Yesterday a citizen of Mexico, Today a citizen New Jerusalem of the Kingdom of Latin America or a Soverien Nation under a World Theocratic Eye of God and God’s Divine Royals

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Mexican Means Mixed Ancestry and Mixed Ancestry Whites and Blacks are welcomed in YHWH New Jerusalem the new names for Mexico’s former Capital  and Country.  ABN Staff

Updated February 2nd 2014  ABN Washington D.C. Staff update–The former country of Mexico is a place that has displaced many of its indigenous in the United States of Amerigo Vespucci.  Like Africa, for over a thousand years the indigenous of Mexico were ruled by Mayan, Toltec, and Aztec Monarchies that controlled the continent and the western hemisphere of the planet before the arrival of the Spaniard.

The Mayas are the only indigenous race in the history of mankind to build an observatory that resembles our modern-day dome observatories and were the first using these to carefully record ascension and declination patterns paving the way for very accurate calendars long before the arrival of the telescope and without knowledge of Pythagoras theorem, knew the earth was round.

The most warlike of them were the Aztecs who settled Mexico city ousting the former more peaceful Mayan rulers.  The Aztecs were impossibly conquered by the more organized Spaniards who numbered around 1500 and by comparison  a small fraction of men led by Herman Cortez to make a treaties with them.  It was a miracle at all the few hundred Spanish soldiers were able to overcome several million warrior Aztecs who painted their human sacrifices blue before sending them into the arms of their Aztec gods.

Besides the astronomical breakthroughs of the technology advanced Mayans their mastery of the Egyptian pyramid was a mystery.  They changed the design into a step pyramid had shadow technology that played with designed by Mayan astrologers that in Chichenitza create an illusion that occurred every 70 years that made it appear as if a serpent was descending down the south-east corner.  Their codex’s still a mystery and if anyone hailed a special prophecy it was the Mayan prophecy of 2012 which heralded great change and not the end of the world like everyone said.

Thus before we can define what a Mexican is we must respectfully acknowledge that element that is vastly under-appreciated even in today’s Mexican society especially among the noble class who pride themselves on having little if any indigenous blood.

Despite all these great astronomers and architects of the pyramids  have been vastly reduced in numbers and are limited today to tourist dance, some showy rituals and currently are known for their carpet weaving skills making some of finest large rugs in the world.

The world Mexican means Mestizo- a person of mixed blood or ancestry.  Thus the modern Mexiquense from New Jerusalem is a mixture of native indigenous and European blood.

ABN Washington D.C.  Mujeres Mexiquenses from YHWH New Jerusalem formerly Mexico City Mexico

In the very DNA brought over by Herman Cortez and his men rested that of Christian, Jewish, and Moorish Kings and Imams.  Later the French introduced more Jewish blood as well as Saxon and both could be said to have been the children of a Egyptian or Roman heritage whose empires are still rank as the greatest that ever lived.

Thus that is why the people of Mexico and Latin America especially the women have such beauty.   The more Mexican meaning mixed blood the less indigenous ones features will be.

Before Wagner and racism again became vogue in Prussia, Mexican Emperor Maximilian 1864-1867 took for himself an Indigenous bride who some considered to be the most beautiful women in Christendom.  So special she was he had constructed for her a special horse carriage which survived much war and is today on display today in Cabo San Lucas near “la Plaza de Las Glorias.”

Despite the stereotypes imprinted in the heads of some, the indigenous of New Jerusalem many have survived based on migration northward and are trusted servers of food and many own business and manage restaurants for the some of the most prestigious and important fast food company’s in the world.

My heritage on my mothers side has indigenous and Hebrew, European ancestry and my on my Fathers, Egyptian,  Saudi and Persian blood that connects me to the line of the Prophet Mohammed and to blood of African Egyptian Pharos that existed before the Ten Commandments were written.  My Jewish ancestry stems through France and then –migrating backwards– to Israel.

I am certain somewhere both lines end up in Sumer or Akad before Egypt became the great empire that it was. These sometimes small citizens –are the descendents of great Men and women and the more indigenous short and dark they are– the greater their ancestry and  nothing anywhere in the world compares with their observatories and their skill in mathematics and astronomy.

So the next time you come to Mexico remember it is now called New Jerusalem for which God has crated many miraculous things one of which being the Holy Spirit Mountain Range with the highest peak in the world being 37, 777 feet.   Mount Ever Lasting to Everlasting in the Holy Spirit Mountain Ranges the tallest mountain in the world approximately 7000 feet higher than mount Everest.


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