Press release: Concerning the Death of Barrack Hussein Obama may his loved ones and family be at peace.

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“Ask not what You Can do For Your Provincial Theocracy Ask what you can do for your Holy Spirit”- Prince Adagio -COB World Oversight Committee.  ABN  Washington Theocracy,  The Right Laws You Need, The Right Liberties you Desire and the Rights Leadership you prayed for to save your Nation Province, One Nation Province and World Under God’s Holy Spirit .

Written March 16, 2014, ABN Staff Mazatlan Offices YHWY New Jerusalem Home of the Mexican and a Peaceful Ambassador to the World. Updated for March 25 2014,

“I don’t care for politics except for Obama.” quote by Ina Cordova.

ABN Staff Response: The late Barrack Hussein Obama – may he rest in peace- was not a very good person and far from being a Martin Luther King “The Dream” and he was certainly no Malcolm X role model that any born again Angelic Human thats is Black or Reincarnated Human that you could look up to. He and his Mason Wizard buddies fooled many of us however.

If you want a role model for the Black or any color of the Human Race make it Education! Better yet, make it a “Verb.” Even better, make your Black role model a “Being Verb” for it was a “being” verb that once spoke to Moses. That same”being verb” once made the statement, “I Am that Am.” Or you can make a regular action verb and really send it such as in a “prayer” to God’s Holy Spirit for your efforts to strait over to be blessed.
Bless your “education” instead of vexing it, allow prayer in public schools.

Obama did not, could not, overturn that Mason edict and expect to remain president for long. As it was he served 1 term, before dying and was falsified for the second term various times.

Concerning the Death of Barrack Hussein Obama

The Long Dead Barrack Hussein Obama was worst than that honorable Crack Smoking Mayor Barry Gordy of Washington DC only better looking with better contacts in Masonry possibly a trafficked Child after reading a confidential affidavit.

The death of the original Barrack Hussein Obama as of 2011 was Chronicled on when was hosted at Microsoft Live Business before its switch over to the Office Live 365 in Mexico.

After his Death, its a good assumption that others followed in the Democratic Greek Mason male tradition attending Black Sabbaticals with False Felipe Calderon’s and later False Enrique Pena’s. In Greek Mystery Orgies dedicated to Moloch and Baal, children are torn apart then consumed as a meal after they miraculously stop burning to death in the fires of the Bohemian Grove International, a leadership grid meetings for male world leaders that occur all over the world.

Bohemian Grove is in association with International Fraternities Skull and Bones and Masonry its main control group and the organizer is the all male International Fraternity Mason Teutonic group based in Malta.

They are associated with Nazism – a failed party– started by S.S. Himmler Germanys Failed World War “II”Angel of Death” Spymaster that failed in provoking a World War II and that got support from a treasonous central Vatican to start another world war and overthrow many of its allies, with plans even then to convert the world into a predominantly controlled by a white international Masan Nazi Teutonic satanic homosexual white supremacists via a tightly controlled organized crime syndicate mafia much like we had these last few generations.

But in the late 1930s s when British Templars and Nazi Teutonics held their war tension cocktail parties, Winston Churchill thought differently and then a series of events occurred to stop world war II.

Neither a Templar or a Teutonic knight, but a pure satanic Wizard Mason, Barrack Hussein Obama was part of the International Murderous Mason Wizards group and did as he was told, to follow plans in the continual ruining of your nation to convert it once and for into a semi-transparent anti-zionist component of the European Union with Jerry “the Voice of the People” as its spokesman.

See Hard Truths on Mason Rights –

Democracy’s Unholy Book the Sacred Fire of Moloch Baal “The Pig” of Democracy

See Bohemian Grove for more information

Bohemian Grove cremation care

Bohemian Grove

The Late Barrack Hussein Obama failed to shut down the “Department of Homeland Security” knowing the country was being taken over by an Alianza Pro German Vatican International Masonry Syndicate Organized Crime Mafia World Control Organization from Malta Via the European Union, the World Bank, the IMF , and the controller of the value of all Worlds, currencies, and wealth. An organization that Barrack Hussein Obama belonged to.

The Late Barrack Hussein Obama failed to tell the American Public about the Mason Plan of the the Oklahoma Bombing of the FBI Federal Building and Twin Trade Towers a Mason satanic American human sacrifice and not a Muslim Terrorist act.

The deceased Barrack Hussein Obama when alive reported to the White World Power Syndicate Mason Mafia and never truly ran the nation.

When alive, Barrack Hussein Obama failed to tell The truth to the United States of America in advance of the impending planned invasion of Replacement British Soldiers of the Alianza and the Satanic Monarchy with George Bush Jr. as King of the Kingdom Democracy of the United States of America do his blood ties to Queen Elizabeth and the change from the Republic United States of America to a pit of falsness and serial killers working all fifty states,

For verification of this please see National Missing Children Center RSS Feeds for all 50 states at Angelcraft Security Division.

According to a confidential Docea, Barrack Hussain Obama cheated on his wife numerous times and attended state sexual Orgies and participated in Satanism and how knows what else.

Another thing deceased Barrack Hussain Obama is a ‘Hussein’ like that crazy Iraq Dictator Saddam Hussain to got Hung for his abuse o human rights.

Moreover Barrack Hussain Obama .–should not to be confused with an “Al-Hussayni” in the Tradition of the His Royal Majesty the Aga Khan IV -my genetic Father-His Royal Highness the late Kareem Al-Hussayni – may he rest in peace.

About Jose Maria’s Background and Ties to Royalty on Both His Father and His Mother’s side.  

Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S, Adagio Al Hussayni and his late father His Royal Majesty Kareem Al-Hussayni Aga Khan IV before he was murdered in the early 70’s for financial reasons.

Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S, Adagio Al Hussayni and his late father His Royal Majesty Kareem Al-Hussayni  before he was murdered
His Royal Highness Kareem Al-Hussayni was the Leader of the Seven Pillar Shia Muslims who was assassinated in the 1974 by the Malta Mason Syndicate who planted a body guard with him and like Obama was replaced numerous times with False Obamas who where either Actors, Black Collegiate Football Or Basketball Players.

The motivation was his multi-billion dollar fortune and that fact that a billion Shias in all Islamic States pay ties to him.

His Royal Majesty the Aga Khan IV -Jose Maria’s genetic Father-Kareem Al-Hussayni- was the Leader of the Seven Pillar Shia Muslims and is the equivalent of the Pope of In Islam only more practical.

His Royal Majesty was killed and replaced By another Much Taller Al-Hussayni who bore a son that cooperate with the world syndicate after the Death of the Replacement Aga Khan.

Mercedes Chavira Vazquez Goya Hernandez and comes from Merovingian French, Spanish Moorish, Royalty and in this Hebrew Cristian blood line we stem back to King Solomon, King David and always from the Holy Spirit

Prior to Barrack Hussain Obama reported to US President and Hillary Clinton about plans and changes for Mexico through the Latin American Foundation, that is now several Foundations and Enterprises including but but not Limited to the Angelcraft Foundation for Education, Fundacion JC ANGELCRAFT A.C.

Prince Adagio is a member of the original Official White House Group and former operative and special agent at the Pentagon US Department of Defense and reported to Attorney General Eric E Holder of the US Department of Justice.  Read his profile at Linked-In.‎

Apart from the Official White House Group, Prince Adagio is also a member of several other professional groups such as UNICEF Support, Microsoft Business and the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation to name only a few.

The field record of Jose Maria is Eyes Only and No Eyes in the various Federal agencies that he worked for. He was a DOD Department of Defense Special Operative. With the Help of the Holy Spirit, he is responsible for saving the lives of 289 Undercover Federal US Agents from different federal agencies by penetrating California Corrections, and the Nevada Department of corrections as a special agent for the DIA –the Department for Internal Affairs. In Nevada, he uncovered a Federal Undercover Agents List, of some of our finest men in hands a Lifer serving two Life Terms code name Blue a shot caller for an Idaho Organized crime still family operating his family from jail using prison-craft and still calling the shots and murders for organized crime.

In CCDC California Department of Corrections Corrections, he confirmed Gladiator fights between gang members in Protective Custody where were held fights that some ended in death. The fights were scaled up to include recorded gang fights as well in a controlled setting. In his Undercover work for the FBI, he also helped the FBI and the Kirkland Police Police Department to the arrest two Serial Killers in Seattle while living in Kirkland in the same house with them.

While working undercover, he wrote the numerous books, “The Better Angels of our Nature” forward by Psychologist Mary Stewart and worked as personal assistant to psychologist MFCC Mary Stewart under the Supervision of Dorothy Nash Holmes Director State of Nevada Department of corrections who had no problem with his “personality assessment book” of members that attended Mary’s Special Classes she held for Sex Offenders, the greatest threat to the public when working for Democracy.

Working undercover with Organized Crime, with the FBI, the DEA and The CIA. He solved a case in a racketeering scam for the FBI and returned a War Veteran his home being strong-armed by a Meth Dealer whose Business name was Hyena Enterprises.

On a later mission to Mexico, he was kidnapped by the Mexican Mafia in 2000.  He survived and was believable as a criminal and after month under heavy surveillance, he was let go and headed south with the help of the Holy Spirit and many Good Mexican people.

They offered him to join their Ensenada Gang and he refused, They dealt in racketeering, human trafficking, and mostly in making children’s desks whose hollow parts were used to smuggle drugs.

He then worked the Docks in Cabo San Lucas and also penetrated Prison Corrections in Kamloops Canada and interviewed Charles Goodwin and was refused Native American religious services. In Mexico, he delivered to the Justice Department Attorney Eric Holder the money laundering businesses of the Guadalajara Cartel the Killers of DEA operative Enrique Camerena who was tortured then Sacrificed.

In 2010, with the Help of a Special Agent Lai Aduelo –a personal assistant at the Angelcraft Foundation for Education, he reported Tres Islas Foundation an American foundation in Mazatlan dedicated to legalized child trafficking through adoption centers and the possible Kidnapping- to Attorney General Eric E Holder.

In his service to the The People of Republic of the United States if American and the Department of Defense he also reported and CC’d Janet Reno of the Department of Homeland security of many of his many activities and performed a DIA Internal Affairs one last Interview inside a Homeland Security Deportation Prison cell with a 17 year old kid who was being deported and saved him from from his deportation.

In 2011, he reported to Mexican Military of Cocaine Money laundering to the IMF and the International Monetary Fund and Reported Felipe Calderon of Human sacrifices to the World through ABN his news agency.  Before verifying Felipe Calderon’s involvement in murder, he reported to Mexico’s Attorney General and Calderon everything he reported to Eric E Holder from the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and had to be Transparent also with Obamas and Calderon’s associates the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.

The Department of Justice has the recorded tapings of the Torcher of US secret agent Enrique Camerena by the Guadalajara Frug Cartel whose money laundering businesses he also reported to both Mexico and US Federal Agencies.


777-Matre Dei VI
Notre Dame the Holy Spirit.

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