime Syndicate that today we call the International Fraternal Order of Masons – nobody wins.

In the end the greater evil looks white and polished and they make of their lower level members the target of their greater hypocrisy using a Conspiracy of Lies by their command of the Mass Media unable to admit to the mass murder and the holocaust that occurred by orders of Grand Master Masons, once our World Leaders, Presidents, Kings, Dictators, and Industrialists.

Their oaths and pacts with evil so monstrous hypocritical and that is so not evil that evil itself judges them by de-facto –their own demons–turning on them caused by the spirit of judgment that hacks through the hypocrisy of the religion of Democracy as practiced by Wizards, Witches and those pearly-tooth smooth-talking mostly white Politicians from the International Fraternal Order of Mason’s an organized crime syndicate.

777-pixels-Sitio Oficial™ESPIRITVS SANTVS®Todos Los Derechos Reservados por La Corona del Espíritu Santo ©AGNVS-DEI-VIEX-YHWH-IESPIRITVS SANTVS-jcangelcraft-rex-intima-1-sacratus-2-filvs-dei


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