Why New Jerusalem and a World Theocracy is so necessary and Important to every Nation in this World


Saturday, February 01, 2014 Divine Royal Correspondence from the desk of

Watch the “Kingdom of Heaven” on line for free.


The “Kingdom of Heaven” Is about the crusades or World War I –a 250 yer plus war against– Islam –where the Satanic Vatican convinced Divine and Satanic Kings and Queens to send human troops to Jerusalem.

I Compare this much to the way the World Alianza –along with Mason Wizards and Satanic enchantments– sends troops manned armed troops to help Mossad supposed (Israeli Intelligence) to Keep Judaism, Coptic Christianity and Islam at war against each other under the guise of democracy.

Under the guise of democracy—the World Alianza– along with The International Fraternity of Greek Mason Wizards uses lies, the media, outright murder through remote controlled bombs –at times and said they were suicide bombers to keep Israel, Palestine and the Middle East in a state of unbalance along with their Satanic enchantments that took advantage of witching all death in Alianza military and civilian population occurring in their bio-terrorism wars an skirmishes.

Since the Korean War look at every war the United States and other nations have been in have been about drugs and promoting democracy-the no-longer-accepted use of magic in a country as a way of governing—by rite of human sacrifices.

Provoking wars by murdering your own people and those of your trade partners-such as the twin trade tower bombings—then telling the world through media domination a conspiracies of lies working in tandem and enchanting the deaths of all people in your armed services to make your civilian population and military personnel — believe in your lies

Believing in the lies of democracy is what keeps democracy alive, but does not necessarily make their lies true.

Remember that it is Provoking wars is what democracy is all about and it requires lots of orgies and sexual magic, the kidnapping of children, child sexual abuse and human sacrifices, so government can convince you to send your kids to war in some far off country sometimes under the guise of united Nations Peacekeeping force to die promoting government by demons.

Doing all the aforementioned along with a self-supporting and reinforcing blitzkrieg –day after day– of their lies– through their Global media Network, the World Alianza, caused terror, death, unrest and unbalance in the former country of Mexico, Central America, South America, Oceania, pan China, India , Africa, Nepal, the Middle East et all or in any Theocratic sovereignty that votes.

Democracy is about – “Wrong Voting” and should be compared to “Theocracy” – “Right Voting”

The Crusades remind me of those reincarnated souls that like Today’s Knights Orders, Masons and Greek Fraternity men who fought back then and feel betrayed by their church “The VAT” (meaning the Cauldron at Rome) and turned secretly away from Believing in all of Gods Institutions to Witching them and then losing their national autonomy to the central control Group In Malta and supported the World Alianza and their effort in Bio-terrorism of Orange Zone Nations.

Today’s Knights Orders, Greek Fraternity Men and Mason Men still suffer the loss of and feel the humiliation of what truly was the First World War ever– the Crusades to conquer or defend Jerusalem—Enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.



AGNVS DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – Eternity’s Quill- the Living Word – Official Website of the Son of God http://agnvsdeijosemariachaviraadagioalhussaynifilvsdei.wordpress.com/

777-Mater-Dei-YHWH-New-Jerusalem IV


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