Super bowl XXII

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Super bowl XXIII

Super bowl Frenzy

Tuesday, January14, 2014, Washington DC by JCAngelcraft- The world’s greatest Quarterback faced the toughest Bengal defense in the history of since conception and one that scored as frequently and as often as a Joe Montana Led 49niners.

For the 49Niners, Super bowl XXII, the most challenging Superbowl for the 49ners led by the worlds most intelligent and confident strategist Joe Montana, found themselves on their two yard lined needing a touchdown to win –a situation in a Super bowl they had never known or experienced.

With less than two minutes on the clock and needing a touchdown to win against a brutal Bengal defense and offense that smelled the blood of victory, a tough Bengal defense just needed to a safety or a stop to win the game.

Joe Montana walked into the huddle as cool as an ice cube and in the huddle with the ball on their own two yard line,  he said to his worried team, ,

“We got them right where we want them.”

From experiences such as these and growing up playing football, it is where kids develop their self confidence.

Like Magic Johnson defined himself as the greatest basketball player ever as a rookie winning the championship against the Philadelphia 76er playing all five positions even center in the absence of an Injured Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Joe Montana –recruited by the 49ers as- the third on the depth chart—ended up winning the starting role and four super bowls for the 49ers.

 His first defining moment of his character was one that made him a legend at a Notre game, In the Cotton bowl at Texas Stadium and what solidified him as a legend.

In the NFL, Super XXII–his third– was his defining moment, as he won his forth over Denver by more than 50 points. 

Men or women of character in sports are true winners that believe in themselves despite being low draft choices.

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