Preparing for a future and more secure digital age

Writer beware.  When it comes to doing business over the internet, today’s digital technology is capable of performing many interesting functions like creating multiple platforms  and copies of your website in an instant or hiding your work altogether so your visitors cannot see your work.

If your website is fished for any reason nobody wins even if your innocent.  Most people who are not technologically informed often make the mistake of associating fished websites not with the foul play of another but with the owner assuming that the site is trying to pull some sort of scam.

Since on the Internet everything travels at lightning fast speed, those with superior equipment make changes in the wink of an eye why your 10 mg Internet service is slowed to make sure you do not catch the hackers attempt.

However, few internet crimes are worth the effort for most people and because time is of the essence users doing business online just move on to another site after the security browser catches the mistake and asks them if they want to report it.

The trick of hiding your website statistics or outright hacking it to make you think your website is not being visited,  are tactics that can have many motivations depending on what part of the world you live in.  In business, a company or a hacker might be hired to convince you that need to some product to boost your web hits or drive down the price of your website making what you think its value is less than it actually is.

Today the fishing of websites has drawn the attention of developers like Microsoft who has responded by embedding anti-fishing software into its browser’s digital matrix that provides users an assurance without too much hassle that their favorite website is authentic.

It is difficult to tell how or who polices the internet, but I believe that users should be made aware of how they might be deceived by unethical practices.  I believe the public has the right to know everything about this advanced technology used in some cases by foreign militaries to discourage the growth of new business if the owner for any reason is not part of the ruling group that controls the country.  This often complicates International licensing with companies doing business in places where ethics have no meaning and in the long run the small business and the economy of the nation suffers.

The Internet is like a vast ocean and the same principles by which UN Maritime law was constructed could also help those that want to create a better standardized Internet safe for all people to navigate.

Though some legislation has been created, International Internet users need a solution with teeth that can be enforced by some sort a central regulatory committee or agency working with global programming standards by which all United Nations members agree to abide by making enforcement easier and tracing more transparent.

This is vital as we enter into a future a world one where eventually all books become digital books replacing regular books and digital e-commerce becomes more a part of the economy than it currently is.    Imagine if you wrote a great digital book and were completely unaware of your sales.  The integrity of the seller would then be vital to your success and choosing a reputable digital publisher will be something all authors will want to be certain of.

These days, without full knowledge of IT software and programming craft, it would be impossible to know if you have been wronged digitally.  Even the complaints you write can without your knowledge or approval  be redirected to parties not associated with the company you are writing and e mails that you think got to the right party never even reached them at all or worse yet answered unlawfully by people pretending to be the company you think you’re doing business with.

In the best case scenario, you are fortunate to become aware that your digital world is an illusion created to manipulate you into buying services you don’t really need, or deceiving you into selling your concept at a lower price telling you your hits do not merit more even though you know your website is gold.

In some cases –you can using the phone verify the source of the problems you may be experiencing on-line.

Now days doing business that outsource their customer service overseas is not always the what one might expect coming from a tradition where the customer is always right.    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when doing business in any country, to hear the operator or customer service representative speak my language.  Language however, does not transcend culture and the expectation levels of Americans do not always translate well when dealing with people that come from a foreign culture.

The world is changing and becoming smaller each day.   Ecologically conscious readers and publishers are now veering more we are toward Kindle a digital reader where one can download several books and store them.  For more on Kindle readers go to .   This transition away from paperback books will require a great deal of trust and good reputations will be garnered if a digital publisher keeps well the books  or ruined if later audits discover that the numbers do not coincide with records stored elsewhere.

Thus it is vital that through this critical transition –one where men and women could be made or broken by the push of a few buttons– that the United Nations make laws that will protect the rights of humans that use the Internet to make money and create agencies that enforce them so as to protect the rights of Internet Citizens on-line.

Few notice or fortunate enough to be affected the new era of white color crime that has arrived one that endows men and women with the power to walk away clean after ruining your life.   Meanwhile, I would suggest to citizens of all nations to lobby for better digital rights each in the country that you live in so that no one can spoil, steal or ruin your ideas.  Ideas that revolutionize the world do not necessarily all come from major corporations, but can be the products of inspired simple men and women and our ability to protect their right to succeed in the world will determine what kind of society we will in the future become.

I protect myself by placing few ideas on the game board and gathering evidence using screenshots and external cameras then saving the work on hard disks not connected to the internet.    It’s not exactly a full proof strategy and many things can go wrong, but it gives me personal satisfaction having proof of the hack even if nothing comes of it.

Those that hack..lack.     They lack the intelligence to come up with their own ideas and have to steal the ideas of others because their own creative well dried up long ago inside a bottle or inside some straw that never realized its true purpose.

I think what bothers me most about hackers is not that they steal as much as the wasting of my time making me do double sometimes triple the work just to stay on par.  Hackers come in all shapes and sizes and the worst are those that do nothing useful or profitable with the technology they hold in their hands.

My time is gold.  I value it; and few can sway or deter me to do things that to me represent a grain of the total vision I have before me. With that said, I bid farewell and hope that this blog was informative and if I only help 1 person with this blog worthwhile was the effort placed in its writing.


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