Digital Technology the battleground voters should be more aware of

ABN Washingtom D.C. is now updated

Either the State Department does not take its Twitter account very seriously, or it does not know it even has one.  Today ABN Washingon observed consecutive Tweets using language normally considered inappropriate for publication on political platforms, ABN Washington noticed that using Twitter,  the tweeters carved out an image of the Department of State that at least today made it look aloof like a disorganized  organization where no one is in charge.

Immediately afterward our Microsoft servers were hacked and we were not allowed inside our own account.   ABN is in association with Microsoft and believes it has nothing to do with the closure designed I am sure to keep us from publishing our findings.

If Department of States does not care for its Twitter account then it makes sense as it seems like it is not being monitored.  I compare it with USGS twitter who delivers very impressionable and professional tweets .  Compared to USGS the State Department looks almost as if some heavy metal rocker is behind the controls.

I know Hillary is a professional and would not allow this to happen as it is a reflection on her character as head of the department, but trusts her support team not to allow such things to happen.

If I had to guess it would seem like a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of the department because people look at these quick read tweets daily.  Moreover, the tweets hardly resemble the news feeds provided by what ABN considers to be a responsible administration committed to caring.

Under Hillary Rodham Clinton–a woman so overqualified that she should be the first US female president– the state Department has made strides in foreign policy like no other administration before this one and it saddens me that anyone would want to unfairly tarnish its image.

The State Departments website is much different.    ABN Washington advises Twitter readers who want inside information to read news directly from the Department of States web site at  and not rely so much on its Twitter account.

In the long run this makes the democrats look bad, at least on Twitter, but coming from a faithful Republican family,  I know conservatives would never infiltrate or do harm to an administration run by Democrats as the GOP is comprised of ethical, fair, and honest men and women that support their nations agencies.



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