The Bad Scholarship of Mason Wizards and their Religion of Democracy

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March 28th 2014 – ABN Washington DC Staff YHWH New Jerusalem

Ever since the days of King Richard, Wizard scholars have done everything to erase the history of Camelot.

That is why Camelot is considered more a myth than a historical fact for people of little faith.

These last hundred years however researchers in the film industry have tried to capture the truth of History as best they can and the elucidate on the problems of a failing society do to the dangers an ever growing movement from Federalism to Democracy.

In the 1927 German film maker  Fritz Lang boldly told the world that –Epilogue World War I Nazi Germans– were still worshipping the Idol Molochi and offered to the World “Metropolis”  a silent German movie of a Utopian Decadence Society that required cold blooded human sacrifices to Molochi in order to sustain itself.

You can see the movie at You tube .  The scene that relates to Molochi lasts only a few minutes but, and those Jewish Scholars and Historians even then began to Lobby The United Nations about investigating the matter of Human Rights abuses even before 1932.

Camleot’s time is between 580-750 Anno Domini, all depending what Masons who controlled technology and libraries of information cared to do with dates when anything historical about Camelot popped up.

Taking away the dream of Camelot is or at least was a Mason goal.   Any mention of it, and it becomes a myth that builds up your hopes to much and the real world is about Democracy not a Theocratic round Table where all men and women are created equal.

Anyone claiming it to be a historical fact they call liars and making people liars of people by changing information is what Masons do.

This is called Trade-craft. Calling people Liars wrongfully is their stock and trade besides wholesale murder, Genocide Bioterrorrism, and Human sacrifices to support their Democracy – now a qualified Religion that even has a sacred text, liturgies, rituals, and a pantheon of satanic idols. Beside the Mason handbook, they covet and prize the “Sacred Fire” of Moloch and Ball and their so called Greek Mysteries and have no use for the Mysteries of the Rosary or the Blessed Vedas or the Koran.

We are now facing low level masons or old retired masons. This International Criminal Organization and those that support them have the audacity to regroup forgetting the grace that they have been given and the chance to turn themselves in without plea-bargaining and turning states evidence on higher level masons that are already dead or missing. Power is a game to them an ends to a means.

Bad governing is why Democracy and the International Order of Anything that resembles all male Fraternity and political pool must end and never be political party or a way of life.

For more About the Religion of Democracy Please navigate to ™ HARD TRUTHS ON HUMAN RIGHTS

777-Matre Dei V



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